Friday, February 22, 2008

Rolling Stones

Something i discovered on Facebook applications. You can put your pictures on the covers of some major magazines eg. People, Times, Vogue etc etc etc.

And i chose Rolling Stones.

It's not real but i love it!

Since i had my miscarriage last Sunday evening, my daily lives back to normal. No more lethargic, no more stupidness, no more forgetting minds, no more taking 'asam boi', no more makan as if there's no tomorrow.... heheheh....

Working time is great now. I started to sweat a lot (cos dancing and jumping a lot!). During pregnant, can't dance so much! I felt great and energetic now. Loving it!

Little Guapo's birthday is very very near and we still don't know where to do his party. Hmmm... just play by ear lar.

Daytime has been busy taking care of Little Guapo. He's getting very naughty now. Twice a week we still do practices in Holiday Villa.

This weekend Pogi has coaching for the commercial shooting in Shah Alam. So i guess this weekend is a stay at home weekend again for Little Guapo and me.

Boring ae......

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