Monday, February 4, 2008

8 weeks

I'm just too lazy to write anything nowadays.

Reason? Because i'm pregnant! Yup, and now i'm almost 8 weeks already. This second pregnancy for me is totally different from the 1st one. I'm more lazy (super super lazy), always wanna take a nap, kinda stupid at times and forgetful. Yes, i've noticed these 4 characters in me now. When not working, i always find time to take a short nap, but working time, hmmm... i'm always yawning and felt tired! Compared to my 1st pregnancy, i was more active and always on the move. But now, malas malas malas je. And stupid? I don't know where that came from. There are times i acted and talk stupidly! Bodoh kan? Entah lar.

We're now working in Lavida Lounge, Holiday Villa Subang. Its great. We're playing live drums and guitar now. But the sound was not up to our standard yet! Yes, i can say that because before we came in, the previous band played with some stupid sound system and they didn't even bother about it. I believe that a band can deliver their best if the sound system is good. Dah lar my voice ala-ala suara katak sikit, so with good sound bole lar jadi suara lembu plak! Ngahahaha....

Today we're doing soundcheck again.

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