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This post is dedicated to the late Radin Zaihan also known as Ghani Martopo in the comedy series Santan Berlada which is famous in the 80's on RTM.

I just found out that he had passed away 2 years ago (2007).
Cause of death - he had chronic stomach ulcer.

Why i dedicate this post to him?

He was my brother-in-law.

He got married to my eldest sister, Ilene in *1991. It was a simple small wedding. Had the wedding back in our old house in KELANA JAYA. Even though they got married for a really short time, that is *2 years only, but we were very close to each other (after they got married, he stayed at my parents house).

I remembered scolding him (yup, i scold & scream & teased my bro-in-law), everytime he wakes up, he'll check what's the food on the table. The thing about him is he lovesssssssss sleeping. So basically he always sleep and eat. Work? Yup, he did some work here and there (i was 16 that time and couldn't be bothered!).

I remembered during the ramadhan, we were all preparing for Hari Raya Puasa and my sister was pregnant to Eddie that time, he will sleep and sleep and sleep. We did the house cleaning. He's still sleeping. We changed the curtains. He's still sleeping. We cleaned the house. He's still sleeping.

That's why i scolded him.

It's just because after he married my sister, he's considered the 'other' man in the house. 

Daddy was the 'only' man before Abg Din came into our lives.

We, the daughters, were taught of how to handle things like a man. Daddy never failed to call us and watch him or even taught us of how to saw the plywood, how to put the cement, how to change the tires - that's to name a few of the 'man' thing.

And i don't really know the real reason why they got divorced.
It was right after my nephew, Eddie were born, they *divorced. 

No doubt they looked happy. 
But hey, i was young, single and didn't understand anything about marriage life at that time (both my parents are still happily married for 41 years!)

I remembered him being the joker. He's a comedian actor. A good one. 

I remembered him love to do the 'running man' dance (now known as 'shuffle').

I remembered him working on some music videos for OJA and having my baby sister as the model. In fact, my late auntie and my cousin was also in his video.

I remembered him working on another music video for another band (couldn't remember what's the name of the band) and having my other sister, Airin as the model in the video (adik, ko ingat tak nama group tu???)

I remembered him talking with his 'java' accent, it's too obvious he has the Java blood as you can see his name starts with RADIN.

There's a lot of good and bad memories about him. And i know he was a good person. 

We heard the news about him passed away on the internet a couple of months ago but there was no confirmation until today we heard the news from his youngest brother, Rudi which is also on FACEBOOK.

Sama-samalah kita sedekah Al-Fatihah untuk Radin Zaihan.

*correct me if I'm wrong!

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