Saturday, April 9, 2011

Don't be MAD!

I don't watch this year's American Idol (AI) since the 1st episode where they went for state auditions. I don't watch AI during the hollywood auditions too. I didn't watch AI during the wild card. In short, i didn't even watch this year's AMERICAN IDOL.

Unlike my hubby who is a BIG FAN of AI, he's been following since the 1st episode until TOP 9 week. Everytime after he watched any episodes (downloaded delayed episode becos we're working), he loves telling me that si polan polan has a good voice, si polan tu very bakla (pondan), si polan tu have a nice voice tone. Kiranya macam dia tu pun judging AI jugak ler (who doesn't judge when watching AI right?).

Soooo, last night he watched TOP 9 episodes where they sang ROCK songs. I don't know who is who. I've heard and known a few like Jacob (sebab very the pondan) and Casey (cos he was saved and ada drama alkisahnya?). 

He insist me watching with him on his computer. So we lie down on our hotel bed, he put on the show, he watched, i took a few glimpse here and there cos i was busy BBM, and when it came to Scotty, i can't help noticing that he looks exactly like my favourite boy on a magazine cover.

I told hubby, "Yang, he looks like the boy on the MAD Magazine cover!". Hubby replied "Huh?", i googled an image of MAD Magazine and showed him, and he said "YA LAH!".... LOL....

Tak percaya? 

I've googled, and put both pictures side by side and u can see the resemblance!

picture from internet

Cuma gigi jer takde gap! Kalau ada gap, memang sejibik!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Once there were fake eye lashes, now fake eggs?

I was shocked this morning when i opened my fb and found status updates on a few frens talking about fake eggs which is popularly man-made in CHINA!

oh my oh my, now, even food u don't know if its real or not. What i know is, roti telur McEgg from mamak McDonald's will be out of my mind for the next, i don't know, couple of months?? 

And now i just found out on thestar online, there's a lady in Georgetown Penang bought those fake eggs?? Read here for details.

And here's a video on youtube showing us how they do this man-made eggs!

Laila Elena Sumilang
4 months today!
Didn't go for her clinic checkup yesterday, cos i went for karaoke with my skool frens...
Will be going next week to find out her weight and length! 
Top from Jakarta (given by Putri), bottom from Canada (given by Alang)

BBMe... Wanna know my pin?
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's worth the wait

I'm just soooooo excited to say that i'm just a few hours away to getting my next targ3t!

It's going to be the 1st target as mentioned in my previous post. The second ones, although i didn't get a yellow netbook, i managed to grab a really cheap netbook from MIMOS from a friend. Delivered by hand to me, just last month! 

Really really can't wait for tomorrow afternoon!!! Yippeedeeyai!


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