Thursday, October 10, 2013

Iphone 5S

I bought this (08102013, tuesday) from a reliable phone shop at kota damansara. 

I pre-order for almost 2 weeks from singapore. 

I love it although i haven't tried most of the ios 7 function yet. 

If you feel like buying iphone 5S, dont think and wait. Just buy. 😝

Bought space gray color cos the white is out of stock and the champagne gold is soo damn expensive.

The box.

First picture taken in a dark area. Using the flash tooo bright that i have to turn my face away from the flash. No filter. 

2nd day 
Taking selfies with kyle and albert 😉🐶
No filter.

LE pangit walking back home from nenek's house. No filter.

Selfie again. Please go ahead if you feel like throwing up. No filter.

Berdozen2 filter in this pix. Obviously.

Taking photo of my mr.Pogi. 
No filter. 

So basically you can see that the pic is clear and its super damn fast one to snap picture, you know.

Ok, enuff for now. Will update again. This is just a testing update blog using my iphone 5S. 


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