Monday, January 4, 2016

First Day of School Term in 2016

Before we talked about Monday and start of the schooling for my kids, let's talk about Sunday 1st ok.


It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Woke up smiling.

Yup, in 2016, i wana stay positive always. Even though tengah moody PMS ke hapa ke, ai want to be positive always. And PRETTY STRONG.

So, papehal pun kita snap dulu muka baru bangun tido kita... :P

Lepas dah snap gambar, tweet a bit, check messages, fb & whatsapp, kita pun makan my favourite breakfast.

Telur 3 suku masak & a cup of green tea.


Ini pulak kejadian masa hari Sabtu, 2 January 2016.
Aisyah Sofia punya 8 years old birthday.
Dia bengang je ngan abang2 and adik dia.
Dia nak tiup candles on the cake, tapi geng sumer sibuk layan youtube.

So i said, ignore them, smile, and blow the candles.


And back to Sunday, i went out with some frens, exploring Nu Sentral mall.
Pastu before balik, singgah Mahbub pekena roti naan cheese garlic & ayam tandoori.
Dah almost setengah tahun gak la tak makan roti naan.
Tetiba teringin.
It was marbeles marbeles!


4 January 2016

It's the 1st day of 2016 school term.
Left to right - Aisyah Sofia, Mikail Sumilang, Adli Muhaimin, Ashraf Hazique Samsul

Kyle ready to be prefect!
And become a guinea pig in the Dual Language Programme class in his school.
His school got selected to implement the DLP.
So now, subject Sains, Maths, a couple more will be taught in English.



Laila Elena Sumilang ready to go to school....
She's excited.

At her school.
While waiting for the rest of the students.
After taking this pic, i told her, i have to go to her abang's school to buy abang's school books, and told her i'll come back to pick her up when her schooltime finish.
She said, OK and wave bye bye.



I was anxious.
All the mixed feelings after leaving my girl in school.

Having second thought.
I should've stayed with my girl.
It's her 1st day.
I should be there.
But the teacher send me off.
Mommy doakan Laila dapat go through today sayang.


2 pm

My instinct was right.
Mother really knows.
She was crying all the time after i left.
Teresak esak dia.
But mommy managed to have small talks with her.

Lepas comforting her, she stopped crying and belasah 2 keping roti canai.
Lapar nau nau.



I was busy wrapping Kyle's text books.
Laila was sitting next to me and suddenly tears running down her cheeks.
Asked her why?
Katanya, dia tak mau pegi skool esok.
Comfort her again, talked and convinced her to go to school, then she's ok.

Tapi sampai ke malam, everytime cerita pasal school, dia menangis sedih.

Hai la anak, matilanak la mommy camni.

Be strong sayang.
It's only your 1st day in school.
I know you'll be ok.
Mommy always pray the best for both my anaks.
Even I'm not around you, Allah will always be with you sayang.

InshaAllah, you'll be fine.


On another note.....

it's page 4 of 266 today.


Saturday, January 2, 2016

School starting soon

Alhamdulillah, 98% hal sekolah anak2 dah selesai. 

Laila registered at Smart Reader Kids. We were at her school and she seems to be excited. 

I was thinking that she will be paranoid about going to school, but i was wrong. 

Then mikail pun dah potong rambut. Balik rumah baru mak dia teringat yang mak dia tak beli lagi buku2 tulis Kyle. Haha... Pastu baju sekolah dia pun dok ada selai je sebab haritu dapat beli selai je sebab last kopek. 

Tak pe la, nasib baik esok sunday, kena pi beli lagi 3 helai baju sekolah dia. Badge baju dia pun tak jahit lagi ni. 

Buku tulis? Tunggu monday bukak sekolah mommy beli nanti ya sayang. 

Friday, January 1, 2016


It's page 1 of 366...

Yes, 2016 is a leap year. 
That means you get the extra 1 day to achieve whatever your new year resolution is. 

As for me, 1st day je terus fail Azam 2016 ai. 

Kengkonon nk kurangkan tido petang. 
Tapi cuaca tahun baru harini sangat la menarik dan lemau. Menarik ke katil haha. 

Btw, i also berazam nak kurangkan layan Facebook. Ikutkan hati nak tutup terus tapi pasal aku ni chip marketing untuk Splashes and Looks by AF Sisters, so kena la active kan akaun FB ku. Lalalala. 

And also, i will limit my sharing personal stuffs on FB. Cuma yang rapat2 with me je will see my post starting tmrw. 

And then, i will also tweet more. Even merepek stuff. 

And also, start reading news from reliable sources instead of reading news from "various reporters" on fb!!! 

Errrr i think itu je kot my azam. Ada lagi as the days go by. 

Now, lets see some of the moments of how i celebrate welcoming the new year 2016...

Its our 3rd year performing for New Year's Eve in Tropicana Golf Club & Country Resort. 

The theme for the Dinner & Dance was Great Gatsby. 

On the way to Tropicana Golf Club. 

Doing soundcheck at 5:30pm

The ballroom. 

The setup on the tables. Very classic. 

Close up of my selfie. 

Last 2 years, i took the same kind of pic (same place, same mirror), short & dark hair color. 

Ready to swing. 

Cute photobooth

With btruband members. 
Left to right: E-One, James, Nina & Black

My new year eve dinner. Love prawns so much 😁

On the stage while performing. 

With emcee. 

It was freezing cold the ballroom. Kena berselimut 😅

Goofing with black & e-one while performing. 

Tak dan nk snap the time 00:00 
Sibuk nk wish happy new year!

Selesai dah event tahun baru kita. 

Semoga segala yang telah disakiti or dipermainkan pada tahun 2015, maafkan sahaja. Apa yg telah dicapai, bersyukur alhamdulillah. Moga tahun 2016 memberi lebih keberkatan dan kebahagiaan dariNya. 

Bring it on 2016

Ni lunch on the 1st day of 2016. 

And i just gave some money to that orang kurang upaya di belakang my sister tu. Dia kata nak makan. Pastu aku tgk dia took all the leftovers on that table. Soup dlm mangkuk tu sedap je dengar dia slurp and air yang dh tinggal ais saje pun dia hirup gak. 

Bersyukurlag, kalau2 kita rasa kita tak puas dgn kehidupan, rasa mcm byk kekurangan, ada orang lain lagi byk kekurangannya. 

Eh, terjadik mcm ustazah pulak. 
Muhasabah diri derrrr. Peringatan untuk diri sendiri gak! 



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