Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Cleaning Sunday

Did nothing much! Just spring cleaned the house. Surprisingly today i woke up earlier than Lil Guwapo. After had nasik goreng for breakfast, i started cleaning the kitchen area 1st. It took me 2 hours to clean it. Rearrange all the plates, throwing all the rosak tupperware, cleaned all the glasses that we took from years and years we worked in hotels (including the plates too!!).

Finished cleaning the kitchen, i felt tired and rested the whole afternoon. 

Dinner we went out to Section 14 makan nasi ayam. Went back home continued cleaning Lil Guwapo's room pulak. Hmmm... so many toys needed to be thrown away (broken ones) and the ones still can use but no more suitable for Lil Guwapo's age to be thrown into recycle bins in Aman Suria.

So tired.... tomorrow will continue cleaning my cabinet. I know there are so many baju to be given away!!! 

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Night I Was Sick and A MAN CRIED

I've been sick (coughing and colds and slight fever since Tuesday).

I just came back from work. Work like normal (my kind of work got no MC oneee!).

Surprisingly, even though i'm coughing, i still can sing! It's just my body was weak. Took meds, had rest during the day!

Last night, my sickness getting worst than the other 2 nights (Tuesday & Wednesday). I checked my temperature, it was 38.5. Panas tu!

But i'm the type yang bila step on the stage jer, sumer sickness go away! (but i think people still know i'm sick cos i wear jacket the whole night and on 1 hand holding tissue).

We sang, we danced like normal. The best part was i had to sing the song by Mayang Sari, TIADA LAGI on our last set. There were a few tables of people drinking and chatting. When i started singing, there's this one MAN showing me THUMBS UP! Ok... i continued singing the song and was wiping off my teary eyes (the heat from the body fever!)... so if people look at me, they will think that i was crying! Boohoohoo.... 

i did act a bit, overacting a bit! hahaha... konon-konon menjiwai the song Tiada Lagi lar... chait! And towards the end of the song, i saw the man who gave me the THUMBS UP was CRYING.... His nose was red, he's wiping out his tears with tissue... and the friends were consoling him! MAN... i never experienced before singing a song and made someone cry! This is amazing.... hahahaha... macam boleh masuk B'Tru Band Book Of Records arrr!!! hahahaha :)

The next song we sang, he was still crying and i get the chance to go up to him and asked him why he cried. He was telling me he had a problem with his wife! Hmmm... no wonder la dia sedih semacam... 

We finished 12:30am, and i'm still sick and kinda happy that a man cried thru my singing!!! Jahat aku ni... hihihihihi!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

itchy and scratchy

When i was young i love to watch the Simpsons cartoon.  I love Bart Simpsons the most. And Marge Simpson's hair (her hair is similar to Amy Winehouse's hair, ngahahaha)

The best part about The Simpsons cartoon was the cartoon channel that Bart & Lisa love to watch. It's like Tom & Jerry but it's called itchy and scratchy!

Actually i bukannya nak cakap pasal itchy and scratchy cartoon tu (although i have to admit that they are so violent and brutal, and i always wonder why this Homer & Marge let Bart & Lisa watch them!!! hmmmm....)

The main story of this post is that I actually wanna talk about itchy and scratchy on my palm. Both palms. Seriously. 

On Saturday i had started scratching on my right palm.
On Sunday, both palms.
On Monday, surprisingly, on my hips (the palms no itchy, ye'ay)
On Tuesday, back to scratching on my right palm.

So what's the story? I don't know.

When i told people that i've been scratching my palms, some said i'm getting money, some said i'm gonna slap someone.... BUT..... i'm very dissappointed cos none came true. Not getting money and not slapping anyone (oooh... i'd love to slapppp someone!!! hahahaha)....

and i have to say that i really missed the show of ITCHY and SCRATCHY on The Simpsons (can't let Lil Guwapo watch Simpsons yet.... it's too violent!).... hahahaha

Sunday, March 15, 2009

nospan nosleep!

i was having sore throat since monday and took this medicine Pogi bought from one of the pharmacy near our house.

it's called "NOSPAN".... 

the pharmacist told to take half to one tablet, 3 times a day. she even said that it could make you go to sleep.

i took half on tuesday night..... and i went to sleep.... YUP! I WAS SLEEPING ALRIGHT BUT MY MIND WAS STILL WORKING (SINGING)! DAMN!!!

so i decided not to take it on wednesday night and on thursday, Pogi scolded me for not taking my meds.... hmmm... i even gave him the reason that he didn't remind me, that's why i didn't take it! so since kena marah, i kena lar sambung makan again the meds.... 

but masalah problem nyer (cewah, dah lar masalah pastu problem plak!!! sama lar tu DOL!).... that NOSPAN makes my body hyper!!! there's always something that i want to do.... my brain kept telling me to do something.... really tak masuk akal. i'm supposed to sleep!!! 

i took it on thursday and friday and that means it's been 2 days straight i took the meds, and i didn't sleep well, i lost my voice (getting worst), i'm hyped but i'm tired... 

tonight, sorry ya, i want my sleep so i'm gonna say 'NO'SPAN for me tonight! IT's YESLEEP !!! arrrrrrrghhhhh....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nina Simone "Feelings" (Montreux Jazz Festival)

was browsing some videos of Nina Simone on youtube and found this lovely video of her singing the song "feelings"!!!

i never liked the song but after seeing her, i fell sikit in love with the song.... ahaks!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

we successfully made the cream poof puff

Asu and me tried to do cream puff according to one of the recipes i got online.

we saw the recipes, printed them out, got all the ingredients and we start making them at 12 noon. after done mixing the ingredients, it's time to bake them... according to the recipe, we have to put em in the oven and waited for 15 minutes first and then have to bring down the temperature and waited for another 25 minutes.

so after the first 15 minutes, the cream puff looks like so....

cream puff or cream poof?

i told asu, maybe it's not time to get puffy yet.... let's wait another 25 minutes!!!!

tick-tock tick-tock ticky-ticky-tock.... after 25 minutes, it looks like.....

still the same!!!

it was supposed to be puffy and we're supposed to put the cream inside the puff.... but kalau dah leper macam gambar di atas, how to put the cream inside? hahahaha.... in the end we makan cicah dengan sambal ikan bilis.... yummy gak....

the taste sedap... cuma leper jer la silap nyer.... hmmm... still unsatisfied, we google again for another cream puff recipe.... saw a "Perfect Cream Puff" recipes online, wrote down the ingredients, and we did everything again from the scratch but this time hoping it'll be perfect!

the ingredients were a little bit different from the 1st recipe. we bake them same time as the 1st batch... and after 15 minutes..... 

ta-da !
now it looks puffy!

we're so satisfied, did the cream custard, and voila....

by the time these cream puffs were ready, 
i'm already full!

we finished baking at 7:30pm...
and it was time for me to get ready to work....
so i just took pictures,
tasted 2 of them...
gave 3 stars to Asu for successfully 
making the cream poof puff 
after 2nd try!!!

the cream poof finally became puff!!! 
kah kah kah!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

it's YOUR mistake, not MINE... DUH!!!

a week ago, i decided to order cupcakes to celebrate Lil Guwapo's birthday.

I wanted to order a custom-made cupcakes for his special day.

I came across this website called myrascupcakes on blogspot from Emmagem's Malaysia's Online Cupcake store directory!

there was so many online cupcake store to choose from but after seeing one after another after another, i decided to call myrascupcakes.

this was all how my conversation on the phone was:-

me - "hello wati, if i wanna order custom-made cupcakes for my son, can u do it?" "i want a cartoon character that my son really loves - it's called the little einsteins, there's 4 characters and 1 rocket and i want all of them to be on the cupcakes" " can u do it?"

wati from myrascupcakes - "errr... i'm not sure which one is little einsteins!" "but we have mickey mouse!"

me - "no wati, i want little einsteins"

wati - "ok, let me check on the internet 1st and i'll get back to you!"

me - "ok wati, you can just google for little einsteins on PHDC and you can get the picture already!"

wati - "ok ok!" "i'll get back to you!"

a few seconds later, we were sms-ing each other!

wati (on sms) - "puan, it's hard to handdrawn the 4 characters, what i can do is print the pictures, it's edible print! It'll cost you RM1.50 per picture and minimum 10 pix"

me (on sms) - "ok dear, just give me the breakdown on email and i'll confirm back!"

a few seconds later, we were emailing each other! 

wati (on email) - "ok puan, the costs are as follows, 25pcs of soufle medium size cupcakes RM65 plus 10pcs edible print characters - RM15, total RM80. Please bank in the amount into so on and so on!!! Once bank in, you can pick up the cupcakes either in Kelana Jaya or Bandar Utama!"

me (on email) - "ok"

the next day - Tuesday 

me (on email) - transfer money successful! "will let you know where to pick up the cupcakes on friday!"

wati (on email) - ok

3 days later - Friday

wati (on email) - "puan, have you decided where to pick up the cupcakes?"

me (still on email) - "err... i think i'll pick up in Kelana Jaya, cos i'm very much familiar with KJ than BU!"

wati (on email) - "ok! here are the address and the directions!!!"

me (on email) - after seeing the address "no problem, it's near to Sekolah CHOGM, i know where your place is!" "i'll come at 3pm on Sunday 8 March 2009!"

wati (on email) - "ok :)"

SUNDAY 8 March 2009, 1:30pm

me received an sms from WATI - "puan, can you please come earlier sikit, cos Wati got birthday party later and will be going out at 3pm!"

me replied - "ok!" (damn these people, luckily i'm not doing anything!)

2:10pm left the house with Pogi and Lil Guwapo (the father and son just came back from taking rides on the bus and train!), to Kelana Jaya house address as given by Wati to pick up the cakes.

2:30pm, i parked my car (it was near the old customs housing area!), went to ding-dong the bell, bagi salam so many times (under the hot sun), 

then the maid came to the door and i said, "saya datang nak collect cupcakes! (i'm here to collect the cupcakes!)",

the maid said "tunggu ya! (wait arr!)"

yes, i waited under the hot sun outside the house while the maid came out with a box in her hand asking me "mini cupcakes kan? (mini cupcakes right?)"

i was surprised and told her nicely "it's not mini cupcakes, it's the normal soufle cupcakes with little einsteins character on it!"

the maid went in again leaving me outside the house under the hot sun!!! WTF**&^%^&()_

i saw the maid knocking on the door calling for someone (you better call quick, cos i'm sweating like hell already!)

then a girl came out screaming to me from behind the curtains "you *Skutik right? You said you want to pick up the cupcakes from Bandar Utama? The cupcakes are not here!"

me replied nicely to her (still under the hot sun ok!) "no, i said i'm coming to pick up at Kelana Jaya cos i don't like the road to Bandar Utama on sundays! it's terrible jam on the way to One Utama, that's why i chose to pick up the cupcakes here in KJ!!!" "Then how would i know your address here in KJ if i said i wanna pick up in BU?" "and who are you anyways?"

she replied "i'm Izma! you told wati you want to pick up from BU!"

me replied again "NO!!! i emailed to Wati, i wanna pick it up at KJ! NOT Bandar Utama!"

she angrily said "masuk masuk dulu! i'll check the email!"

me geleng kepala sambil buka pintu gate and said in my heart "still tak percaya aku tu? still nk check email?" 

after masuk, i labuhkan pungkok on the sofa on the porch of the beautiful single storey house of myrascupcakes (after 10 minutes kena tunggu under the hot sun while Pogi and Lil Guwapo were still waiting in the car!).

then 2 minutes later, Izma came out and said NICELY (selepas kemaluan yg beliau telah tersilap!) "errr.... ya lar, but the cakes i sent to Wati in BU, err... why don't you wait here and i'll go and collect it!"

me geleng kepala again - "it's ok, i'm on the way there anyways, cos my house is in ******, so just let me know where to collect it?"

izma still insisted "NO! you wait here, i'll collect it!"

me geleng kepala again and again - "owh my dear, i can go and collect it, cos i'm on the way there, so just call Wati, and let me know where i can meet her!!!!"

izma calling Wati - "kt DU ok tak? masjid arrr?" "ok ok!"

izma telling me - "you know Masjid kt DU tu?"

me - "Duh... of course! Kat roundabout tu ke?"

izma - "yes yes!"

me - "ok... i'll go there now!"

izma calling wati again "ok... masjid DU!"

i then left the house, without hearing any sorry from IZMA for the miscommunication between her and Wati for their own mistakes!!!!!

i went in the car, drove to the mosque in DU, waited for another 15 minutes when suddenly Wati came and said "Sorry ya, banyak sangat order, my sister tersalah baca email!"

what i did was "took the cupcakes and SMILE!" and left!

kesimpulannya -
Izma, kalau ko buat silap, jangan jerit-jerit kat aku from behind the curtain and left me under the hot sun!!! at least invite me to come in the house and talk nicely!!! and i don't care kalau y'all banyak order... it's not my business.... what i know was i already send you email, stated clearly where and when to pick up the cupcakes.... dowh!!!

that night, during the celebration Lil Guwapo was so happy when he saw the cupcakes, he even said "EIN EIN!" (he can't pronounce Einstein!). I'm happy to see he's happy (dia tak tau mak dia kena tengking siang tadi!)

Little Einsteins cupcakes for Lil Guwapo

cute little einsteins cupcakes

everybody say awwww.....

come on say awwwww... it's so cute!

the rocket!

some balloons!

and some of the dishes we ordered at Bagan Seafood in Port Klang!

hmmm... the cakes was nicely done! 
BUT - it was DAMNNNNNNNNN sweet
And the cakes are not moist enough!

In my opinion, i think my sister Asu did more delicious cupcakes, 
dari segi rasa lar tapi dari segi gambaran nyer, hampeh!!! hahahah!

but hey... if i don't order from them 
online cupcakes store, 
i wouldn't know right? 
(trying to think positive!)
but what i know is 
i'm not gonna order 
from them myrascupcakes anymore lorh!!!!

*not the real name ok!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bus & Train Ride Day!

Pogi and Lil Guwapo just went out to take ride on a bus and the PUTRA LRT to Amcorp Mall. 

It's father and son day today! (so cute!!!)

I hope they take lots of pictures!!!

Me? I'm staying home and gonna collect the cupcakes at 3pm and dinner at Bagan Seafood in Klang later at 7pm.

"today i like to crawl" - Lil Guwapo

These are the photos taken early yesterday morning!
it's Lil Guwapo's birthday!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to Mikail Sumilang!

Happy Birthday to you!


Owh... and he was crawling the whole morning, 
pretending to be 8 months old!!! hahahah!!!

Good acting honey!

I told you - It's FREE!!!

reached Smash Studio at 12:20pm. 

We registered for a FREE Girlz Hip Hop Dance Class at 12:30 to 1:30pm. There were 10 of us in a class. The instructor was NIC. 

We did 10 minutes of stretching. 

After 10 minutes, Nic started to teach us the steps. Counting by counting.

Overall - the class was good. I sweat a lot. For 1 hour we learned to dance to the music by Britney Spears Circus. It was fast, tiring, out of timing kinda dance (but lucky for me i know how to skip the counting).

When we finished, we signed our name. And suddenly the boy at the reception counter said, "you have to pay RM18 for this trial class!". WTF? I told him, i registered for a FREE class. And luckily there's a girl named Tracy told him "YUP, it's free!" DUH!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hip Hop Dance Class at Smash Studio


i'm excited to try out the FREE GIRLS HIP HOP DANCE class at Smash Studio Kota Damansara later in the afternoon at 12:30pm to 1:30pm.

Will be going with Pogi (yup, they said guys can join too!), Seri and her daughter, Safira!

Will blog about the dance class soon!!!!

Paddington House Of Pancakes - PHOP

We were scheduled to do our grocery shopping yesterday. As usual, we always shop in Tesco Damansara (it's the nearest to our house).

Went out in the afternoon, parked at Tesco and went to the Curve for lunch first before we do our shopping. 

We've tried almost (almost ok!) all the restaurants and cafe at the Curve. We thought of going to Warong Penyet but it was full house. 

And then we saw PHOP restaurant opposite Warong Penyet. And there's so many available seats with a promotion of Set Lunch priced at RM13.80++.

So we decided to give it a try!

waiting for our food!

i'm still waiting!

here comes the drinks....
as you can see from the menu, 
the set lunch is called Around-The-World,
 main course plus free drinks and free dessert...

Pogi ordered Tokyo Meal
it's grill chicken with not sure what sauce
and the vege salad wrapped in a pancake.
Ala-Carte price for this meal is RM18++

It was really funny that when the waiters (i think they are from Myanmar) came to send the food, they were holding the plate with a blue cloth.... i heard the guy said to Pogi "be careful, plate is hot!" but i guess Pogi didn't hear him that when he pulled the plate to him, the plate was damn hot!!! hahahaha.... kesian dahling! 

hope ur hand is okay after holding that hot plate!!!

hmmm... let me try the food ok!

yum, the food tastes great but it's not hot?
why is the plate hot but the food's not?

my order - Mexico Meal
it's not-that-spicy minced beef wrapped in pancake
(looks like murtabak!)
also very yummy and very hot the plate!

We were hungry that we ate and ate and ate, trying to finish our meal. After finished, i told Pogi "hey let's go now! i'm totally full and i need to stand up or walk!" 

I called for the bill and the waiter came and said, "excuse ma'am, but we didn't serve you the dessert yet!".... and i said "aiyak! got dessert ah? ok ok bring it out now now!"

the dessert was called mini dollar pancake sundae. What's with the dollar? They actually put a 50 cents coin sized pancake in the ice-cream!!! DOUBLE YUMMY!!!!

when the sundae came, the bill came too!

delicious mini dollar pancake sundae

we finished our sundaes, paid the bills and left quickly.... very very damn full! My stomach exploding dah!!!!

Luckily we tried PHOP.... the food was great! Will definitely go again!!!

p/s - Lil guwapo was left behind with his granma! 

Kyle XY no pusat?

but he's not KYLE XY... he's just KYLE!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my LIL GUWAPO who's turning 3 today!

here are some photos of Lil Guwapo since birth!

Born in Assunta Hospital PJ
7 March 2006

1 day old!
still in the hospital

2 months!
in Berjaya Times Square Hotel KL

little hand
at 2 months old!
in Berjaya Times Square Hotel KL

the small feet at 2months old

9 months old and already walking!
in Berjaya Times Square Hotel KL

12 months

18 months

20 months

24 months

And now let's enjoy some photos of pangit Kyle at 36 months (3 years old).

p/s - we never let him eat ice-cream or anything sweet until recently when he already know how to choose the JUNK food everytime we went to the grocery store!!!


momma! see my face! 
i look so pangit like an unggoy!!! 

Well... pangit or guwapo, momma lurve you so so much!

We're gonna do the celebration on Sunday! 
It's just gonna be a family dinner in Bagan Seafood Port Klang 
(lurve the honey squid!)

And a special surprise cupcake order, 
which i'm so so excited to see it on Sunday!!! woohoo!

Friday, March 6, 2009

i was just asking....

Went to work last night empty stomach.

On the way to work thought of dropping by McDonald's drive-thru next to the Sunway toll plaza but instead, i drove straight to work.

Reached the pub at 9:10 and saw *Busu and thought that i could ask a little tiny bowl of porridge which was in the buffet served ONLY for the staff.... 

hei what am i? am i not a staff?

Busu heard me but pretended to do something urgent that he lifted his face to look at me and bend down again continuing what he was doing!

There was a chef next to him, and the chef heard me very clearly that i'm hungry and asking for food, but Busu ignored him.


Started my 1st set... and after 45 minutes, i asked from Busu again, is there any food i can eat (yes i do get food allowance but thought of saving it to order takeaway like i always did!).

Busu said, why don't you order bun and egg and make it like Egg Benjo!!! WTF. 

Ok... that's not what i want cause i know they have the buffet for the staff, thought that maybe Busu will change his mind and tell me that "ok, go ahead and take the buffet sikit!".

I still didn't order anything during the 1st break. Thought that i can tahan.

2nd set, still empty stomach. But by the time the set finished, i really really cannot tahan that i ordered for Fried Kuey Teow. 

I was damn angry that, everytime we ordered for takeaway, the food came after 5 minutes ordering. But last night, when i was damn HUNGRY (almost shaking the whole body dah!),  i waited for 20 minutes......

I was so pissed off of waiting so long that i tried 1 last time to beg from Busu if he allow me to take the food from the buffet. 

Me - "err... Busu, pergi lar check kot-kot ada leftover from the buffet tu, bawak la mai sini! Lapar ni"

(just imagine when he said amik lah amik lah amik lah, he was walking away from me, and doesn't look me in the eye, swinging his hand to me to take the food!") in short, "Tak Ikhlas"!!!

Sorry lar Busu, aku bukannya kemaruk sangat nk makan mentekadarah!!! In the end, my fried kuey teow came, and i only ate half plate jer....  

I was hungry but doesn't mean i will eat the whole buffet line!!!

I was just asking for a small bowl of porridge!!! 

*not the real name!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

2 days and counting!

Lil Guwapo's birthday is sooooo near!!! woohoo....

and he's been learning of how to use the computer already... mostly playing some mind games!

but.... still poop at the corner of the sofa!!! haiya!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Toys 'R' Us 'R' us

Every year since the past 3 years, when the month of March comes, u will see us spending lots of time in Toys R Us.

Every year, 1st week of March, it's always about Toys R Us and Lil Guwapo.

Last year, we went to Toys R Us Subang Parade. Pogi bought Lil Guwapo a Winnie the Pooh Air-Plane Ride On for his 2nd birthday.

Unfortunately this ride-on is a bit too small for Lil Guwapo 
(cos we bought without Lil Guwapo with us) 
even though it's meant for 12month - 36 months,
but if your child is kinda 'big' for his age,
better shop with your child!
(in the end his cousin Ashraf is the lucky one who gets to play it)

So this year, we gave the freedom to Lil Guwapo to choose what he wants for his birthday present (we don't wanna make the same mistake where we bought something expensive and in the end he couldn't use it).

We decided to check out the new Toys R Us outlet in Tropicana City Mall yesterday (Sunday). Since the mall is still new and just opened for 1 and half months, the parking is still free... Ye'ay.

Toys 'R' Us  in Tropicana City Mall is located on the 2nd floor.

I think Toys 'R' Us in Subang Parade is way bigger than in Tropicana City. 

Once we entered Toys 'R' Us, we let Lil Guwapo walked and looked around just to see what he's interested with.

The first thing Lil Guwapo saw was the MEGA BLOKS and he wouldn't wanna let go of it. But the thing is he has 2 sets of mega bloks at home and i would love if he picked something else. So we walked aisle to aisle (avoiding the Little Pony and Barbie aisle), showing him Thomas and Friends (he showed no interest), Ben 10 (he holds and put it back), Little Einsteins Coloring Book (not interested), Drum Set (shows interest but Pogi won't allow him playing drums).

In the end, we showed him some remote control cars and trucks (he loves trucks!). First thing he grabbed was the Fire Engine Truck with remote control. I wanted to show him some other trucks but he insisted on holding on to the fire engine truck... aish!!!

Pogi checking the Fire Engine Truck after Lil Guwapo took it off the shelf!
Yup, he took it himself!

convincing Papa Pogi to buy the fire engine truck!

Papa Pogi still trying to get him other things, 
and Lil Guwapo is still holding on to the fire engine truck.

ni, ni, ni.

"no way i'm gonna put this back to the shelf"

"i'm gonna put this on my stroller, momma start pushing to the cashier counter"

"come on momma, push the stroller!"

pogi looking for more stuff to buy for Lil Guwapo,
while momma said "Enuff Enuff!"

holding to Ben 10 figurines, but he put back on the shelf!!!

In the end, we decided to bought him the Fire Engine Truck cos that's the one he's been holding on to!

We paid, using Maybank Visa Debit (very convenient!), and went to Carrefour on the lower ground floor to buy some groceries. Again we paid using Maybank Visa Debit (forgot to go ATM to withdraw money and in my pocket only have RM10!).

When we came out of Carrefour, Lil Guwapo fell asleep. It was 5pm and i suggested to Pogi to have a drink and snacks before going home (cos i know once we lifted Lil Guwapo into his car seat, he'll sure to wake up!).

We headed up to Starbucks located on the ground floor. We walked in went to the pastry counter, Pogi ordered Shepherd's Pie and i ordered Marble Cheesecake and when we reached the paying counter, i remembered that i don't have CASH! I asked Pogi and he has only RM28 in his pocket.... hahahaha... 


We don't have credit cards (we don't like to hutang) and at the same time the card machine at Starbucks was temporarily out of order. 

I stopped the staff to serve me the cheesecake and informed them that we're afraid that we don't have enuff cash to pay the pie and the cake. I took out my RM10 and Pogi took out his RM28 and i showed to the staff i only have "this" much to pay the pie and the cheesecake and have to include a drink that we both can drink and enjoy our snacks. (I did asked them where's the nearest ATM Machine and sad to say that there's NO ATM MACHINE AVAILABLE in Tropicana City). The staff even whispered to me softly, telling me to tell my friends not to go to Tropicana City Mall!!! Hahahaha.... either that or bring enuff CASH. 

Back to our order, the staff said the pie and the cheesecake cost RM17 and if we include a LARGE Latte Drinks (which can make into 2 cups!), the total will be RM29. Paid him and after giving my change, one of the staff told me, not to worry cos i'm not the first customer who has no cash to pay the drinks. Some even told the staffs that they will come back and pay but in fact they DON'T!!!! They took the drinks, promised to pay and they left!!! Hmmm... what an experience!!!

Enjoying our snack time!

Couldn't stop laughing at what just happened!!!

Starbucks snack time meal which costs us RM30!!!

After 1 hour hanging out at Starbucks, Lil Guwapo woke up! And we went home! 

After reaching home, Pogi forgot to remind me that we supposed to go to ATM to withdraw some money.... aiyak... forgot again!!!!!


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