Friday, May 30, 2008

1st Philippines Trip for Lil Guwapo

The trip that i've been waiting for has finally arrived. On Sunday night at 10pm, 11 May 2008, we checked in at the LCCT airport to fly to Manila. Our flight is scheduled at 12:50am, on Cebu Pacific air. The flight was smooth but the aircraft was pretty small. Lil Guwapo was very naughty while we took off. He doesn't want to sit down. After 30 minutes in the air, all of us fell asleep. In the aircraft, there's another passenger with a small baby and the baby kept crying the whole journey. So just imagine our sleeping was disturbed by the crying. Sigh...

In the airplane on the way to Manila, 12 May 2008, 12:50am.

At 5am we landed at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila. My in-laws, Tatay Lucrecio and Nanay Juliana were waiting excitedly for us. Ate Ruth and Kuya Edwin were with them too. After 'bless' (cium tangan) and 'beso-beso' (cheek kissing), we went straight to Ate Virgie's house in San Pablo for breakfast. After eating some fried rice and fried tilapia, we headed back home to Tayabas. It took us about 3 and a half hours to reach Tayabas from the airport. The 1st day in Tayabas, we just slept the whole afternoon. As usual when we're in Philippines, Nanay always served us rice for breakfast, lunch, tea-time or dinner. They have a huge land full of rice field and coconut. So rice has never been a problem to the family.

Kyle in Tayabas, 2008. On the jeepney, one of the favourite transport in the Philippines.

Our following days in Tayabas has been packed with tight schedule. I've told Pogi earlier that during this trip, i want to have full activities in Tayabas. Some of the activities are a must for me like doing my mani pedicure. This time the price has increased to Peso 80. That's about RM7 only. It used to be only Peso 50 only. But i don't mind cos in KL i still have to pay 80 but in ringgit.

The house where Nanay Juliana and Tatay Lucrecio Sumilang stayed since 1964. Soon it'll be our house. Probably by 2009. (Does that mean we're moving to Philippines????)

We had dinner at Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan with Ate Abeth's family. The place is very nice, surrounded by a nice lake while the dining tables under huts which is floating on the lake! Woohoo... cool place. Special about the place is that you have to eat using your hands. There's no fork and spoon.

Dinner at Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan. Famous for the tilapia fish. Must eat with hands. No fork and spoon.

We did a lot of shopping in SM Lucena City and Metro Plaza. Lucky for us it's summer sale. Everything was so cheap. Shoes, handbags, blouses, jeans, caps. Not forgetting Lil Guwapo's basketball jerseys. They're just so cute. Bought 'pasalubong' for the whole family too!

Lil Guwapo with Lolo and Lola, on our last day in Manila.
22 May 2008

Before we left, we bought a lot of corned beef, Eden cheese, ChizWhiz spread and beef loaf. In the end, our baggage was so heavy.

We really enjoyed staying in Tayabas. Even thought Lil Guwapo wasn't nice to everybody except Tatay Lucreng, but in the end, at the airport, he's nice to Nanay Juliana. He kissed and hugged and at the end, he pulled Nanay's hair. LOL.

Checking in at the Manila airport was smooth, but our flight was delayed 1 and half hours. We reached KL 2am sharp.

Hmmm... next week we planned to go Penang.... tired!!!

And also i've to do my strict diet. I've gained so so much pounds, from all the rice that Nanay feed us!!!! I can't say NO to Nanay. She even said (in a drama kind of way!), "I feel SAD if you don't eat RICE!".... :(

Sunday, May 4, 2008

We started our holiday on the 1st May 2008. It's kinda like having a one month break from continuous bookings. 1st May was a public holiday. Labour day. We did nothing much on that day. Stayed home. The weather was so hot that the air-condition now always on from afternoon till night.

At night we went out to buy milk for Lil Guapo. I changed my shirt before going out to a nicer shirt. Before we went to find milk, we went to tapau some food at KJ Tomyam Seafood, next to the big Giant. After finish "tapauing", we went to the small Giant to buy lil guapo's milk and some other stuff. After paying we head home straight. Once i reached home, as i was washing the dishes i noticed at my sleeve a lot of thread coming out. THEN... i found out that i've been going out with my shirt inside out! Huhuhu.... ngahahaha.... No wonder the girl at the food stall kept staring at me! Hahahaha.... What a night....

The next day, Friday, we went to take Monorail ride from Tun Sambanthan to Raja Chulan. Our plans today is to buy the flight ticket back to Philippines. Lil Guapo was very quiet when on board the monorail. Very very behaved. Once at the Cosway Plaza, we bought our tickets, and then we take a stroll at Pavilion. It was just opposite Cosway Plaza and very huge. We went straight to the food court. Found a place to sit, order from a stall that was not much people ordering. The food was good. The price, quite expensive. After makan, we head home again.

Today, we woke up early to go mandi at Sungai Gabai. The trip going to Hulu Langat took us about 1 hour. Once reached we had lunch then mandi manda. After 15 minutes mandi mandi, suddenly raining da.... Alamak spoil. We took a short break. Then the rain getting heavy and heavy. After a while, i told Asu, let's just hit the 'jacuzzi'. The waterfalls was so strong that i made it like a jacuzzi. After 4 hours mandi mandi in the rain, we went home. On the way home, i dropped off Pogi at the train station so he could go for his weekly massage.

Picnic at Sungai Gabai 3 May 2008

Foot scrubbing anyone???

Tomorrow Sunday. No plans yet! Hmmm... what are we gonna do on a Sunday?


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