Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Pumpin Pump It

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to y'all....

Tomorrow night, 9pm, B'Tru Band will be performing at Golden Gate Pub, Kelab Puchong United. 

There will be a Halloween Night party with Best Costume Challenge, Beer Drinking Contest, Lucky Draws, selected cocktail promotion (buy 1 free 1), mini shows and games with lots and lots of presents to be given away....

We're fully prepared with our Halloween Costume. Wanna know what i'll be on Halloween.... just wait and seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........

Will post the pictures or videos after the party.... yeehaw....

Today I got 'meself' a brand new mobile for 'me' early birthday present

Nokia E66

Hik hik....

Didn't plan to get a new mobile phone today.
Was planning to buy on me birthday, that's in December.
But since i've broken the stylus for my Sony Ericsson P1i, i just hafta have a new mobile phone.
And i have always been a big fan of Nokia phone!

What i did was, went to the place where Pogi bought his brand new mobile phone (that was 3 weeks ago!), and told the man that i need a phone that has everything in it, and most important, the housing or shall i say the 'skin', doesn't come out (yup, i've used Nokia N76 red color end of 2007, and after 3 months, the red skin started to peeled off!)

My choices were Nokia E66, N82 and N96. 

Wanna buy N82, but the 'china man' said - the skin will peeled off (that if ur son or child play with the phone!)

Want N96, 'china man' said - NOPE. Software still got problem.

So i ended taking E66.

What i like about the phone....
  1. very user friendly (keypad navigation)
  2. screen can rotate if we turn the phone left or right (but i didn't try to rotate it upside down yet)
  3. GPS (i can even check out Philippines babe... maybe tomorrow i'll check out Canada, the place where my sister is staying :p )
  4. WI-FI - very fast. Tried and tested on FB. Although the screen is small but its ok!
  5. Video - 3MP and very clear and loud video (guarantee lepas ni berlambak-lambak video aku amik bila gi karaoke nnti!)
  6. Still Pictures Camera - again, very clear (although the night picture taking not that clear but what the heck, i can use Pogi's phone which is 5mp to take pictures)
  7. MP3 - loud speaker.
  8. WHITE color - no other choice, if got yellow color sure i take yellow.
  9. Body - guaranteed by the 'china man' that the skin won't come out! hahaha... kalau tanggal siap ko nnti.
  10. Because the salesman is very good.
and i even bought the stylus for my P1i (sold to Asu Baby already!)

came back home, took a picture of Lil Guwapo and Albert d dog.... (with Pogi at the background taking his afternoon nap!)

Ini si pangit or guwapo??

It's already 2:30 in the morning and at the moment, my brand new mobile phone is charging for the next 8 hours (1st time using)... and by the time i wake up tomorrow morning, i'll be stuck with my phone again!

Good nyt peeps!

And happy advance birthday to 'meself' :D

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cool dance!

My lil guwapo has started dancing. 

Not that he never danced before, but last night he started to dance to the beat of my playlists.... that includes Matta Band Jatuh Cinta Lagi, The Sign by Ace of Base, One Step at a Time Jordin Sparks and Low of Flo-Rida.

Just check out the video.... 

Lil Guwapo dancing to the beat of One Step at a Time by Jordin Sparks and Low by Flo-Rida

Lil Guwapo dancing to the beat of Ace of Base, The Sign.

Monday, October 20, 2008

"Stylus" no style

:(   My handphone Sony Ericsson's P1i stylus has finally broken yesterday.

When i bought the phone 6 months ago, the 1st stylus was broken after 3 months using. Then yesterday, the 2nd one (spare!), broken also... haiya.... like this how am i going to navigate my phone now??? 

One thing about Sony Ericsson P1i's weakness is the keypad. The keypad is like a PC keyboard. But the alphabets on the keypads, shared on 1 key. Example key 1 has E and R. Key 4 has D and F. So when u want to press letter E, u have to press key 1 to the left, and letter F, press key 4 to the right.... see.... u must be confused too.... What more i have long nails and pressing the small key is hard.... so i rely fully with the stylus.

Luckily Pogi bought a new handphone on Saturday and he has a spare mobile that he doesn't use. So now i'm using the other phone which is also Sony Ericsson (Cybershot K550i) .... this will be my temporary phone only.... until i get a new stylus for my P1i.... or maybe until i get a new mobile phone.... 

Time will tell.... just wait!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

"New color again???"

the night before coloring my hair..... 


..... "i wonder what color is nice?"
"Purple base, highlight Red? or Red base, highlight Yellow? or Brown base, highlight Red? 
or PINK? (but i hate pink!)"
so back to...
"Purple base, highlight Red? or Red base, highlight Yellow? or Brown base, highlight Red? 

"I KNOW! I think i'll do Brown highlight Red 1st..." 
"if it's not nice, i can always color again the following week".....

after much think think think.......
the next day i went to Minx Salon in Sungei Wang Plaza, 6th Floor at 11 in the morning!
after giving the hairstylist a super shocking surprise with my hair color decision, 
these are the result....

(wooi kuatnya aura ku!)

Konon cam muka innocent lar tu!!! kekekeke....

Back to the post topic.... "New color again???", that was what came out from Pogi's mouth when i told him i want to color my hair!

"Of course!"
"I have to have new looks every month (if possible), no matter where i work!".....

.... t'was my answer to Pogi when i told him i want to color my hair.... 

he told me "darling, no need to color your hair. The place we work now no need to be so cantik!" 


to Pogi dahling.... 

"i think i need to change my appearance every now and then, no matter where we work!  Be it a nice hotel, or just a pub, i think i have to always update my looks!"

When it comes to girls or women, they have different ways of changing their appearance. 
  1. Some girls/women buy new shoes, 
  2. some like to buy new pants, 
  3. some like to add more tattoos (i wish i could!), 
  4. some like to pierce (can i pierce my lower lips?), 
  5. some like to buy dress, 
  6. some go to gym - no offense to Sis Airin in Canada.... (trying hard to be like Madonna, dah tua kerepot pun masih nk bermuscle2 pastu nampak cam tua  very the tua sangat - that's what i think!), 
  7. some loveeeee to buy new handphone every six month (that's me lar :p ) [apa kena-mengena pasal beli handphone baru and changing appearance?], 
  8. AND for me the easiest and fastest way to change how i look is by changing my hairstyle... 
  9. AND i love visiting hair salon 
  10. AND i love to cut my hair too but i've made a promise not to cut my hair till 2010 (konon nak simpan rambut macam MILEY CYRUS), 
  11. so COLORING HAIR is all i CAN do at the salon (somehow i love making the hairstylist rich!).....

Pogi and me! 

I'm quite satisfied with the red color but every time i took a shower, the color seems to be coming out and when i dry my hair, there are red color stain on the towel (not, i repeat NOT PERIOD ok!) .... :(

When that happens, i knew the red highlight won't last longer than a month (even though i spent almost RM300 buying color save shampoo & conditioner & a new flat iron & flat iron serum right after i colored my hair!)

So i think if the red color comes out, i'll go again to the salon and color again! 

And the process repeat again from THINK THINK THINK.....

Hahahaha.... i'm very sleepy and i don't even know apa yang aku merapu ni!!! 
Marang kerapu kepunder marang skeper.... kroh kroh kroh... goodnyt!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Makeup Routine

For 9 years i've been a full-time professional singer and my makeup routine has always been the same.... 

I need approximately 1 hour to prepare myself for work.

The first 15 minutes is to spend in the bathroom, taking shower, brushing teeth, flossing, Listerine gargle, putting on contact lenses, applying full body butter and finally applying deodorant before i stepped out to sit in front of my vanity mirror.

Once seated, this is how i look like....

Natural fresh face....

And after taking pictures of my makeover, i noticed that i just need 10 steps to change myself in full makeup!

So today, i'm gonna show u what i did OR shall i say, how i prepare myself almost everynight, before going to work.....

The 1st step :
is to apply face moisturiser.... 

Since i wear lots of make up everynight, i hafta use a lot of moisturiser.... and i've been using Nivea Whitening Treatment Cream since forever....

Still the same look as before, except with face moisturiser. Still look ugly....

Step 2:
Applying Foundation, Concealer & Face Powder

I'm using MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC35, using foundation brush and fixed with latex sponge....
Then apply concealer (Maybelline) under eye.... followed by face powder by MAC Studio Fix NC35.

Step 3:
Fixing Eyebrows and EyeLiner.

I'm using brown color eyebrow pencil i found on the toilet floor (which is still new and wrapped with plastic), which toilet i couldn't recall....
Eyeliner by Silky Girl in Black.

Step 4:

I love doing smoky eyes but since yesterday our uniform is pink and blue jeans, i use pink eyeshadow by Elianto which cost me only RM5.

Step 5:
2nd Eyeshadow color

2nd color of eyeshadow is dark blue.... 

Step 6:
Glitter Eyeliner and Mascara

After applying all the eyeshadow, its time to apply black eyeliner + glitter eyeliner (from BodyShop) and Mascara (korean product cost RM48).

Step 7:
Blusher and Lipstick

Lastly i put on blusher (by Elianto) and lipstick (Twig by MAC mixed with lip glass).

Step 8:

Step 9:
Final check of makeup....

Blowdry Hair + Hair Serum!

If i'm too lazy to blowdry my hair, i'll just put on a cap!

As u all noticed that i only use MAC product for my face foundation, powder and lipstick only! I believe that i don't need to use an expensive eyeshadow/blusher/mascara/eyeliner cos i need to use it everynight for about 3-4 hours max... then i'll clean the face.... rasa cam rugi jer....


So basically these are the 10 steps i go thru everynight before going to work... for 9 years!!! Phew... 

Sometimes i felt really2 bored going thru the same routine, but i can't change it cos i need to look good on stage!

But once i've done my makeover, i felt good and always ready to go to work... the work that i have been enjoying doing since the last 9 years!

This 1st December will be my 9th year anniversary for my singing career.... !!! 

And this December will also be my 8th year knowing my love Pogi.... and also our 4th year Wedding Anniversary and not forgetting my 33rd Birthday.... wow... looks like December is the mother of all the month in a year for me!!! hahahaha.... (apa yg aku merepek ni???)

Looks like December is a very very important month for me, so i decided i really need to get a good present for myself.... cewahhhhhh..... (itu sumer alasan nk beli handpon baru lar tu.... wakakakaka...)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

E66 or N82 or N96

NOKIA E66 - 1st option

Nokia N82 - 2nd option

Nokia N96 - DECIDED :)

Yup.... i'm gonna do it again.... soon....

I'm going to change my phone again!!!

I'm using Sony Ericsson P1i since May 2008. I bought P1i cos of the WI-FI function, but after a few months using the stylus to write sms's, im getting bored of it!!!

So i've been scouting around for Nokia phone since September, and i found out about Nokia E66... slim, white color, wi-fi, 3.2 mp camera, gps. It's like a perfect phone for me! 

Then i saw N82.... having 5.0 mp camera. 

Since my digital camera rosak by Lil Guwapo, i've been taking pictures using my P1i which is also 3.2 mp. Picture is nice but when zoom in, it's not really clear. Now i'm thinking of getting N82 just because the camera is 5 mp. 

Then..... Sam was talking about N96. How good the phone was, cos his friend is using it. His talking about the phone makes myself craving for it! Sam told me N96 is like a mini computer. Well i didn't know much about the phone yet, but from what Sam told me, it's like the perfect phone !!! "THE" phone for me!!! Hahahaha....

Well.... i finally decided to get N96 (but i'll have to check the function of the phone 1st!), by 1st December 2008. It's like a birthday gift for myself!!! Hehehe....

Owh... and Pogi is eyeing for Nokia 7610 Supernova!

Halloween is around the corner.....


Me... hungry for blood.....

Asu Baby.....

Mama Lin


Me again.... the picture zombie maker....

Hahahahahahahaha.... he he he.... hu hu hu... ha.. ha... he... hu...

I know Halloween is in 3 weeks time, but i've already start thinking of what to be for Halloween....

Not sure if Golden Gate Pub will be having a halloween party, but both Seri and I had started planning of what to be on Halloween Night. 

Seri told me last night she's going to be a vampire's wife, but from her description, sounded like the wife from Addam's Family - Morticia. Long hair, white highlights, and she's buying at Toys R' Us. 

As for me, i was thinking of becoming the joker from "Batman - Dark Knight". 

I love the movie especially when the scene of Joker becoming the nurse at the hospital... Joker looked so cute.... hmmm... if i wanna be joker in a nurse suit, i'll have to buy baju nurse, which is a total waste cos it's gonna be a one time wearing.... so i guess i'll be joker in a blazer suit.... maybe.... anyone can lend me a blazer suit???? 

Anyways, joker and me have one thing in common.... our hair!!! ye ke??? hahahahaha... perasan jap!!!

3 weeks and i still have time to change my mind.... but at the moment i'll stick to becoming a JOKER... cos i love joking around!!!

Selamat Hari Raya

I know it's kinda late to wish Selamat Hari Raya but "they" always say, Hari Raya is a one month celebration.... hentam jer la labu!!!

Eve of Hari Raya we worked till 12 midnight (as usual!). Seri already took her day off till Thursday. She went back to Penang to celebrate Raya with her family. Abg Joe replaced her for 3 days. And we will be off only on 1st day of Raya. Andy will be working (cos his kampung is in Kuching!)

Our Raya celebration on the 1st of October was tiring. Woke up early, went to Aman. The guys, Dad, Pogi and Eddie went for sembahyang pagi raya at 8am. Asu and family were in Kedah, Sam's hometown for a week. Morning of raya, helped mom cooked the sayur lodeh and ayam masak opor. She prepared the ketupat nasik, rendang daging and kuah kacang the night before.

After the guys came back from sembahyang, we did our "traditional beraya" moment. As usual, mum always cried and when she cried, all of us daughters will start crying too... 

We did our routine of going around in a circle, salam and asking for forgiveness and collecting duit raya (for Lil Guwapo) and giving duit raya (for Dad, Mum and Eddie). 

Once forgiven and all, we had our Raya Big Breakfast with all the delicious Mum's cooking! 

Then..... we started our relatives house visiting routine. First house was Mak Uda and Pak Uda's (Dad's sister and bro-in-law) house in SS3. Had Soto Ayam. 

And then, we drove to Sekinchan. The journey usually took only 1 hour but because of 2 stupid traffic lights that made us wait for 20 minutes at each stop, there was a delay for more than 45 minutes. After Tg. Karang town, the traffic was smooth. Lil Guwapo slept all the way from Federal Highway till we reached Sekinchan. We head straight to Adik's house. She did some weird rendang and gulai. Rendang Lidah lembu.... eerkkk... sorry lar aku nak makan.... Then Gulai Daging but got limpa, hempedu and those parts of cow that i don't eat. Ended up we just makan kek lapis....

Lepas dah puas makan, gave out duit raya and salam-salam, we went to Ana's house. Maksu (mum's sister) cooked Rendang Ayam, Gulai Daging, just to name a few. 

After makan-makan, salam and gave out duit raya, mum and dad decided to go to Maksu's (Dad's sister) house. So we drove back all the way from Sekinchan to Port Klang. Reached Maksu's house around 6:30pm. I was really tired that i barely open my eyes when i drove. Luckily Pogi was sitting next to me to chat. I would have fallen asleep if i drove alone.

After makan-makan and salam (no giving out duit raya cos Maksu's anak all big already!), we went home. 

Reached home at around 9pm. Rested a while and then went home straight cos Lil Guwapo looked tired.....

Hmmm... that's how we celebrated our raya.... every year!

1 thing that i changed this year was.... i controlled my food intake :P ..... must control.... sudah gemuk ni.... hehehe....

This year no Raya Photos cos Lil Guwapo played with my digital camera and it's already broken!!! huhuhu....


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