Friday, February 22, 2008

Rolling Stones

Something i discovered on Facebook applications. You can put your pictures on the covers of some major magazines eg. People, Times, Vogue etc etc etc.

And i chose Rolling Stones.

It's not real but i love it!

Since i had my miscarriage last Sunday evening, my daily lives back to normal. No more lethargic, no more stupidness, no more forgetting minds, no more taking 'asam boi', no more makan as if there's no tomorrow.... heheheh....

Working time is great now. I started to sweat a lot (cos dancing and jumping a lot!). During pregnant, can't dance so much! I felt great and energetic now. Loving it!

Little Guapo's birthday is very very near and we still don't know where to do his party. Hmmm... just play by ear lar.

Daytime has been busy taking care of Little Guapo. He's getting very naughty now. Twice a week we still do practices in Holiday Villa.

This weekend Pogi has coaching for the commercial shooting in Shah Alam. So i guess this weekend is a stay at home weekend again for Little Guapo and me.

Boring ae......

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Little Guapo's birthday!

My son, Little Guapo will be turning 2 years old on 7th March 2008. Pogi and I had planned to do his 2nd birthday party. 1st plan was to call caterer and do it in Aman Suria but then i changed my mind cos like last year we did his 1st party, it was Sunday and very hot! So this time i still have no idea where to do his bday party. Yesterday alone, my lil sis asked "where are you gonna do the party?". Then at night Nabil plak tanya the same question! Hmmm... now my head betul2 dah pening thinking where's a good place to do his party? I told Big Momma to check out One Utama Kizsport. I told her to check cos she always go to One Utama.

So now the plan for his birthday will be 16th March.

Venue? Still searching.

Do you have any suggestions?

Monday, February 18, 2008

9 Weeks and 3 Days..... Sob sob....

I was supposed to be pregnant exactly 9 weeks on Friday 15 February 2008.

Yup... I WAS.

And on that Friday, i had bleeding. Quite heavy. I started to be worried. I asked some experienced people whether is it normal to have blood flowing, and some responded it's normal but still i've to check with the doctor just to make sure that the fetus got heartbeat!

Well... Friday night i still go to work as usual. Many people and i felt tired. Blood still come out heavy.

So on Saturday afternoon, i went to Dr. Hardeep to check. Too bad, he can't checked me, he's not a gynae and he referred me to another doctor. It's somewhere in Subang Permai. I could not go cos Pogi had a call to go casting for Celcom Executive Plan commercial and he's supposed to be at the casting agency from 12-3pm. So i skipped my plan to go to the doctor. Told Pogi we go on Sunday.

Saturday night, i'm supposed to have rest. Total rest in bed, but i decided to go to work. We overnight at the hotel, and on Sunday morning, woke up and went to the clinic nearby Aman Suria.

Had a stomach scan, the doc said it's not very clear so i had to do vagina scan. When the doc did the vagina scan, everything was clear. The fetus was still in the womb, but doc said no movement! Also no heartbeat. At that moment i knew that i've had miscarriage. The doc said according to the scan, i am pregnant 9 weeks 3 days and the baby was 8 weeks 3 days. Meaning, the fetus has been dead for about a week! And finally the doc said "sorry to gave you bad news that you've lost the baby!" Tears slowly came out....

So the doc said just wait for the whole thing to come out by itself. Usually it will come out in 3 days!

So in the evening, i went to Pyramid. Then went to Madam Lim's near Giant Mall. There, i felt the pain! I knew it's coming out. The pain was terrible. Twice the period pain!

After dinner we went home to Aman, watched the Lion Dance show at Aman Suria, and then before going home to Bayu, i went to the toilet and i'm not gonna tell the rest of the story.


Monday, February 4, 2008

8 weeks

I'm just too lazy to write anything nowadays.

Reason? Because i'm pregnant! Yup, and now i'm almost 8 weeks already. This second pregnancy for me is totally different from the 1st one. I'm more lazy (super super lazy), always wanna take a nap, kinda stupid at times and forgetful. Yes, i've noticed these 4 characters in me now. When not working, i always find time to take a short nap, but working time, hmmm... i'm always yawning and felt tired! Compared to my 1st pregnancy, i was more active and always on the move. But now, malas malas malas je. And stupid? I don't know where that came from. There are times i acted and talk stupidly! Bodoh kan? Entah lar.

We're now working in Lavida Lounge, Holiday Villa Subang. Its great. We're playing live drums and guitar now. But the sound was not up to our standard yet! Yes, i can say that because before we came in, the previous band played with some stupid sound system and they didn't even bother about it. I believe that a band can deliver their best if the sound system is good. Dah lar my voice ala-ala suara katak sikit, so with good sound bole lar jadi suara lembu plak! Ngahahaha....

Today we're doing soundcheck again.


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