Sunday, February 7, 2010

Price for NOKIA X6

I went to digital mall today just to check out the price for the new NOKIA X6 handphone. I've been watching the reviews on youtube and kinda fell in love with the phone. By the way, the price is RM2,300.

And then the chinese man (he's sooooo friendly and knows how to entertain his customer), saw my grinning face when he mentioned the price, he asked me "what's your budget?".... and i said, "budget is not so much of an issue here, but i've lost my phone before, and afraid to lose another expensive one!".... he laughed.

I asked for Blackberry Bold 2, and it's RM2,000. I smiled.

And then he asked me, u want to use handphone for business or entertainment, and i said entertainment, and he strongly suggest to me the NOKIA X6.

He saw i was thinking, and suddenly said, "why don't you try Sony Ericsson Aino?" It's 5MP camera, half touch-screen, slide keypad, 3" screen, wifi, 3G, 8G SD Card, comes with a stand and a bluetooth headset, and it's only RM1,500. And it's white color!

He took out the Aino set, i did a quick demo, and James kept asking me to take the AINO (cos its cheaper!)..... but in my head i still want X6, cos of it's the latest model and also Blackberry, cos everyone's using it!

In the end, i told the guy, i'll have to come back cos i still hafta decide which one i want!

NOW .... BLACKBERRY BOLD 2 at RM2,000 or NOKIA X6 at RM2,300???


p/s - i won't be surprised that out of BB and Nokia, i'll end up getting AINO.... don't wana lose another expensive phone babe....


farra8979 said...

wah, me want blackberry too.. but still, not enough budget... ^_^

Skutik said...

Hi farra8979....

yes... everyone's using it now... tapi the camera is just 3.2mp compared to Nokia X6 5MP. Me still thinking which one!!! Hehee


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