Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pierce again!

Nothing much happens in Lakeview Club Subang nowadays. The staff said the crowd is building up compared to before. We're still adjusting ourselves to the sound in the club. Today pulak i had cough and colds. Seri and me was talking about how bad it was for Seri to had cough and colds for the past 3 weeks, and then suddenly i had coughing. Cissss....

On Sunday, after the last post i posted in my blog, we went to Sunway Pyramid. Pogi wanted to eat Japanese food, and i'm supposed to meet up with GG Angsa Bar in Sungei Wang (she's supposed to do my piercing!), but last minute we changed plans. Too lazy to go to KL. I know in Pyramid got piercing place also. Quite cheap too.

We ended up in Sunway Pyramid (again). Now everytime our off day we're sure gonna be in Pyramid. Dulu we always go to One Utama, but since Pyramid opened the new wing and there's Jusco, hmmm... much much better than One Utama. Parking space pun very many!

We reached Pyramid at 7pm. Headed straight to the piercing shop. Bila sampai at the shop, suddenly my heart beats very very super fast! Yes, i've done a lot of piercings before but everytime i wanna do a new piercing, the "takut" always there! Hmmm... i was just standing in front of the shop and suddenly Pogi went straight in and enquire about the piercing. Ciss... tak sempat la nak chicken out! So i can't back out anymore, went in, ask a few questions about piercings from the girl, then i did it! I saw the needle was so big (the upper lips piercing i did in Sungei Wang was with a small needle!). After 5 minutes sitting down, after she sterilised the equipment and the stud, she asked me to close my eyes, and voila.... done!

Slowly i started to feel the pain! But not as painful as the upper lips piercing. Right after paying everything, we went to makan. Stupid me doing the piercing 1st, i can't eat egg and seafood. I went to order Chicken Katsu (japanese food) containing rice, chicken and egg! Hahaha... bodoh aku. Luckily i remembered that i have to pantang makan egg! So in the end i tapau my food. Before going home, i tapau Subway sandwich. Yummy.


gunjai said...

hello cayang stop your cucuk2 la you are already lawaaaaa la.u cucuk2 make me sad la.uhuk uhuk 5x.pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee stop.

Michelle Moe said...

Haii..may I know whats the name of the pierce studio???? And how much the price..I rencana nak buat dimple pierce..


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