Sunday, March 20, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Blackberry Bold 2

this one
this one???

I think i'll go for BB Bold 1st cos i just bought a netbook.
I've been carrying my netbook everywer i go now.

Will you BBM me if i use Blackberry???

"i wish i can eat like my abang" - Laila Elena

6 February 2011
Nenek mandikan me in a bathtub filled with cold water.
Don't worry, this already petang, i like to mandi sejuk!

8 February 2011
5 years ago, when abang was a baby like me,
he always mandi in BERJAYA TIMES SQUARE HOTEL,
cos daddy and mummy working at that hotel when abang was born.
Now, i also get to mandi in a hotel, cos daddy and mummy working
Mandi in sink also can lar, as long as i get
to take my bath in a hotel!

8 February 2011
Hey hey... i'm 2 months today.
I supposed to go for my 2 months checkup today,
but mummy postponed to the 10th, cos she said,
it's her offday and she wants to bring abang and me out jalan-jalan.

8 February 2011
still resting in the hotel before go jalan2.

10 February 2011
Mummy brought me to the clinic.
At 2 months, I weighed 4.4kgs now.
I also get my 1st dose of some injections at the clinic.
I heard the nurse told mummy that i'll be getting a slight fever.
Nasib baik ada ubat demam.
At night, i demam sikit jer, cos i'm a strong girl,
by the next morning, i was totally fine.
Nenek jaga i elok2.
Nenek sayang Laila!
(mummy forgot to take picture at the clinic, haishhh)

15 February 2011
This is me sleeping, and asu took this picture and post it on FB,
and tagged mummy.
I didn't see her today cos she's busy working.
It's ok mummy, u work good2 then can buy me my playmat ya!

19 February 2011
Mummy and daddy came from the hotel to pick me up.
Everyday mummy & daddy spent only about 5 hours max with me and abang.
Everyday at 5pm, we were sent back to nenek's house!
It's ok, nenek's house pun best!
Got atok, mama ilene and abang eddie.
They all love to take care of me and abang kyle!

26 February 2011
banyak kali mummy take my picture with my eyes juling.
Actually i tak juling, tapi bila i concentrate tengok 1 thing,
mesti juling.
Ni i'm aiming for my doodoo (pacifier)...
ooooh... how i wish it's in my mouth right now!

1 March 2011
Getting ready to sleep already.
At mummy and daddy's house!
It's their off day, so we decided to just stay at home!
But i heard abang kyle sibuk ajak mum & dad go to the hotel.
Nak mandi bubble bath katanya!
But mummy said next week!!!

2 March 2011
Bangun pagi early at 8am. Kesian mummy penat but i need to take my bath, so mummy pun bangun and mandikan i.
After mandi, i don't feel sleepy yet even though dah belasah milk 4oz.
Mummy tengok i don't want to sleep, dia taruk channel 705 and start singing to me!
I like mummy's singing voice! Always makes me smile!
Especially when she sing elmo's world theme song.

2 March 2011
This picture mummy was singing the song I'M YOURS by JASON MRAZ. I like to see mummy's face when she sings to me. She likes to make funny faces to me. She's funny. She's a comedian. Mummy's the best MUM!

2 March 2011
Mummy still singing. So many songs, i can't even remember the title. But i like. I started to move my feet up and down, and my hands go haywire!

2 March 2011
Mummy still singing, while abang kyle and daddy is still sleeping.
Kesian mummy layan my kerenah.
I know she's trying to make me go to sleep so that she continued her sleeping too,
but i just don't feel sleepy yet!

2 March 2011
Still dancing to the songs mummy sings!
Pity mummy pagi2 dah kena nyanyi to me.
Malam karang nak keje nyanyi lagi!

2 March 2011
Mummy and daddy sent abang kyle and me early back to nenek's house.
They said they have practice at the hotel.
Sampai2 rumah nenek, asu made me this tutu skirt.
And abang aidan pun nak enter frame amik gambar!
i love it!

7 March 2011
Abang Kyle is 5 years old today.
I heard mummy and daddy saying we're picking up a chocolate cake
for abang at a friend's shop in bangsar. Ooh... i wish i'm big enuff to have a slice of cake.

7 March 2011
It's so sad that mummy and daddy has to work tonight.
But i think Abang Kyle will also understand.
I'm sure he doesn't mind cos i saw him always busy playing with his
newly bought Nintendo DS Game.
I'm soooo jealous!

8 March 2011

8 MARCH 2011
I'm already naughty cos i'm 3 months old today.
I love to talk and talk, u know baby talk,

8 MARCH 2011
Today we just stay at home.
Not going anywhere.
My 3 months clinic appointment is on the 10th March 2011.

8 March 2011
Blueks to mummy!!!

9 March 2011
This is wen daddy go out buying my milk at 99 Speedmart.
I'm very hungry at this time, cos i just woke up at nenek's house,
saw mummy and daddy came to pick us up to go home.
I'm so-so hungry plus the hot weather, i started to cry,
hoping mummy will make my milk.
But abang kyle can't hear me crying.
Everytime he heard me crying, he sure do PEEK-A-BOO with me.
I love to play peek-a-boo with abang.
He's such a comedian too.
Sometimes he sings TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR to me!!

10 MARCH 2011
My 3 months clinic checkup turned out good.
Although my weight didn't increase so much since my 2nd checkup,
but the nurses said 4.75kg is good.
I got my 2nd jab too. As always, i'm strong, i don't even cry!

12 March 2011
watchu lookin at??
u see my 2 fists?

12 March 2011
mummy and daddy bring us to Tesco Kepong Village to makan at the food court.
Abang Kyle loves the chicken rice sooo much!
I wish i'm big enuff to eat rice!

21 March 2011
at home in the morning!
Today is mummy and daddy's off day.
I heard them saying they're taking us to KLCC PARK.
Oooh, i'm sooo excited as it will be my 1st time going there!

21 March 2011
at KLCC Park
I love the weather. Luckily it's not raining.
But a bit panas that's why mummy take off my tight leggings! But hey, it's a free country right!!
Abang is busy playing running around with daddy!

21 March 2011
Daddy loves to carry me... btw, i like it too, cos sitting too long in the stroller makes me sweat!

21 March 2011
On the way back to the hotel, abang kyle said he wants to eat pizza.
So we all went to KLCC's PIZZA HUT and enjoyed 2 regular pizzas. Actually they all enjoying it, cos i'm still a baby and i can't eat pizza.

Ok mummy, i have finished telling people about me!
Do u have anything to say mummy?


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mikail is 5 and we love BURGERS

"7 March 2011
Abang Kyle turns 5,
and i'll be 3 months on 8 March 2011"
- Laila Elena Sumilang

I'm sure that's what she'll say if she can talk aite??? Adik sibuk nak enterframe.

Well, 7 March 2011, my son, my only son turns 5. His daddy insist on buying him a portable game device pasal dia suka kacau daddy dia main game computer. Bila dah kacau, macam mana daddy dia nak buat keje???. After i survey for PSP, DS Lite and DS XL, we decided, to buy him Nintendo DS Lite. Actually daddy dia sibuk suh beli DS XL, sebab XL ada wifi, and he said that he can use the device for wifi. But i told him just buy DS Lite, cos there's no way my son gonna let us use the game for wifi.

So we bought him his present one day earlier than his birthdate. Sunday afternoon, 6th March, we went shopping for his present at Sungei Wang Plaza. Turun monorail jer terus serbu the nearest kedai game. After bargain bargain harga, from RM600 (device + memory card), i got the device for RM550 (device RM450, memory card RM100, plus RM30 for screen protector), all in all total RM590. He was soooo happy that after buying the device, he suddenly said he's tired and wanna go back to the hotel (i'm staying at the hotel most of the time now!) Dalam hati ni berkata, "amboi2, pandai nyer anak aku nih. Dia dah dapat barang dia, terus ajak balik. Tak mo jenjalan lagi dah!!!" Tapi ader aku kisah? Aku pun nak sopping gak!

The morning of his birthday!

Bangkit tido, terus main game.

By noon, im supposed to collect a cake i ordered from a dear fren who always come to Crossroads Lounge. Everytime Chef Noor came to see us performing, she'll bring 2 HUGE SLICES of cakes for james and me. Most of the time, she'll bring RED VELVET cake. I love it cos it's not so sweet and very moist and yummy. So i ordered CHOCOLATE cake from her, and told her i'll pick up on Monday afternoon.

So we went to THE DAILY GRIND at BANGSAR VILLAGE. After parking, we gave a call to her and she told us to go downstairs at lower ground floor (never knew got shops downstairs, i thought basement parking only!).

Sampai sampai je, we thought of just pick up our cakes, and i saw it's a nice cosy restaurant, so i told James, let's just haf lunch. We sat, we ordered and then chef noor took out 2 HUGE cakes, 1 chocolate cake (as per order), and the other one RED VELVET, my favourite!!!

Takmo banyak citer lagi, meh kita nengok gambar2 pulak...

surprisingly Laila was behaving very very good
the whole time we were at the restaurant,
what she did was smiling at the lamps all the time!

the CHOCOLATE CAKE i ordered

my favourite!

James tak sabar2 nak suh anak dia blow the cake!
Chef Noor in green t-shirt.

Mikail Sumilang is 5, yeyhay!!!

we all nyanyi birthday song, dia tak sabar2 nk blow dah!!

muka kengkonon malu!

blowing time!

blow blow blow!

Sekarang meh kita tengok menu lunch kita... specialty THE DAILY GRIND are BURGERS. Macam2 burger ada. Kalau tengok menu dia, takes 2 days gak lar kalau nak menghapal. Tapi sapa suh hapal ek?

MINI Chicken Burger + Fries from the kids menu.
Courtesy of Chef Noor!

MY Spaghetti Bolognaise with Meatballs

Mummy ordered BURGER with Mushroom toppings.

James ordered the special burger with foie gras!
sapa yg tak tau apa itu foie gras (pronounced ˈfwä-ˈgrä), it's itik's fatted liver!
sedap wor... one of the specialty burger kat The Daily Grind!!

birthday boy ada burger sendiri, tapi dia nak belasah mummy dia nyer spaghetti gak!

punya ler sedap spaghetti itu,
dia tak sentuh pun dia nyer burger.

ini gambar dia nak tunjuk mulut dia yang comot itu!

ni dia makan fries cicah tomato sauce.
Not only the burgers are good, the tomato sauce pun sedap.
According to Chef Noor, tomato sauce and chilli sauce
at The Daily Grind sumer buat sendiri nyer.
Patut ler rasa dia lain macam...

ni, dia dah mula main2 ngan spaghetti itu.


ini lagi satu special kt The Daily Grind,
ini Chef Noor buat special for me to try,
she said it's a HIT with all her regular customers.
It's JALAPENO stuffed with cheese and something (couldn't remember),
i tell u.... SEDAP GILER.
Pedas memang pedas, tapi SEDAP GILER!

Ada lagi 1 special menu, its CHICKEN WINGS with one of the signature sauces, SPICY one!! She even tapau for us to try em. Memang pedas and sedap giler!

I would highly recommended the place if you love to eat burgers!!! From the burger patty to the bread, sumer nyer buat sendiri!!! The fries pun sedappppp!!! If not for the burgers, you can try the cakes. They are superb yummy! U should try the RED VELVET! (Cakes are a bit pricey but if you scroll up again and look at the picture of the chocolate cake, u could see that it's huge and tall. Chocolate cake had 3 layer, and the Red Velvet had 4 layers!)

Red Velvet

Nah address nyer. If you happened to be around Bangsar area, go cekidaud!

The Daily Grind
LG 8 Lower Ground
Bangsar Village 1
Jalan Telawi 1
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone : +603.2287.6708
Email :

a BIG THANK YOU to Chef Noor
for belanjaing our lunch and the 2 cakes


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