Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Have you seen or been to those shopping malls makeup counters with beautiful vanity table, high chair, good lightings, full of makeup stuffs on the tables?

I'm sure many women will answer YES!

I am also guilty. I love to see those vanity tables. 
And i always dreamed of having 1 at home.


I fnally did!
And i did it myself.

First, let me show you my ugly old boring small vanity table.
Ugly but it has served me for 12 years. It's a set of vanity table and a bed, bought when i got married.

Most vanity tables are small, and have limited storage spaces.
Small stool. I hate to sit on lower stool as i have to cross my legs most of the time. 
And putting on makeup for 30-40 minutes plus minus, meaning i have to cross my legs that long.
Imagine standing up after that, makes my world go round!

 My light when i put on makeup.

And having the old vanity table, i can't even put all my makeup stuffs out and arranged on my table. All my brushes and makeups are kept in my huge makeup bag.

And then i saw the following table in IKEA.

It's nice, wide, a lot of drawers.

And it's RM739. The length is 200cm (too long). The height is 73cm only (standard height for tables) meaning i still have to use a normal chair. I still have to cross my legs. Ughhh....

So after budget calculations, i decided to DO MY OWN VANITY TABLE.
My budget - only RM200. 

I have visioned that my table will be longer, wider and higher.
The first thing i did, was measuring the size of MY OLD vanity table and sketch/write it on a piece of paper.

Things to bring along when shopping for DIY VANITY TABLE - 1. Measurements 2. Measurement tape 3. Pen and paper 4. Smartphone 5. Money RM200



I went to Klang, looked at the used furniture shops. There were a few shops. They showed me the vanity tables they have. 

Mind you it's a used furniture shop, so their furnitures are effing old style and uglier than my vanity table. 

Suddenly i saw my vision flying away.
And then i came up with an idea.

Why not i bought separate table tops and storage drawers and assemble them myself? And so i found a nice table top. Only RM50. It's actually an office table. Not MDF type. Thick, heavy, wider and longer. The color is MEDIUM ALDER (in between brown and yellow shades). I wanted WHITE table top but they don't have. I guess i'll just go with whatever they have.

Then looked for storage drawers. Again it's a used furniture shop, so please don't expect to find anything.
I gave up and decided to look for a brand new storage rack (cos i know it's hard to find storage drawers under the budget and i need 2 of them!) 

Went to Jusco Aeon Bukit Raja, found the 3 tier storage rack. Saw on display, blue, pink and dark brown color. Priced at RM39.90, i'm quite happy with it. But before i bought the racks, i took the measurements and went to DAISO to find a suitable plastic storage according to the sizes of the racks. As it is a 3 tier, i decided to divide the racks into 5. That means i have to buy a plywood to make a divider on 2 of the tiers. The bottom ones i will leave as it is. 

2 storage racks = RM99.80.

Meaning i have only RM50 to buy plastic storage from DAISO. I bought 4 brown plastic storage costs me about RM21.20 including GST. Then i went to MR.DIY shop, bought some brackets and screws for RM10.

Then i went back to Jusco, and bought the storage racks. I hate pink, and blue doesn't match with my table top color, i guess i'll take the dark brown. And when i was looking for the storage rack boxes stacked underneath the display racks, i saw they have WHITE! 

 End of day 1, i accomplished buying a table top, 3 tier storage rack, and 4 units of plastic storage. 

Bought *this 3 tier diy storage racks in WHITE.



After sending my girl to school, went to a hardware store, bought 4 pcs of plywood for the racks divider. A WHITE paint for wood.


Cutting my plywood for the dividers.

Then i went to Ikea in Damansara. Bought 2 more storage plastic for the bottom tier. A few flower pots to put my makeup brushes. A wall lamp. Some hooks. Candles. High chair.

*STIG Bar stool with backrest, black, silver-colour RM39
Didn't notice the height of the chair was 90cm. When i tried to fit under the table, it's too high.
Went to a welding shop nearby and sent for cutting the 4 legs. Cut 10cms. Cost me RM5.

*MUSIK series wall lamp bought at Ikea Damansara for RM89 (on sale).


*KARDEMUMMA Plant pot, white, assorted patterns at Ikea Damansara for RM4.90 each (on sale).

Came home and started painting the 4 pcs plywood and my mirror frame which is pink to WHITE! 
The mirror was an old long mirror stored one corner in my sister's room. Thank you Asu for the mirror.

Painting job done!

Asu also helped me a lot with paitings, assembling, giving ideas for my table. Love you too!



After sending my daughter to school, went again to Daiso at The Curve to buy more stackable storage plastics. But this time to put on top of the table.

*Storage plastics from DAISO.

 *Storage plastics from DAISO. Per item is RM5.30 including GST.



Things needed for DIY - 1. Drill 2. Screws 3. Nails 4. Hammer 5. Screwdriver 6. Strength

Completed 80% assembling and installing everything. 
Almost all the drilling and screwing i did myself.
Thanks to my late Daddy who taught me how to do a man's work!
I'm sure if you're still alive, you would be proud of me.
Al fatihah to you daddy. I miss you loads.

 Partly finished storing. Wall lamp still not up yet.

My view - KL Tower and KL Twin Tower.

I fell in love with my space my corner!

My DIVA ring light in Medium bought in KL for RM289. Bought this light 2 weeks earlier. Because of this light taking a lot of space on my OLD vanity table that's inspired me to DIY a new set of table.

The hooks i bought at Ikea Damansara for RM2.90 each. I bought 4. 

The DIY 3 Tier Storage Rack became 5 tier.  

 Haven't finished arranging my stuffs yet.

This is a file rack. But i use it to put my makeup powder and blushers.

My lipsticks, my argan hair oil, hair spray, body shop perfume, and green dildo hahah....nope, it's CUCUMBER GEL.... i know i know. It looks like dildo. Ughhhhh....

The brown vase in the middle, i got it last year, given by my ex schoolmate when we had a small reunion and gift exchange. It has been sitting behind my tv. No space to put it! 

And my favourite mini Al-quran on the far right!

 My favourite DIVA Ring Light. Have to cover with white paper, cos the light is too bright.

The bear was a gift from my ex schoolmate's wife. She made that herself. 
My brushes filled with green beans in the flower pots.
Scented candles for decorations. 
Mini perfume bottles. 
Combs, q-tips and etc etc etc

The newspaper rack was hanging on the wall before, took it out and make it a place to put my hair dryer, hot hair brush and hair curler.

100% complete.
Length - 120cm
Width - 60cm
Height - 92cm 

Wall lamp doesn't come with the light bulbs. 
Bought the bulb in Jalan Pasar, after looking for a round E14 white bulb.
It's RM10 each.


I think total spent for the table is about RM500 plus. But if wana include the Ring light, it'sRM750 plus.
With that amount i spent i get a lot of stuffs instead of just the table.



Why i love my DIVA RING LIGHT so much?

Because i love taking selfies.... lolololololollllllllllllllllllllll

I am so vain.

 Look into my eyes, you will see, that i finally founddddddddd....a VANITY TABLE!

*Disclaimer - most product pictures taken from their respective websites.


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