Saturday, March 29, 2008


"Car", "Watzat", "Mama".

Yup.... I'm the happiest mom when i heard my son say those 3 words. Lil Guapo has been talking since the past 2 days! Before this the only word he knows is "There". And sometimes he said "Crane" (pronounce "Taine"). He's a little bit slow in talking. I guess he doesn't want to grow up yet. Not yet. He understand every single word when we talk to him, its just that he doesn't want or malas to talk. Hmmm... let him enjoy his time! If he's not ready to talk yet, we're ok.

We're having big family dinner tomorrow. This time Mama Lin buying for all of us. Not sure which hotel to go, either One World Hotel or Royale Bintang PJ. We have to have dinner in the CURVE vicinity. Eddie got SHUFFLEZ show at Cineleisure from afternoon till night. That's why we have to have dinner around that area.

Monday, March 24, 2008

i-Phone VS HTC

Call me crazy, yes but i'm really addicted to changing mobile phones every 6 months and if i saw the latest mobile in the market, i don't wait for 6 months.

I bought Nokia N76 last year in November. Since i bought the N76, i accidentally dropped the phone soooooo many times. And Lil Guapo love to play with my phone too. He loved to press the MP3 buttons. And once he's holding the phone, he would never give back to me! And if he's angry, he would throw the phone. Just imagine!

So the other day we were walking in Subang Parade, we stopped at one of the mobile phones counter. Pogi wants to change his phone so he was browsing and surveying the price, and suddenly i saw i-phone. I have no idea what phone was that until the chinese salesman (very friendly and entertaining), showed me what is i-phone. He even let me took pictures and testing sms with the phone. It was all touchscreen, very easy handling (user friendly), got wi-fi, i-pod, and the price is reasonably (within my budget after trading in my N76).


Then Pogi told me that he wants to buy my phone. So i told him, i'll wait till end of this month before i decide whether i should change my phone or not.

So yesterday, we went to Low Yatt Plaza, to fix the GATEWAY notebook given by Mr. Lee to Pogi. Mr.Lee gave on Friday night. It was heavy, big and still in good condition. We brought along Eddie (anak Amir), cos Eddie knows how to fix computer. He told us to just buy the adaptor, upgrade the memory RAM and buy the Wi-Fi card. So we did. Luckily Eddie tagged along so he knows where and what to buy. All in all we spent about RM400 to fix the notebook.

Then i checked the price of i-phone, and it's cheaper than Subang Parade. Suddenly Eddie said he prefer buying HTC phone than any other phone!!!

I didn't know what or which is HTC phone until he showed me that it looks like DOPOD. And when i saw the phone, it looks bulky, and nice, and it has everything. Wi-fi, 3.5G, GPS, windows mobile 6, 3 mp camera etc etc etc, but the price is definitely more than i-phone!


Now... i'm stuck in between 2 mobile phones. Either i-phone or HTC?

What i want in a mobile phone is calling, texting, picture taking, listen to mp3 and surfing the net. Yup, HTC gave me more than what i asked for but i think i like the i-phone. It's slim and easy, i think!


Friday, March 21, 2008

Gosh... i don't know how and where to start....

It's been a while since i last update my blog. Life has been busy, actually not that busy, but we've been staying overnight at the hotel most of the time. The past weeks, we've been busy talking about what would happen to all the clubs when the opposition party took over Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. Are the pubs gonna remained open??? Just imagine what will i be next if the pubs are closed???? Go on.... keep wondering!

Lil Guapo as usual getting very very naughty.... Just look at him running away from me in the picture below....
Lil Guapo playing chase with me.

Nights at Holiday Villa Subang are the same. The same dangdut/joget people were there. Wen we played all the latest song or a little different sound than dangdut/joget, they will show their long face! But who cares!!!! They're not the only guests in Lavida Lounge.

Si pogi before work.

Last wednesday 19 March, the SRK KJ 1987 had a small gathering lunch at California Kitchen Pizza in KLCC. Pogi and Lil Guapo tagged along with me but both papa and son go jalan2 on their own. Reached 12 noon sharp and Lil Guapo saw a Barney ride. He was screaming and running towards Barney.

Lil Guapo enjoying the Barney ride!

Jijot was the 1st one arrived at KLCC. She called me and said she's already at Lower Ground Floor. Met up with her, then Ben came. We made our way to California Pizza Kitchen on the 1st Floor. Waited a few minutes, then Harris came. Then Ida, followed by Hykal, Reza, Linda, Liz and Fahmi. Amir came at 1:20pm.

Fahmi made fun of Amir when Amir came. Fahmi planned with all of us to sing a birthday song when Amir arrived. Well... i told Fahmi, i'm a singer and i don't mind singing! When Amir walked to the table, Fahmi and the rest of us started singing Happy Birthday (it's not his bday!), with clapping hands! Like REAL! I saw Amir blushed. Sorry la Mir....

Left to right : Jijot, Nina, Reza (next to me not in the pix),
Liz (purple baju), Fahmi, Dr Hykal, Ida, Harris and Ben. (Linda took the pic and Amir was late!)

We had pizzas, pastas, coffee and dessert. We chat and chat and chat. Though we are like separated in 2 groups cos the table was long, but it was fun! We finished lunch and chatting at around 2:30pm. Said farewell and i met up with Pogi and Lil Guapo on the upper floor, with Lil Guapo taking one of the rides again! We jalan2 sikit, Pogi bought a Levi's jeans and off we go home. The moment we got in the car, Lil Guapo pun tidur.... kroh kroh kroh!

Thursday, public holiday. Maulidur Rasul. We had band practice at 3pm. It wasn't my day to practice. Most of the songs for practice today are Sri's and Pogi's. I just wanna practice Whitney Houston's I HAVE NOTHING cos Abg Lan (one of Lavida's regular guest) always requesting me that song! I do need more practice for that song! Just watch the video and u can see my mistakes!

Practice time at Lavida Lounge Holiday Villa Subang on 20 March 2008 3pm.

The next song i hafta practice is THROUGH THE FIRE. Hmm... i don't know whether i can do it or not. To me that's the toughest song. Very high. I think i hafta climb on a chair to reach the high notes for that song... ngahahaha.....

Today i just heard that Harris's grandma passed away. Ben called Harris and Harris is on the way to Kelantan. My condolences to you!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shopping Day!

Monday's the day we went for shopping!

First we head down to Bangsar, i wanna buy a new sunglasses. Mama Lin brought me to this one shop selling branded sunnies in Jalan Telawi 2. Once we walked in the shop, the staffs are all very super friendly. I just wanna check Gucci sunnies, and suddenly they took out Dior, Thookan (designer for GAP), Marc Jacobs etc etc... Alamak, i sudah rambang mata. Tried everything, square, hexagon, big, small. And in the end there are 2 choices left. The Gucci or Marc Jacobs. Priced at almost RM1000+. But after discount i can get around RM600+. Hmmm... tried alternately the Gucci and MJ, and finally i decided to buy the Marc Jacobs sunnies. This is my 1st time buying an expensive original branded sunnies. Usually i bought a RM20 Vincci sunnies. Tapi selalu patah. So i decided to invest a little bit more this time.

My new Marc Jacobs sunnies

Next stop we went to Queens Park Cheras. We went there just to let mum tengok2 the bags. Suddenly she bought 1. I never planned to buy any handbag this month, but when we were at FB End Of Season outlet, there's a small Guess bag that i like, and i always have big handbags (to put Lil Guapo's diaper, milk, bottle, wipes, doo2 etc). So now, since Lil Guapo already 2 years old, and i noticed i need not carry his bottle or diaper, why else do i need a big bag? So in the end, i ended up buying the small Guess bag which cost me only RM156. Original price was RM289. Gila... beg besar 2 tapak tangan harga sampai RM300. Nasib baik ada discount. Takde discount kalu, takde ler akak nk beli... hehehe...

Then we went to Nichii Sg Besi. There's a moving out sale. Very cheap but all not nice. I just bought a cap like the girl in my blog page wearing. White and black ribbon tied around the cap! I've been looking for this cap a long time. And when I saw it, I didn’t think twice. I took it (the last piece) and paid. I bought a pair of silver shoes (to match with my new Guess bag!), and then we head to our next stop.

Next stop was Times Square. Planned to buy stockings only and then I saw the leg warmers. I think I’ll look cool wearing the leg warmers. I bought 2 pairs, black and red stripe. Also bought a net stockings and a leggings. Then jalan2 I bought this shoe like converse high cut. Nice. RM30 only. Lepas tu, we all sumer dah penat shopping, we headed home.

Night time, working. As usual, Monday night is very quiet.


We had a great dinnertime at Marche The Curve on 9th March 2008, to celebrate Lil Guapo's 2nd birthday. The whole family were there, Dad & Mom, Mama Lin with Nabil and Eddie, Baby with Sam and Ashraf and Sofia.

All of us had different2 food and Lil Guapo enjoyed the sausages. In fact, he finished 2 sausages. I had Pizza, Chicken chop, the Australian root beer, mashed potato.... actually, i ate a lot! BURRP... Whatever Baby or Mum or Pogi took, i had a taste of every food. Wouldn't want to miss anything. At the end of our dinner, there was a surprise Cheesecake given by Mr. Lim. So we sang birthday song for Lil Guapo and he blowed the candles, and cut the cake (with a little help from me!). Gosh, the cheesecake tasted very very delicious. Not so sweet, mixed of strawberry and chocolate. And after paying the bills, we head down to Tesco, bought some groceries.

And when we reached home, all of us had stomach ache, including Lil Guapo. Hahahaha.....

L-R : Skutik, Lil Guapo & Pogi

Lil Guapo strike a pose before dinner!

In front of Marche waiting for the rest to arrive!

Lil Guapo enjoying his sausage!

The family! Pogi and Lil Guapo not in the picture. They went to order more sausages.

Tomorrow we planned to go shopping! Yippee....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Lil Guapo

I was online chatting with Fahmi last Sunday and we exchanged news about ourselves, Fahmi with the knee operation and me with the miscarried!

I never informed all my ex-skoolmates about my miscarried. But on Monday, Fahmi break the news in the mail and everybody start to gave their condolences. Hehehe... to me, it's not a big deal. Cuma takde rezeki, and i know we can try again.

Suddenly i noticed, after 20 years not seeing all my skool frens, they still care! I lost contact with most of my frens after i left high school. My parents moved far away to Klang, but i was left behind in Kelana Jaya but somehow, i never keep in touch with any of them! Why's that? Maybe becos 15 years ago, internet or online chatting wasn't that famous. I believe that's why. And handphone was way way too expensive. The only person i kept in touch since i was 8 years old till now is only my beshfren, Nora.

Yesterday i ask permission from pogi to let me meet up with my frens gathering this Saturday, on the election day. He said NO. A big NO. Then i said, ok, fine but if u've never seen a frog under the coconut shell before, u will soon see it, cos i'm gonna be one of it! Dodododo....

But then Pogi laughed.... the big NO was only a joke. Yay... thanks honey!


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