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Tour in Kuala Lumpur - Deer Farm, Memorial Tun Abdul Razak & Lake Garden

It's the last day of 1st term school holidays for the kids. Due to my work, we did not go or do anything special for the kids at all during the 7 days break. I felt pity for my kids and told my sister, Asu, to help organize an outing for the kids without using any money at all!

She said, "Challenge accepted!".

U see, it's not that i'm a cheapskate or no money or anything like that. It's because, i hate to go out on Sundays. REALLY HATE OUTINGS ON SUNDAYS. Too crowded. And then bringing 5 children for a paid activities, say 1 person is RM25. U count la. Doesn't include us the adults. Adults usually pay more. And why would i pay for an activities that is too crowded with people. And when it's too many people, i know my kids or even me couldn't enjoy a thing.

That's just me ok. If you love being in a crowded place or don't mind paying for it and want to be in an air-conditioned place, Deer Farm is not the place for you to visit.

Back to the challenge, i ask Asu, where she plan to bring us? She said, "TO THE DEER FARM IN LAKE GARDEN!"

Oh my, i can't even remember when was the last time i went to Lake Garden. I totally remember my late daddy always brought us there. Lake Garden is huge. There's the Deer Farm, Bird Park, Butterfly Park, and if you love flowers, there's an Orchid Garden. I'm not sure which park is free, but i know u need to pay to enter Bird Park.

And then there is the Memorial for our 2nd Prime Minister, Tun Abdul Razak.

So at 3pm on Sunday, we prepared ourselves to go to Deer Farm located at the Lake Garden near parliament building, just 10 minutes away from our house.

Shy me, i have to admit, staying in KL, i still use Waze to get to Lake Garden. Haha. Don't blame me, i never drive there before, my late daddy was the one always driving! Shy shy shy....

We parked at the Memorial, cos it's just next to the Deer Farm. Weather was fine. But before you go to the park, make sure..

  1. Wear the right walking-in-the-park shoes. Sneakers, slippers, crocs sandals are good. Do not wear high heels or high platform shoes (trust me, there are some women wearing high heels).
  2. Wear a comfortable clothing. Do not wear black color. Wear cotton t-shirts or tank tops. Lose shirts are good. If you wear hijab like my sister, wear lose palazzo pants or maxi skirts. Lose shirt is fine.
  3. Do not forget to bring WATER. Lots of walking makes you wanna drink a lot of water. 
  4. A small face towel to wipe off your sweat. 
  5. Put on sunblocks for those who are beauty conscious. 
  6. No makeup should be on the face. No need for face powder, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadows, blusher or lipsticks. Put on sunblock is enough. That's why you can see in my photos, my face is shining like oily cos i put sunblock. Kang penat je aku pakai Hans Skincare.
  7. Food is optional. There are various cafes around the park.
  8. Toilets are easily to be found too. Don't worry about drinking lots of water.
  9. Caps & hats. Weather is too hot, its good to cover your head.
  10. Smartphones. Take lots of pictures or videos. The scenery surrounding the park is breathtaking. Although you won't see me taking any surrounding pictures cos i love taking selfies. Wtf.

The rest are pictures taken during the outing. Enjoyz...
*all pictures taken using my Iphone5S (no filter) with a monopod.

It was so damn hot, that the deers are all under the shades.

Pic 2
Long time i did not come here, the park has changed a lot.

Pic 3
I don't even remember that the park has a walking bridge in the middle.

Pic 4
The most funny thing my kids said was "eeee, tengok the deer berak!"
Eh, korang ni ingat binatang tak berak ke?

Pic 5
Oh deer...

Pic 6
Same deers...

Pic 7
Asu said, "susah wor nak kena mendongak ke atas gini selalu!"
I said, "dah binatang deer tu kat bawah, kena la aku amik dari angle atas cenggini!"

Pic 8
It supposed to be a shot of me, but then this Jebon came running photobomb my shot!

Pic 9
The photobomber so happy!

Pic 10

Pic 11

Pic 12
The door was locked. Meaning the end of the deer park.

Pic 13
Hehehe, from the picture i think you should figure out why we covered our nose!

Pic 14
Seriously asu? Daymn...
No perfume or minyak angin can beat the smell.

Pic 15
Going back to see other parts of the park.

Pic 16
Do the catwalk, meow!

Pic 17
Walk walk walk...

Pic 18
Damn hot!

At this point, i took a video while walking but this effin won't let me upload my videos. Wtf.

Pic 19
Behind is a Kancil/Pelanduk cage. You should go there to know the scientific name. Ok bye.

Pic 20
With my Mahal.

Pic 21
At the main entrance! We did not enter from here cos we parked at the memorial Tun Razak. No worries, it's all the same.

Pic 22
Free Entrance ok.

After finish going up and down the deer park, we headed back to our car which is parked at the Tun Abdul Razak Memorial. So we decided to check it out. Let the kids and my Mahal visit the house of our 2nd Prime Minister.

Entrance to the Memorial is free. Only 1 person need to sign the visitors book. And no shoes allowed in the house. #respect

Pic 23
Part of the Keris collections in the house.

Pic 24
After walking under the hot sun, it's kinda cool to be in the house cos it's air-conditioned  ッ

Pic 25
TV room in the house. There are 2. The other one is upstairs.

Pic 26
His cane collections.

Pic 27
Official dining room.

Pic 28
2 dining tables in the official dining rooms. But i don't see where's the kitchen???

Pic 29
This is the current 6th Prime Minister's room, Dato' Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak. Yes, our Prime Minister now is the son of Tun Abdul Razak.

I love my #PrimeMinister.
I love #Malaysia.
And keep praying for #MH370

Pic 30
Read it.

Pic 31
Official meeting rooms on the upper floor.

Pic 32
The main master bedroom.

Pic 33
Still the main master bedroom.

Pic 34
Tun Abdul Razak's study room.

That's the end of the tour in the Memorial. It was only 4:30pm when we finished touring the deer park and the memorial.

Asu suggested we should go to the playground to let the kids play around. It's just on the other side of the deer park. Driving like 5 minutes away.

It was still early, so there was still a lot of parking. If you come after 5:30pm, going in the parking lots also got jammed. 

Pic 35
My girl enjoying the swing.

Pic 36
At this time, i don't even know where is my boy.
He's with his cousin already running2 here and there.

Pic 37
There's still not so many kids around.

Pic 38
But be reminded, the children's playground are for children.
The parents are supposed to monitor their kids only.
DO NOT play any of the SWINGS, SLIDES or SEESAW.
You had your time when you were a child. 

Pic 39
I was having cough and colds for the past 1 week, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying ice-cream at the park.

Pic 40
Triple cone ice-cream like this is RM2.

Pic 41
Asu photobomb.

Pic 42
The kids get the RM1 ice-cream cone.

Pic 43
They are eating their ice-creams but at the same time the eyes are wandering around the park.

Pic 44
They're only children. Let them make mess. It's ok if their clothes get dirty.

Pic 45
I love the ice cream.

Pic 46
My mahal and asu and the kids.

Pic 47
There's also lots of seats around the playground.

Pic 48
The buggy ride.
RM2 for adults and RM1 for children.
All in all supposed to be RM11, but the boy charge us RM10 only.

Pic 49
We love the ride so much that i think we are the only ones noisy on the buggy.

---- End of the tour ----

By the end of the day, we just spend around RM21.
RM11 for the ice creams and RM10 for the buggy ride. #spendsmart

We're planning to go again next time. But next time we're gonna do picnic near the playground. Bring homecook foods and lots of water and picnic mat and pillows. 

"ko nak pegi picnic or ko nak pegi tido nina wei?"

#Ootd 28 March 2014
Last day performance at Roulette Restaurant Bar in Ara Damansara. 


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