Thursday, December 16, 2010

We're 6 today!

Hari ini, hari ke-8 berpantang.

Semalam usia Laila Elena Sumilang 7 hari.

Hari ini, usia perkahwinan James and me - 6 TAHUN.

Tapi pasal aku dalam pantang, so takde ler nak ader lunch or dinner yang special (paling special lauk dlm pantang ku adalah ikan bilis goreng and lada hitam)...

Hadiah pun, aku tak mintak apa2 and aku pun takde bagi anything to hubby! Aku rasa melahirkan zuriat perempuan adalah hadiah paling berharga sekali.

As usual, setiap kali Anniversary memang aku suka mengimbas kembali lagu2 faveret semasa aku meng'usha' husband ku! Yes, i usha hubby ku cos i'm a hunter!



to James Sumilang.... I LOVE YOU.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

7 days old

Harini, 15 December 2010,
Laila Elena dah masuk 1 minggu.

And asu Baby bagi hadiah handmade-with-love flower hairband!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Welcome to Laila Elena Sumilang

4 December 2010 (Saturday)
I dah masuk 38 minggu. Went thru the day doing usual routine. Tapi around noon, tetiba ada brown spot discharge. Only sikit. Still no worry.

5 December 2010 (Sunday)
Brown spot discharge getting many.

6 December 2010 (Monday)
During the day, nothing came out. But night just after 7pm, suddenly got lots of blood come out. Rushed to the hospital. After checkup, doc said, pintu dah buka 2cm and im preparing for labour. Heartbeat baby is good. So was sent home around 9:30pm. But was advised kalau kena any 4 of the following, do come back to the hospital...
  1. Many blood come out together with red thick look like jelly.
  2. No movement from the baby.
  3. Contraction 3-4 times in 10 minutes and
  4. Water bag broke.

7 December 2010 (Tuesday) - PUBLIC HOLIDAY, AWAL MUHARRAM
Started to feel contraction every 15 minutes and at times 20 minutes. Still waiting at home. Still logged on FB and Twitter. Still hoping that i'll give birth on the 7th December 2010. But until 10pm, no sign of giving birth, decided to go to sleep early with Mikail.

8 December 2010 (Wednesday)
3am - Woke up, cos hubby just came back home. Started to feel pain every 5 minutes. And it's getting worst after pukul 4pagi. At 4:30am, contraction every 3 minutes. Told James, we'll wait till 5am. If it's still every 3 minutes, we'll go to the hospital.

5am - James and Mum was about to go to sleep when i suddenly feel sooooo much pain. I can't walk, contraction lasts upto 15-20 seconds every 3 minutes. Told James and Mum, let's go to the hospital.

5:20am - Mum drove to Selayang Hospital.

5:50am - Reached the hospital terus gi wad bersalin and they checked me up, told me that pintu dah buka 6cm.

6:30am - After monitoring the baby's heartbeat and consulting me on the process of normal labour, they said i have to give birth now. They broke my water bag.

6:45am - Contraction is getting worst. Adoiiiiiii... Menggigil-gigil badan tahan sakit. Beristighfar and salawat banyak2 and berdoa ajer yang aku lakukan.

7:00am - Still waiting to go in labour room.

7:15am - Dapat masuk LABOUR ROOM number 8. Contraction makin makin sakit.

7:30am - James came in the labour room. Sib baik husband boleh masuk. Mum & Mikail waiting at the waiting area. The doctors said i've dilated 10cm already. Started pushing. Setiap 30 saat sakit, diorang kata "PUSH LONGER LONGER LONGER LONGER", but my contraction is sekejap2, so pushing pushing then i stopped.

8:30am - James were holding up my head everytime i was pushing since the past 1 hour. Another doctor came. A young girl named Dr. Farra.

8:45am - James still next to me. Encouraging me to push and push. I was getting tired already. And i told myself, i have to finish this quick and when i said quick, i meant it! With everyone around me saying i can do it, and u need to push longer, hold ur breath, put ur head up, ur butt down, pull both ur legs, I GAVE MY HEART OUT by PUSHING ALL MY MIGHT, dengan segala KUDRAT ku PUSH PUSH PUSH, rasa cam NYAWA DI HUJUNG TANDUK, finally, my baby's head popped out! And the doctor said, OK... GOOD the head's out and now 1 more push and ur baby will be out. James saw the head and said i was doing good. SO after the doctor count up to 3, i gave my LAST PUSH and bloob bloob bloob, my BABY is out and she was crying!

They cut her umbilical cord and put her on my chest, cover her with a piece of cloth. She stopped crying, all soaking wet with a little bit of mucus plug and blood, she just stare at my face. While the baby was on me, the doctor pulled out the placenta and the rest of the things that supposed to come out lar, which i don't really care cos all i know i was enjoying looking at the baby girl on my chest who we've decided to name her LAILA ELENA SUMILANG!

The next thing i know, they're sewing my 'down part'... many many stitches, with my baby on my chest. Halfway sewing, the nursery nurse came in and take the baby away to clean her.

9:30am - just before the doc finished sewing, the nursery nurse came in to pass me back my baby. Telling everyone in the room she weighs 3.04kg. After done stitching, everyone went out. The doctor said she'll come back after 1 hour to check on the stitches. 1 nurse were left to clean up the mess in the room.

While waiting for the doc to come back, i was chatting with James in the room while looking at my baby girl.

10:30am - Dr. Farra came back to check on my stitches. After checking, she said i can go to the ward.

11am - Was sent to Ward 5B, bed number 8. Mum and Mikail saw LAILA for the 1st time. Heheh... mikail was soooo excited that he kept saying "that's my sister, that's my sister!"

11:30am - After settling down in bed and the baby next to me, Mum & James & Mikail decided to go home. They needed their rest. Didn't sleep the whole night. Kesiannnn....

When they left, i tried to sleep too, but then Mama Ailin, Eddie, Asu and the kids came to visit during visiting hours. They saw how pangit Laila is and left at at 1:30pm.

Then i was left with my baby. Took some short naps here and there.

1 doctor came and check again my stitches. He said i'm doing fine, but need to monitor the baby's blood sugar. If its more than 3.5, we both can go home.

By night, after few feedings, the baby's blood sugar is only 2.8. At night i did have my rest. Laila Elena cried during the night but after feeding her, she went back to sleep.

9 December 2010 (Thursday)
7am - the nurse took the reading of Laila's blood sugar and it has gone up to 4.9. They asked me whether the baby already kencing and berak, i said YES.

9am - doctor came to check and said, i can go home today. Yahoo....

12pm - a nurse came asking to call my husband to settle d payment cos i can be discharged right after 2pm.

2:30pm - James settled all the payment, and after explanation of my medication and forms and everything, we both finally went home.

2 hours after birth
still penat, but james asked me to pose for the picture.
*at 1st i ikat rambut toncet,
pastu the nurses asked me to take out the tying,
pantang kata mereka!

53cm long
8 December 2010
*pic - 2 hours after birth

in ward 5B bed 8
4 hours after birth

4 hours after birth

9 December 2010
Laila Elena - 1 day old

a small gift from the hospital

10 December 2010

10 December 2010

11 December 2010

11 December 2010
a kiss from Abang Kyle

11 December 2010
with Mikail Sumilang

Monday, December 6, 2010


I saw in the news on Saturday night, pasal orang2 yang kena saman by the polis, mereka beratur panjang kat balai polis trafik nak bayar saman. Kesiannnnn....

Ini sumer gara2 PDRM bagi diskaun YES (YEAR END SALE). Apa korang ingat shopping malls sajer yang ada YES ke?

Al-kisahnya, yang i tak paham benar ni, mentaliti rakyat malaysia kita. Nak jadikan cerita, reporter tu interview beberapa orang, actually 3 orang quite berumur gak lar. 1 orang lelaki chinese, 1 perempuan chinese and 1 makcik malay.

Yang best nyer, ketiga-tiga mereka mengadu yang bukan-bukan pada reporter berita tu.

Yang lelaki cina tu cakap (seperti yang aku ingat lar ya!) "Bagus lar kasik diskaun, tp banyak penat tunggu, queue banyak panjang!"

Yang pompuan cina tu cakap (again seperti yang i remember2 forget ya) "Banyak susah la, kaunter buka sikit, queue panjang, sangat penat tunggu!"

Yang makcik melayu ni yang best (i memang ingat apa dia cakap!) "PENAT TUNGGU, MENYUSAHKAN AJER, TUNGGU SAMPAI MENGANTUK DAH MAKCIK!"

So basically KETIGA-TIGA MEREKA mengatakan time nak bayar saman semasa PDRM bagi diskaun MENYUSAHKAN?

Kalau menyusahkan, naper korang tak nak bayar lepas dapat saman tuh? Tak yah tunggu time PDRM bagi diskaun. Kalau selama nih ko boleh berlengah2, puas tido buat tak peduli kat saman ko, tak kisah pun!

Kesimpulan nya - MEREKA NI PATUT BERSYUKUR DAPAT DISKAUN FROM PDRM. Jangan la nak menyalahkan PDRM jer. Salahkan diri sendiri tu sebab lambat bayar. Kalau nk untung, kena la tanggung kepenatan ko menunggu beratur panjang tu!

Bagi yang nak tau korang ada saman or not, go click to check!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Did i have a blast on my birthday yesterday?


Don't get me wrong.
The word blast here is meant to be for my water bag! LOL.

On 30th November 2010, i went for my weekly pregnancy checkup at the clinic, and the nurses said i'm already 37 weeks and 3 days. Maknanya, i can beranak already. They were actually teasing me that maybe after midnight i'll give birth. So i told them, if it's true, then it's good cos it's my birthday on the 1st December.

Most of my frens and families started praying that i'll give birth yesterday.

UNFORTUNATELY it didn't happen, i guess it's not time YET!

Well, how did i celebrate my birthday? DID NOTHING! Cos i was basically waiting whether my water bag gonna break or not! :D

So i guess, today we'll be going out to have some nice lunch somewhere! Hmmmm... let's see where should i go and have lunch!


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