Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What to wear to the BEACH

Went to Sepang Goldcoast last Sunday, 24th January 2010..... and.....

.....I got a comment on FB that i looked fat when i wear 1 of my favourite short flare dress to the beach. Awww come on! Just because it's comfortable to me, don't say that i'm fat. Some more saying that i looked pregnant (how i wish and wish!)....

To me (not sure about other people), i love to wear colorful dresses when i go to the beach. I think, colors can show part of our personality too. At times, it too can affect our mood! I LOVE YELLOW colour. Cos yellow is bright, it can never fail to brighten up my day (or night)!

Ok back to what to wear to the beach, of course you have to wear the most comfortable outfit you can think of.

For CLOTHES - think of flare and floral or loose and colorful. Think that when you get the sea breeze blowing to you, you'd want to see your clothes moved like crazy! Think that you can easily change to your skimpy swimwear. Or just think that you can easily take off your clothes when you're going for a swim in the sea... something that you just cover yourself with a big bath towel and can easily pull it off! That's what I ALWAYS THINK!

But if you're the daring kinda person, wear short-short hot pants and tiny tank tops (we have a culture here that malays don't exposed to much skin at the beach!).... so i think i'll skip the short2 hot pants & tiny tank tops, hehe...

And just wear a SLIPPER. Rubber slipper. Think of ROXY slippers (for branded). Or any RM2 slippers from the hypermarket. COS you're not gonna use 'em when you stroll along the beach!

Handbags? No need at all. Hide your valuables in the car...

Hats? Optional...

Sunglasses? A must!

Accessories? NO NEED !

Ok... i've made a collection of something you should wear to the beach!

Comfortable Beach
created at

And the following sets ARE NOT to be worn at THE BEACH (maybe the beach club in KL!).....

Yes... it can show my FIGURE but I'll TOTALLY avoid wearing these kind of clothes to the beach (but i'll definitely wear these to the beach club!).... hahaha....

Disco Outfit
created at

I saw some ladies wearing skinny jeans & skimpy tank tops and playing kites on the beach, and hell yeah their figure were voluptuous but i think its nice if they wear that to the mall!

So... that's it!

Now let's see how much i enjoyed going to the beach!

playing kite...

seeing the kite high up in the blue sky!

jumpin jumpin on the beach

the breeze blowing my dress!

not worrying about anything!

enjoying the sunset!

kalau pakai dress like mine, tak kisah pun nak duduk kat mana-mana...
atas pasir, atas batu, atas tembok, dalam air... etc etc


Now tell me, what do you wear when you go to the BEACH? (Not beach club in KL arrrr!)

Feeling Handsome at the moment!

Dan Sebenarnya - YUNA

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