Saturday, August 30, 2008

Merdeka 2008

Woohoo.... thank god i'm getting better from my 2 months sickness. My voice is slowly coming back especially my falsetto, but am still afraid to sing the high songs. Must wait till fully recovered maa...

Yippee.... thank god, B'Tru Band's 3 months stint at W**** Ar**** Hotel PJ will be ending tonight! 4 more sets to work at W**** and we'll be gone from the 'h**l' ! Ahaks :P

I usually go thru Merdeka Eve as usual like the other days in the year, but somehow this time, we're really looking forward to the day. For the 1st time, we just want to finish the contract asap. Usually we feel a little bit sad leaving the workplace but not this time. W*** is like a place where you don't want to be! There's a lot of hypocrites, lots of topek staffs except for Ramlan and August and Masri, bad Chi**** GROs (not that i'm against any Chi****).

I don't want/like to talk about the place so much. It doesn't do me any good at all. Nada. Nunca.

At the moment i'm busy creating blogs for B'Tru Band. Check for updates of the band. Do also visit

Last but not least, to all Malaysians, Happy Merdeka to y'all. And to all Muslims in Malaysia and around the world, Selamat Berpuasa.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Things happen for a reason

It's been quite a while i didn't write. Since my last post, i've been sick till this morning when i feel a little bit better. For over a month, i've been having sore throat and my voice was terrible. This morning when i woke up, i had nose block. After blowing my nose (just don't imagine what came out!), i felt so much better. I guess all the dry phlegm that was stuck in my throat has come out thru my nose this morning! Maybe the long hours of sleeping helps too...

So much had happened to me lately. The secrets about the car accident to my parents dah bocor last saturday! We had to. (Will post about the accident next time. )

I had stopped my booze drinking since last Friday. Maybe all this while i've been drinking that makes my voice terrible. For the first time in 5 months (since i got miscarried!), i performed very very sober on Friday and Saturday. Drank only water. Hahaha... Pogi was so happy. But i guess it's good too when i drink only water.

Little Guwapo has a new passion with music. I brought him along to practice last week and put him on the drum set and letting him play the drums. He's good, i mean, it's not that hard to hit the drums, but seeing him hitting the snare and the high hat with his left hand, i know that this boy will play an instrument 1 day! But i prefer him playing keyboard or guitar. Less noise.

Ketuk, jangan tak ketuk drum tu!!

Ada rupa Tommy Lee tak??? Hmmm....

I've changed my hair color last month, to purple with highlights. And also bought contact lens aqua and velvet color. Wah wah wah.... glamour ngan kaler aku ni!!! Ahaks.

Wearing velvet color contacts to match my hair!

Today i bought some baju and kasut raya for Little Guwapo. I guess there will be nothing for either Pogi or me cos we don't need any new baju for raya! Last year's baju raya pun pakai sekali jer...

But this year Pogi decided to buy new baju melayu and this year's raya color will be yellow! Chiss... i've no yellow baju kurung that means i've to buy a new one??? I think this year i'll buy blouse only... wear with pants. Modern ma....


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