Sunday, October 7, 2007

Angsa Bar

We started working on the 1st of October in Kelab Shah Alam, Angsa Bar. It's a nice pub. Big, wide with dance floor. But i hate the crowd. The 'so-called-regulars'. They are all bullshit. They all "giler glamor". And most of them are "Kap-Lam-Ya-Nga"!!!!

The work is easy. Per night i sang 6 to 7songs only. 3 sets of 45 minutes on weekdays and 4 sets on Friday and Saturday. Everyday we start at 9pm, Monday to Saturday.

1st night workin at Angsa Bar, Marissa & Suhaimi came to support. 2nd night, Kat & Albert came. Then, Mama & Bill. Friday, Kat & See Moi. Saturday, Lim & Audrey & Kenny & Cecilia.

The staffs always request for Malay songs, dangdut, R&B. But the 'so-called-regulars' are all OLD people and as expected, they don't know the R&B songs we sang. They requested for Lionel Richie and
yang sewaktu dengannya.

We are slowly2 adapting ourselves to the place. Totally different from Concorde or Tropicana. Sometimes i felt i wanna scream and throw the mic to the bullshit crowd!!!

Since we start work again,
little guapo is back to sleeping over with nenek and atok. And my days is back with busy practicing songs.

Raya we have to work. We only get off day on Sunday. There will be a Raya Open House at Angsa Bar on 26th October 2007 at 9pm (got makan2 and show by Abg Ghani Botak). And there will be a Halloween Costume Party on 31st October 2007. I have prepared my costumes. I've decided to dressed like Josie and the Pussycats. Purrrr.....fect kitty.

little guapo had a fever. But luckily today he's feeling better and more naughty. We had our buka puasa in Hotel GoldCourse in Klang. Food was not enuff. The people took all the food at 1 time and finish all the food. By the time i wanna take another food, it's finished. Stupid.

Now i feel very tired and sleepy. G'nyt.


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