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Good Bye to 2009 & Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur

3 months working in Crossroads Lounge, Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur were superb. As usual, the Crossroads Regular Customers (or walk-in) are supportive not only to the Lounge but also to the staffs and the 3 bands performing!

New Year's Eve 2010 at Crossroads Lounge were also my band's last night performing at Crossroads. We didn't announce on stage (but i did informed on FB Fan Page and bandbtru blog). We had a 1 hour show.... joint with the other 2 bands. Overall, the show was great! The costumes were sponsored by Concorde Hotel & DICKY (THANKS for the lovely costumes!)....

Also, THANKS so much to James for being the MASTERMIND for the show!

Now... let's check out the pictures which were snapped by our official photographer CJ EJANZ, and his student MAZNI MUSTAPA and also from NURUL AIN! (these photos are taken from their respective FB account!)

Venue - Crossroads Lounge, Concorde Hotel KL
Time - 8pm till 3am
Showtime - 10:45pm - 11:55pm
Theme for the night - RETRO 60's 70's & 80's

NYE 2009 at Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur

James all ready to celebrate the new year with blue hair!

with our brother the official photographer - CJ
and also Kak Lily

New Year's Eve Retro Night at Crossroads Lounge

with Kak Lili & Hany

before showtime, with Hany!
my outfit - blue & yellow star crazy contact lens , polka-dot top borrowed from Mas, blue corset bought online, skirt RM10 from times square, purple leggings borrowed from Mas (not seen in the picture)
hany's outfit - blue top from times square, black leather corset (borrowed from me which i bought online)

with some of the regularz at Crossroads Lounge

with Nurul Ain

CJ the photographer

Oja & Leen from D'Art Band,
Wacky from Peach Apple Tree,
James B'TRU
1 Malaysia???

2nd show for the night,
James singing Chicago,
with Chona, Jhoy & Ann dancing Broadway

Wan as the slumdog magician!

James as host and Wan the lucky contestant!

I love all the magic!

finished magic show, we come out as the dancers in SLUMDOG Movie

Front row - Hany (dance), Jhoy (singer), Skutik (dance)
Back row dancers - Ika, Leen & Ab

amma, nalerekek!

trademark for indian dancing....

part of the crowd enjoying the show!

James singin Beyonce IF I WERE A BOY!
(because my darling is soooo sexy, picture blurred on purpose !!)


Main vocalist - Chona
Dancers - Nina, Jhoy, Ann & Ika

the last show for the night

the single ladies, BING, ADY & EDIL
vocalist - Chona

SINGLE LADIES were the last show and it ended exactly 5 minutes before countdown to New Year 2010!

Now let's see pictures 5 mins before the countdown and how we celebrate the new year!

James announcing to people to make noise and stand on their feet
to join us coundown to 2010!
Seen here on the stage, some members from the 3 bands combined
while waiting for the rest changing in the dressing room!

Count from 3.....

balloons still hanging on the ceiling

Muah muah!

I got a few farewell gifts from Puspa (a set of earrings, bracelet & necklace) & also from Shahrin & Mawar (a mug with a picture of the lovely couple & B'Tru band) and finally a set of pearls (bracelet & earrings) from Sandy & Steven!

me showing off the pearl earrings & bracelet that i get from Sandy & Steven!

Hany, James & me with Kak Intan!

breaktime after countdown, Hany and me checking out the drum players at the lobby with Mas snapping the picture!

and during our last set, we had to announce the lucky draw & the best dressed winners!

best dressed for the night
3rd prize - Mummy CJ with Shamel (mother & son)
2nd prize - Nurul Ain & Ali Buyong
1st prize - Abg Shahrin & Kak Mawar

It was great night filled with fun and laughter (although some of them cried, why? dono), we didn't perform much on our last set because of the lucky draw and best dressed announcement, but we did performed for about 20 minutes only!

When we finished, said bye-bye to the guests and invited CJ Ejanz (our photographer) to makan at the mamak behind concorde!

with ady single lady, CJ, Wan, Mas (centre like Ju-ON), James & Yus (hany's hubby)
pix taken by Hany!

waiting for my food, meehoon goreng pedas!
ntah bila lagi lar dpt makan kat kedai John ni!!!

That's the story of what happened thru the eve of 2010. How did you celebrate your new year's eve?

Couldn't be bothered!

it's the new year, so no music feed at the moment yet!

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