Thursday, February 25, 2010

surprised visit from Canada

My sister airin were back for holiday 2 weeks ago. They were staying with my other sister and her house is in KL, i barely get to see them. The last time i saw Airin was 3 years ago. Lucky me, i get 2 days off during the weekend, and i think i spent well with them last week.

They’ll be going back to Canada on Sunday (tmrw 21st February). And tonight we’ll be having a bbq farewell party with the whole family!

But i was surprised to see they came last night to visit me at work. The place were crowded. I can see Aidan & Dylan open mouthed thruout the whole time i was on stage. LOL

Most important – i can see they enjoyed the night!

100_2694 Aidan, me, Dylan, Airin, James & Ailin!

100_2695 it was fun fun fun! 100_2696 aidan & dylan took over the stage with their dance moves!100_2697 aidan still malu2 but Dylan hantam aje! 100_2698 never wana get off the stage….100_2699 kecik2 dah ajar gi disko!100_2700 my nephews enjoying themselves!100_2701 mak & anak!100_2702layan nari arrr…

100_2715white shirt + tie from Times Square, Red skirt bought 6 years ago, gloves from i-socks times square, heels from shoezobsession in Sunway Pyramid 100_2724 checking my outfit100_2730 love my shoes!

Another story…..i was so happy when i jalan2 at summit on Thursday and get to buy CSL Silicon Casing in Yellow…. Yeay!

100_2735 my favourite! 100_2736

Now i feel my life is complete! ;P

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

in ‘TWIlight’

I usually read BEFORE going to sleep at night, but with TWILIGHT, i just CAN’T RESIST!  It’s 2:29pm, hubby as usual watching Dyesebel on Astro Prima, but me? I’m in twilight zone!!!!

100_2617  Twilight Zone

100_2619  What more can i say? Chocolate & Twilight… yum yum!

Monday, February 15, 2010

A dash of Edward & Blueberry is good for brain

After pikir punyer pikir punyer pikir, i think Blueberry fruit phone is good for me!

Blueberry Fruits

*picture from internet

Buah blueberry memang bagus untuk otak, tapi im not talking about the fruits. I’m talking about the phone from CSL.

Last week on February 11 (Thursday), i bought a new phone. The model is Blueberry a-9500.


Front view.


Back view.

After so much thinking, my main purpose of using a phone is just the wi-fi. I seldom received any calls or sms.

Blueberry a-9500 is the latest model. The price is RM699 comes with 2G SD Memory Card, 3.2MP Camera, TV, FM Radio, MP3, Bluetooth, WLAN, car charger, handsfree, USB Cable and 1 year warranty.

It comes in Black & Red. I chose Red cos of CNY/VDay. The sales boy saying Red ada ‘ONG’. (I wish phone companies do more Yellow color!)

But i bought 4G SD Memory Card, add RM50 only (normal price RM100).

I’m satisfied with the phone. Never regret not buying Nokia X6 or Blackberry.

And the best part is…. after buying the phone, i used it straight away, carrying the box in a paperbag. Went to eat at Gasoline for lunch. After lunch, i did a little shoe shopping. After 3 hours shoe hunting, i just remembered that i left the phone box at Gasoline Cafe. DANG…. ran to Gasoline, asked the staff, they said they didnt see the paperbag. There goes my charger, handsfree and USB cable. Shoot…. Didnt panicked much sebab lucky the phone is with me.

Went back to CSL, thought of buying a charger, so i told them the long story about me being stupid left the phone box at the cafe and somebody maybe thought they found a brand new handphone and will be dissapointed cos the box dont have handphone but instead just the charger,  luckily the sales boy saying i can use NOKIA charger…. phew…. but for the USB Cable i hafta order cos it’s a new model, they dont have in stock…. shoot!

Well…. after 4 days using the phone, i started to LOVE it!

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I bought the Twilight Series Book. Bought Twilight and New Moon. Hoping Edward Cullen will come into my dreams. Tapi orang lain pulak yang datang dlm mimpi ku…. hahaha…. Takpe malam ni aku tido, aku harap Edward dtg lar dan membecakkan tengok aku! LOL

Twilight n Blueberry





beli handphone merah, malam tu keje pun pakai merah gak!



I’m no businesswoman so i dont need to use a blackberry. And i like to be myself, so i dont see the need to follow other people. ;P



Thursday, February 11, 2010


Doing FINE!

working at Puchong,
i still managed to maintain my weight!

These pictures taken last night before going to work!

Glitter white top - Times Square RM19.90
Black Bubble Skirt - bought 4 years ago at Times Square
Studded Shoes - bought online somewhere (cant remember which blogshop!)

Now let's enjoy two videos of me performing with my band, at Kelab Puchong United.

NO ONE by Alicia Keys, performed by Nina (COVER)
I think the last time i sang this song was a year ago,
and suddenly last night ada request.
Terpaksa la aku menyanyi!

MEET ME HALFWAY & BAD ROMANCE - Performed by Nina (Cover)

So in luv with the shoes i saw at Pyramid...
i wan i wan i wan (bukan Wan Bailon ya!)

PATRON TEQUILA - Paradiso Girls
(i just love when i sing "WHO WANNA GET THROW UP AT?")

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Price for NOKIA X6

I went to digital mall today just to check out the price for the new NOKIA X6 handphone. I've been watching the reviews on youtube and kinda fell in love with the phone. By the way, the price is RM2,300.

And then the chinese man (he's sooooo friendly and knows how to entertain his customer), saw my grinning face when he mentioned the price, he asked me "what's your budget?".... and i said, "budget is not so much of an issue here, but i've lost my phone before, and afraid to lose another expensive one!".... he laughed.

I asked for Blackberry Bold 2, and it's RM2,000. I smiled.

And then he asked me, u want to use handphone for business or entertainment, and i said entertainment, and he strongly suggest to me the NOKIA X6.

He saw i was thinking, and suddenly said, "why don't you try Sony Ericsson Aino?" It's 5MP camera, half touch-screen, slide keypad, 3" screen, wifi, 3G, 8G SD Card, comes with a stand and a bluetooth headset, and it's only RM1,500. And it's white color!

He took out the Aino set, i did a quick demo, and James kept asking me to take the AINO (cos its cheaper!)..... but in my head i still want X6, cos of it's the latest model and also Blackberry, cos everyone's using it!

In the end, i told the guy, i'll have to come back cos i still hafta decide which one i want!

NOW .... BLACKBERRY BOLD 2 at RM2,000 or NOKIA X6 at RM2,300???


p/s - i won't be surprised that out of BB and Nokia, i'll end up getting AINO.... don't wana lose another expensive phone babe....


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