Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Lil Guapo

I was online chatting with Fahmi last Sunday and we exchanged news about ourselves, Fahmi with the knee operation and me with the miscarried!

I never informed all my ex-skoolmates about my miscarried. But on Monday, Fahmi break the news in the mail and everybody start to gave their condolences. Hehehe... to me, it's not a big deal. Cuma takde rezeki, and i know we can try again.

Suddenly i noticed, after 20 years not seeing all my skool frens, they still care! I lost contact with most of my frens after i left high school. My parents moved far away to Klang, but i was left behind in Kelana Jaya but somehow, i never keep in touch with any of them! Why's that? Maybe becos 15 years ago, internet or online chatting wasn't that famous. I believe that's why. And handphone was way way too expensive. The only person i kept in touch since i was 8 years old till now is only my beshfren, Nora.

Yesterday i ask permission from pogi to let me meet up with my frens gathering this Saturday, on the election day. He said NO. A big NO. Then i said, ok, fine but if u've never seen a frog under the coconut shell before, u will soon see it, cos i'm gonna be one of it! Dodododo....

But then Pogi laughed.... the big NO was only a joke. Yay... thanks honey!

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darah59 said...

Hey whats up..Remember me? Sorry to hear about your misc..... Anyway from the looks of it u'r fine n bubbly now.
It has been so long since I've heard u guys play.Miss the Bohemian Rhapsody.
What u did to the 'topek' girl was...padan muka dia.Hahaha..Next time takut kalau di panggil jam ngan hampa semua..
Regards to all..Have a nice day..Be happy...


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