Sunday, November 9, 2014

Walk beside me

Quote of the day ;)

cooking is not my thang, especially on a Sunday 😊

Harini mom is going to Sekinchan with Achik. 

So I invited Asu Dol to go out jalan2 kl nk carik armband for my walk for cure next Sunday. Takkan nk pegang fon je. Leceh. Bila ajak asu, dh tentu, anak2 dia kena tinggal ngan J.

Kalau anak2 dia ada, makanan kena sentiasa ada di rumah. So I pun, Dengan gigih nya, bangun2 terus prepare brg2 nk masak. 

Barang sumer dah ada, so senang je la. Harini pasal budak2 yg nak makan, ai masak makanan tuk budak2 la ya. Sumer tak pedas dan pasti lazat! Hahah masuk bakul angkat sendiri wtf.

So here's the result of wat I cooked today. 

Pic #1
Ayam masak taucu. Kyle and J memang favorite taucu. 

Pic #2
Green beans goreng with minced beef and egg. Selalu I use ikan Bilis, tp Mak lupa beli ikan bilis daaa. 

Pic #3
Fishball soup with cauliflower and baby corns. 

Pic #4
Syukur alhamdulillah after a year tak masak, I still got the skills la. Mmg lazat tp nk tgk I masak lagi, must wait another 1 year lalalalalala wtf. 

I'm still doing my 30 days no nasik challenge. Makanya, kita ratah lauk je la ya. 

Jemput makan you alls. 

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

RETROFEST ASIA 2014, 1 November 2014


Saw the flyers about Retrofest featuring artistes from the 90s, Diana King, Tevin Campbell, Color Me Badd and Firehouse gonna do a concert here in Malaysia. 

Praying really hard that i will get to go.
Was hoping there'd be a contest or something that i can join hoping that i can win tickets but no contest.

Still praying and wishing and dreaming that i get to go!


Still asking around anyone going for the concert.
No one.
Still looking around for any free tickets.



Seri pm me on FB.

"Sar..Diana king tu..tunggu jap ..seri tanya kawan. .ada ticket free lebih tak eh...takut dia dah bagi kat org dah...nanti seri roger"

I replied, of course "NAKKKKKK!"



No roger rabbit from sar (seri and me called each other SAR).
Started to feel helpless.
Knowing i won't be going for the concert.
SAD. Boohoohoo. :'(



PM Sar again. Ask her whether she get any tickets for me or not,
Sar replied - "ADA!"

What? No way.... Told sar it'll the best advance birthday gift to me :)



Confirm got VIP Tickets. Its sar's ticket but she can't go, so she gave it to me. I jumped for joy and then begged J to let me go for the concert. Told him it will be my best advance birthday gift cos the concert is on 1st November 2014.

Started to look for replacement singer.
Calling here and there.
No singers available.
Begged J again to let me go.
He finally found a replacement singer.

At the same time, sar told her friend, Rai (the one having the VIP ticket) to go with me. She said Rai is shy cos she saw me once only and we barely talked. Sar convinced Rai to go with me.



Start watsapping with RAI, getting to know her and found out she's also a December baby.
"Macam mana december baby boleh shy ni?" i asked myself.  Hew hew hew

We arranged where to meet and the time.
Agreed to go to her place at 5pm and then go to the Surf Beach Sunway Lagoon by 6pm.

Pic #1 
The VIP ticket



Rai watsapp me, saying there's a change of plans.
Meet her at her place at 2pm.
She told me, we'll be going to Holiday Inn Glenmarie and there's a surprise.
I was screaming in the car on the way to work. I knew already there'll be meet and greet with the artistes cos Holiday Inn Glenmarie Hotel is one of the sponsors. (check the flyers!)


1st November 2014
10am - went to Kyle's KOKO Karnival at his school. Makan mee hoon soup. Sedap.

11:30am - went back home.

12pm - ready for the day.

1:15pm - leave home to Rai's place.

2:00pm - Reached Rai's place.
In the car, on the way to hotel, we both start chatting, getting to know each other more. Macam blind date gitew. And then she said, 3pm is the meet and greet session. I was nervous and happy.

At the same time, Rai said she has few more VIP tickets. Told me to call my frens, anyone wants to go, meet us at Sunway Hotel. I called my younger sister and she said, pick her up at Subang Komuter Station.

2:45pm - Reached Holiday Inn Glenmarie. Rupanya meet and greet at 3:30pm. So we hang out for coffee and cakes. 

Pic #2 
Ngopi and nge"kek"ing

And then found out Diana King is so tired that she wants to do the meet and greet after the concert. Tak kisah la, mak mana2 pun ok, janji dpt jumpa. 

While Tevin Campbell pulak, missed his flight and he just arrived. Pastu muntah2 plak tu. Supposed to do at the lobby je, but he said please go to his room and meet there. Mak lagi suka. Muahahaha....

4pm - Time to meet Tevin Campbell in his room!

Pic #3
Masuk2 bilik Tevin, dia tengah pakai robe je.

Pic #4
I died.

Pic #5
Ku polok mu erat2 kau.

Pic #6
I love Tevin Campbell's song "I'M READY".
Until now it's in my playlist. 
Always listen to the song everytime i put on my makeup before work.

Pic #7
Ku paksa Tevin sign belakang jaket ku.
Tapi sayang marker pen silver kaler, tak berapa nampak sgt!
Takpe takpe, nnti mak outline kan silver pen tu ngan black sharpies ya.

Lepas dah meet and greet Tevin, we went downstairs back to the lobby again.
Time to meet up with Color Me Badd and Firehouse yawwww.... 


Pic #8

Pic #9
With the people from Malaysia Major Events (the main sponsor).
From L-R - Rai Zo, Alina, Kevin Thornton, Azian, Martin Kember, Thiya, Mark Calderon and me

Pic #10
Color Me Badd and me, omg omg omg <3 p="">
I died.


And then it was time to meet and greet the band FIREHOUSE.

Pic #11
From left to right - Rai Zo, Bill (lead guitar), Alina, Michael (drums), moi, CJ Snare (lead vocals), Azian, Allen (bass) and Thiya.
CJ is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia. So he said, he sure got no problem communicating with the crowd at the concert that night!
Pic #12
SELFWE after meet and greet.
I really really am thankful and grateful to Seri & Rai.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Love the 2 of u... mmmuahhh :*


After meet and greet went to pick up Asu, and then i have a couple more VIP tickets, called mama, ask her to come pick up the tickets at Pyramid Tower lobby cos she and Abg Man got Makna Night Run in Putrajaya.

Pic #13
Masuk Sunway Pyramid, asu and me shared a bowl of Mee Kari at Penang Teochew Chendul. Nallarekek.
Lepas makan, we wait for big momma to pass her tickets.

Pic #14
My access band to the VIP area.

Pic #15
7pm - selfwe in front of the stage.

Pic #16
At first we thought we want to stand here cos can see from the screen also. 
And then Rai said, go to the front. Betul2 kat fence depan stage. Apa lagi, kita enjoyyyyy la.

Pic #17
The Stage

Pic #18
I saw the moon right on top of my head.
Dalam paler nyanyi lagu "talking to the moooooonnnnnn"....

Pic #19
Entertained by DJ Adrian and Double D with some old skool songs you alls.
Terasa mcm berada di piccadilly la pulak :D

1st NOVEMBER 2014

Pic #20
They start the concert with "All For Love"...

Pic #21
I can't believe myself that i am actually at the concert watching these guys perform live.
omg omg omg

Pic #22
I am sooooo happy!

Pic #23
Really enjoyed myself.


Pic #24
Firehouse came out belting all the rock songs right after Color Me Badd perform.
Bdk2 lain sumer tercengang, tapi aku ngan mamat cina sebelah aku je layan rock. 

Pic #25
Mandi peluh tak hengat ko.
Dah la panas, pastu berdiri atas pasir yang tak rata plak tu.
Confirm the next day sakit kaki ni.

Pic #26
Kami yang menggila tengok concert wooohooo

p/s - as a singer performer myself, everytime i see my guests muka masam or macam malas nak layan band, i get pissed off. To me, if you wana show that kind of face, you better go fuck off. Performing is not an easy job. You get your energy from the people who enjoyed watching you perform.

So when Firehouse band came out, i know a lot of them don't really know their songs. I admit myself i only know "I live my life for you". But i always show support, showing that i enjoyed their songs (even though i dont know), put a smile on my face, cos i appreciate what the band is doing for their fans.

I was so angry there are a some girls at the front , showing their sour face (macam kena period gitew), pastu bila aku jerit je, pompuan tu pandang aku. Bila aku tepuk tangan, dia pandang aku, bila aku lompat, dia pandang aku, the fuck?  Siap cover2 telinga. Pukimak, ko tak nak dengar aku jerit, tapi ko dok depan speaker, boleh lak tahan? Babi. Pastu kalau ko tak tau nak layan Firehouse, ko blah la. Mcm chee-bye. I saw how CJ was looking at them and they are showing their sour face, i feel you bro CJ. 

Pastu yang aku ngan asu nak tergelak, time Firehouse tengah nyanyi, da gurls boleh google Color Me Badd, Diana King gitew. WATAFAK!

Malu sehhhh.... 

Dah dah, inhale exhale....

After Firehouse finished their performance, DJ Adrian came out again with Double D, spinning some old school songs again. Siap ada lagu KRU Awas and Nico Inilah Nasibku. Best best.


About 30 minutes DJ spin, time for Ms King to come out.
Pic #27
Diana King is still awesome, the best, all her songs was arrrrghhhhh.... bring back sweet memories in the 90s.

I was sweating more and more from dancing and screaming and singing along. 
It was the bomb.

Pic #28
Backstage with Rai Zo.
Diana King just finished singing.
Time to meet her.

Pic #29
Still waiting.

Pic #30
Saw Eidelin.

Pic #31
And also Julini from Concorde Hotel KL.

Pic #32
Selfwe with Eidelin & Julini while waiting to meet Diana King.

Pic #33
Selfwe with Rai & Diana King
Omg omg omg
I died.
Mama finished her nite run and straight came to the concert with Abg Rahman.
She managed to catch a few songs from Diana King. 

So after Diana King finished, DJ Jakeman came out to spin songs from the 90s.
Dancing dancing with Mama and Asu and Rai before Tevin Campbell came out.

Pic #34
Mama with her running attire plus her finisher's medal.
She said that's her accessories.

Pic #35
Rai nari sorang2 di tepi nun....

Pic #36

Pic #37
And finally Tevin Campbell came out belting all his soulful renditions.

Pic #38
Tadi kat hotel dah selfie ngan Tevin, still x cukup lagi ke nina oi?

Pic #39
I love all Tevin Campbell's song.
Becakkkkkk... hahaha

2 November 2014

Concert finished. Tevin Campbell did an encore.

It was the best concert ever.
The best night ever.

Again, thank you so much to Rai and Seri, for giving me and my sisters the best night in 2014!


Few #tips on what to wear when you go to concerts.

1. Comfortable clothing especially your shoes. Please don't wear high heels. I stand for 4 hours during the concert.
2. Pants with lots of pockets.
3. Bring powerbank to charge your fon battery.
4. Drink lots of water.
5. Sling bag (in our case, we are at the front, so we put our bags down at the fence).
6. Eat before concert.
7. Go toilet before concert. 
8. Face towel to wipe off all your sweats. 
9. No makeup or false eye lashes. If wana use makeup, use a waterproof cosmetics. Splashes and Looks by AF Sisters has a wide range of waterproof cosmetics. Check it out.
10. Raincoat (just in case if its raining if the concert venue is an open air)
11. And if you want to be noticed by the artistes performing, wear striking fluorescent top! Bright colors especially Yellow. They will surely noticed you! Lalalalala....

Hope the tips are helpful.... cos my mistakes is i forgot to bring face towel. So i wiped my sweats with my jacket :P


Note to self :


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