Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hot and Cold - Katy Perry

Everywhere now i heard that most of the people are sick (Even some of my relatives in Philippines!).

They blamed the weather which is very very hot (sure my electric bill naik gila-gila sebab siang hari pun asyik pakai air-cond jer!). And when it's raining, mcm hujan "segan nk singgah lama-lama". So just imagined the heat from the road bila dh panas super super tetiba hujan sekejap bagi basah jalan sikit jer... so haba from the road naik ke udara dan makes it more PANAS!!! fuyoooh....

It's hard to explain but because of the weather, most of my friend's children sakit. That includes my precious Lil Guwapo! He has been having colds since over a month already. Walaupun dh bagi ubat, the colds come and go. Until last Thursday night, when we came home from work, Mummy (who is his nanny grandma) told us that Lil Guwapo's body temperature very very HOT! BURNING HOT!!!.... serious.... but i didn't worry much because even though his temperature is considered having high fever, amazingly dia tak merengek or monyok (bad mood). Instead he's happily playing his bicycle or playing with his Albert at 1:30 in the morning (maybe because dia dah tidoq from 10:00pm to 1:00am, tu pasal lar dia berjaga malam tu!). After 2 hours playing-playing, i hafta force him to sleep. So the next day when he woke up, he was fine! No fever, still having colds, additional coughing pulak.

Yg pelik nya, daytime, he's doing fine. When night time comes (time-time i nk gi keje), Lil Guwapo's temperature starts to become panas. Hmmm... During daytime, we saw he's ok, that's why we didn't bring him to the clinic, so when on Friday night (2 nights in a row), Lil Guwapo's having fever, i decided to bring him to the doctor the next day. Tapi yg best nya, walaupun dia demam panas, tapi he still can play-play with his toys and talking nonsense to me (always in happy mood)... 

2 nights still the same, on Saturday, during the day, again Lil Guwapo's fine. We gave him Panadol syrup and we bought a cough & colds medicine from our favourite pharmacist. Gave him the medicine, thank God, on Saturday night, he's fine - no more fever, except for coughing jer.... 

Until today, he's getting better and better. He sleeps a lot (maybe from the medicine). One thing i noticed that he loves talking. And whatever word i teach him, he said it very clear and fast!

Maybe dia demam nk bercakap fluently kot???
He's turning 3 soon! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

lain yg di cari, lain yg aku beli....


i was looking for this ring that can transform into 2 and can make it into a chain! really nice thing to wear to work.... tapi cari punya cari punya cari, tak jumpa2 gak...

2 weeks dah aku cari benda tu... 1st at Amcorp Mall Buzz-R. Masa kt Amcorp tu (went there with Mum & Lil Guwapo), we were there even before 11:30am. Maybe because we were so early, the booth yg jual necklace tu tak dibuka lagi....

in the end, we end up makan nasik daun pisang Kanna in SS2.

so last weekend, i heard that Bijou Bazaar gonna be at SOHO KL (1st time pi kt Soho, 3 weeks ago after makan rojak tepi jalan kt Tmn Tun and then suddenly Big Momma said she wants to show me where her house-to-be!!!)

these pictures taken 3 weeks ago!!!
layan rojak tepi jalan kt Taman Tun...
mum dah habish belasah rojak, 
then belasah cendol + pulut plak!
big momma's idea to makan rojak tepi jalan!!!
rasanya - ok jer...
 takde ler hebat cam Rojak Khaleel kt penang tu!!! huhuhu

i was excited to know that the ones selling the necklace will be at Bijou Bazaar in Soho. memula tu rasa cam malas nk pegi. biasalah kalau hujung minggu sure crowded nyer. 

so pagi ahad lepas, asu doL (she was staying over at my house again for the weekends!) and me plus the kids (Pogi didn't come along... he prefer to stay at home!), we went to Mummy's house in the morning. Big Momma Ilene (BMI) went to Bali from 11th-14th Feb (with bf) so Asu and me were so excited to see what BMI bought for us!

sampai-sampai jer, BMI brought down 1 bag plastic.... then she started sorting out all the stuffs to be given, t-shirts for Pogi & Lil Guwapo & Eddie, tube blouse for Asu DoL and me, blouse for Mum, chocolates for Dad, more bajus for Ashraf & Sofia, then a keychain (bentuk 'utin') for Sam, 3 fridge magnets for me + a big ring and 2 bangles. Cunnnnnnnn....

after sorting out the stuffs, Asu and me decided to go Soho KL to check out the bazaar! so we left the house at 3pm.

surprisingly it wasn't that crowded. parking was eezy-breezy (parking basement RM1 on sunday).

ronda-punyer-ronda-punyer-ronda, the thing that i want still takde!!! haiya!

tapi i found this one leopard print blouse (i have 2 leopard blouse but only 1 can use sebab the other one makes me look like pregnant ;D)

tried (main sarung jer!) and i love it. A bit pricey for a cotton blouse yg i think i can do myself cuma malas jer... it's RM39 but i bargain *wink wink* i get it for RM37.

lepas dah 2 round pusing-pusing kt bazaar tu, it's picture time plak.

asu doL with BMI's house-to-be in the background!

BMI's house is the penthouse!

panas panas panas

taking breezy walk

dah puas bergambar, jalan2 lagi tapi still tak jumpa gak the necklace ring!!! haiya!!!

dah penat, kitorang pun pulang back to Mummy's house.

petang bebudak mandi outside in the yard!!!

abang Eddie kena jadi 'JAGA'

after the puas mandi-mandi, we went home and took pictures with the new tube blouse that BMI bought for us!!!

gambar blur disengajakan!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

hari-hari pun boleh lovey-dovey

Every year, bila dtg jer Hari Valentine, kebanyakan couple-couple will look forward for the day.

tapi me? do i look forward for the day that people said the most romantic day of the year? NOPE!!!

since Valentine's Day for me is just like any other day, so nothing much that i can say here.... :P

Pogi knew me so well that he never planned anything for me too! Although several times he asked me what's my plan, tp i said nothing! 

i told him kalau he still wants to buy me things, i don't want flowers or any expensive things. In the end he gave me a box of chocolate (the day before he gave me the chocolate, he baru complaint kata i very gemuk and in the end he gave me chocolates! %^&*())&*$##@)_+*&^%$#@$#$%^&*(*&^%$#@$%^&*()&^%$#) 

i took 1 piece of the chocolate, tasted it and it's very sweet!

but i didn't gave him anything!!! hahahaha.... 

u wanna call me not-a-loving-person? go ahead... 

i know how to show my love. 

I don't need to wait once a year to show my love! :)

more of us before PGLM 3

Kalau tak kerana aku ada function lepas tengok PGLM 3, jangan harap lar aku nk mekap tebal-tebal.... 

sambungan cerita earlier post - basically more pictures jer....

mummy laila & skutik at the entrance of Istana Budaya

very excited...
apa taknya, ticket disponsor oleh Big Momma Ilene!!!

Big Momma Ilene, the sponsor!!!
thank u thank u thank u!!!

with mum who is so shy to take picture!!

the best first theater musical i've watched!
even though some singing parts ada yg pitching lari, but overall ok!!!

waiting waiting waiting to go in !!!

very crowded!
(arrrghhh... my face macam tepong gomak jer)

seated and still waiting

look look look!!!

best best best!
those who've watched the PGLM 3, will surely agree with me!
kalau belum pi tengok, better go quick quick quick before 21 February 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Puteri Gunung Ledang Musical 3

On CNY eve (the scene was at The Curve while deciding where to have dinner at 5pm!), my sister, Mama, told me not to do anything on Sunday 8 February afternoon. She told me, her bf, Bill is giving us a surprise!

And i really was SURPRISED when Mama showed me the tickets to watch Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical Season 3 in Istana Budaya!

At first i thought the tickets are for her and her bf, Bill... and i was excited to see the tickets. Konon-konon dapat tengok ticket pun jadik ler....

Tetiba... jeng jeng jeng, Mama said, one of the tickets is for me!!!! ME!!! I-CAN-NOT-BELIEVE-IT!

BILL bought us the tickets man!!! And it's RM233 punyer ticket (according to him yg murah-murah nyer ticket sudah sold out!)


Ticket close up!

Ada 3 tickets Bill bought. One for his dahling, and his dahling invited me and the other one, she invited Mummy tercinta!

For 2 weeks i waited patiently for the day to come. Came friday 6 February 2009, Pogi got a call from one of the guests from Tropicana asking us to play at his bungalow house for a CNY open house function on the same day that i'm supposed to watch PGLM, at 7:30pm.

a big SHOOT....

I wanna attend both functions (PGLM & CNY Open House)... so i started to ask around about the  musical duration show! Some said 1 1/2 hours, some said 2 1/2 hours and some even said 3 1/2 hours. After calculating my time, ada ketikanya, i feel i wanna give up my ticket to watch PGLM... tapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.......

i asked again! 

Thanks to Gjie, after explaining my situation to her, she guaranteed me, i will make it on time for my function (mcm guarantor plak!). She said i have to leave Istana Budaya by 6:30pm! 

Seri pulak suggested to me, to wear make-up and go to PGLM so that by the time i come home for the function, i don't need to rush putting on make up!!! Hmmm... good idea. Why i never thought of that!

So Sunday came. Cooked lunch for Pogi (he has to babysit Lil Guwapo!!!). And the three of us, Mama, Mummy and Me went out at 2pm. 15 minutes later, reached IB and parked on the VIP spot (right in front of the entrance!).

It was my first time to watch a musical theater. Really got no idea how it'll be (mcm jakun sat!). It was also my first time to step in Istana Budaya (IB).  I think it was Mummy's first experience to watch musical theater too!

Once we were at the foyer of IB, we took pictures. Lots of pictures but it's all in Mama's camera so i couldn't upload it here yet (soon!).

There were people selling souvenirs of PGLM 3. There's T-Shirts, Mugs, Programme Book etc etc etc.

I wasn't interested to buy any souvenir at first, but when Mama insisted on buying the round-neck t-shirt, i felt i should buy one too. Hey come on, it's my 1st ever musical theater i watch ok ;P

The t-shirt is RM30. Only got black and white. I took the black color. Cotton. Nipis. Haven't got the chance to wear it yet. Maybe this weekend :)

PGLM T-Shirt (Front)

PGLM T-Shirt (Back)

So after buying the t-shirts, more picture taking!!!

with my beloved eldest sista, MAMA ILENE

dengan ibu tercinta, MUMMY LAILA
(noticed me with the thick make-up? 
that's gonna be my make-up for the function too!)

Lepas tunggu, lepak, amik gambar sampai cair make-up kt foyer IB, suddenly ada announcement call for seating. The show supposed to start at 3pm (according to the tickets), but announcement tu pukul 2:55pm. I was excited and at the same time hoping i'll make it on time for my function at 7:30pm.....

So once seated (we sat kt bawah, a few rows from the entrance on the right), it was 3pm sharp. Dang... i thought theater supposed to start on time!!! 

sitting in the theater

After a few announcements of the sponsors bla bla bla.... sharp 3:20pm, the show started!

after 1 hour 10 minutes, it was time for a 20 minutes break.

At 4:45 we went back in, and at 5pm sharp, it's time for part II pulak. By this time, i kept looking at my watch. Almost every 10 minutes. And i was really-really hoping the show went smooth (cos there was some technical problems in the previous shows)... but at 5:30pm, there was this scene where all the nenek2 kebayan was screaming for the puteri to come out but the puteri still didn't come out... then there was an announcement ada sikit technical problem.... curtain close and after 5 minutes (nasib baik 5 minutes jer!!!), the curtain opens again and the nenek2 kebayan start screaming again.... rupanya 'kain putih' props tu tak nak jatuh from the top of the mountain (konon-konon waterfalls lar).

After that the show went well, sharp 6:05pm, PGLM finished. I gave (including everybody else) a standing ovation.... they were all great, awesome!!! I gave them 6 thumbs up (just imagine 3 of me standing in a row with my thumbs up, hahahah)....

Supposed after the show, ada meet the artiste and signing sessions... but sorry lar, i've to rush back home!!!

Sharp 6:15pm, i drove mcm F1... macam jer... 

Reached home 6:45pm, and Pogi and Lil Guwapo takde kt rumah... aiks... rupa-rupanya they are still at the function house to buat soundcheck. I rested for a while. 

When Pogi came home at 7pm, he said the function starts at 8:30pm plak... phew... dah lar aku rushing macam org gila nk balik umah.... it's ok lar, at least got extra time to rest...

At 7:45 we went in one car (Seri and Andy all gather at my house!).

It was a big function attended by Tourism Minister, Dato' Seri Azalina Othman, few well known artistes - Hunny Madu (the FlyFM DJ), Ash Nair (Malaysian Idol) and Vanessa Chong (Amazing Race 2).

Saw our favourite guests when we were in Concorde last time, MARIAM too!

Skutik, Pogi & Mariam

Skutik, Pogi, Dato' Seri Azalina and Seri
(err ini Seri Bubble Gum ya not Dato' Seri or Puan Seri!!!!) hahahaha

It was the most tiring function cos we played non-stop for more than 1 hour. Break 15 minutes then play again for another hour!!! GILOS....

after the function finished, we belasah the leftovers!!! hahahaha... sedap jer!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

One (1), Two (2), Three!

Lil Guwapo gonna be 3 years old next month... ye'ay!

At the moment, Pogi and I have been discussing what to do for his birthday. Lil Guwapo's birthday falls on Saturday, and since we will be working on Saturday, we decided to do any party or dinner (which ever we decide to do) the following day!

a little update on my precious lil guwapo :-
  1. still don't speak fluently yet
  2. favourite word - NO and OWH NO !
  3. owh ya... another favourite word is KITE
  4. love watching Little Einsteins on Playhouse Disney Channel every 10:30 in the morning 
  5. and loves watching Tom & Jerry on Cartoon Network everyday at 6:30pm
  6. loves cleaning the house (can't see the broom or the mop). Pernah 1 time pegi Tesco, he saw the broom, crying for it. So i gave him the broom and he was so happy he cleaned the floor of Tesco!!! sampaikan celah2 aisle pun dia sapu! Belasah jer la sayang oi!
  7. potty training in progress (tapi masih lagi poo-poo hiding bawah meja makan or celah2 sofa)
  8. memandangkan still potty training, he's still using diaper (haiya, cepat lar sikit belajar poo-poo sayang wei, tak yah lar mama beli diaper lagi!)
  9. still drinking Dutch Lady 123 milk in bottle
  10. love to eat bread and Lady's Choice Peanut Butter & Choco
  11. will eat rice ONLY with soup (everyday i kena masak sup, and just imagine he said SOUP SOUP SOUP... soooo cute!)
  12. don't like flavoured drinks except MILO ICE, kalau tak de MILO ICE, ICE WATER jer dia belasah
  13. love taking pictures with mama or papa (mat enter frame!), tapi tak suka amik gambar solo
  14. knows how to operate the DVD player (to watch Little Einstein on DVD plak bila habis kt Playhouse Disney Channel!)
  15. knows how to draw albert (his favourite dog) - check out the picture!
  16. loves taking picture using my Nokia E66 phone - check out the picture again!
  17. every 6pm must do gomoi2 session on my bed (apa itu gomoi2? it's wrestling + kissing + rolling left & right on the bed!!!)

lil guwapo's favourite dish - SOUP!

mat enter frame with Papa

mat enter frame with Mama

can u see ALBERT (his favourite dog?)

Albert & Lil Guwapo watching TV

taking picture of Atok relaxing!

a picture of Nenek watching SPA Q 
(she always curse SPA Q 2  is stupid tv series 
and yet she still hooked on it... hmmm)

I guess itu saje list of updates on my lil guwapo.... :)

lagu celah gigi jer...

I've mastered the song SINGLE LADIES... yippeee.

It's hard though, but after asking for some mercy help from Pogi and Seri, we did it!!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Then there were so many Air Liur in Single Ladies

I've been practicing the song Single Ladies by Beyonce since 1 week ago. So last night i gave it a try singing in public (on stage lar).

LOL.... it was a mess. The song is wayyyyyyyy tooo fast that i didn't have time nk telan ayaq liuq yang terkumpul in my mouth kui kui kui

I ended up mumbling most of the time hahaha

I saw this video of Beyonce practicing the song. No wonder lar dia nyanyi takdak air liuq terkumpul sebab back-up singers dia helped her so much... TAK ACIIIII....  Nampaknya, i've to ask help from Seri & Pogi lorh... hahahaha

But hey, practice makes perfect. So i'm gonna keep on trying again today.

check out more videos from me here.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

KL yg cuti, PJ buat cover charge? What The *TOOT*

Last night when we came back home from work, Pogi invited me to go out! Konon mcm 'dating' lar. I, of course said YES. 

So we planned to go to Borneo Rainforest Sunway, not to have dinner instead we want to go drinking and watch the live band.

I was so excited and looking forward to tonights dating session.

(if its tonight, NOW is already night, 2037hours, and wtf am i doing writing this post when im supposed to be at Borneo!.... )

6 hours earlier.... 

Pogi called one of his friend, a filipino guy, who's working at Borneo, just nak tau if he's working tonight or not. He said YES. And Pogi asked ada cover charge or not? He said YES. And he tried to talked to this particular friend to help bring us in without paying, but he said he can't do that!

I told Pogi, kalau nk kena bayar cover charge RM25 sorang, tak payah lar. Kita dok rumah, layan marathon Prison Break Season 4 lagi besh. 

Jangan plak y'all ingat i ni kedekut nk bayar RM25 sorang semata-mata pasal nak masuk kelab malam. 

Sebab kalau dipikir balik, aku memang dah keje kelab malam. Perempuan kabaret (kalau zaman P.Ramlee dolu2 panggil gelaran pompuan yg keje kelab malam!).

Yang peliknya, esok is KL day (public holiday), tapi kenapa Borneo yg terletak di kawasan PJ tu nk buat cover charge? Tak paham... bak kata Jericho, "depa nk beli ferrari tu pasai depa buat cover charge." Chait....

Jadik, i'm not that excited to go to a club, pay RM25 per pax, which i'm not sure whether i'm gonna be enjoying the night or not (i'm sure i'll enjoy cos i heard the band is good, in fact, the guitarist were my ex-band members).

I feel that if i want to spend quality time (mcm dating lorh), with Pogi, it's nice to just be on our couch at home, cuddled and watch TV (as if... Pogi watching TV? I don't think so lar)...

Itu jer lar... now we're stuck at home.
Pogi is stuck with his YouTube.com
Lil Guwapo watching his Little Einstein DVD.
And me? 
After this post, i'll make myself a toasted smoked chicken sandwich, dok depan tv, layan Little Einstein with Lil Guwapo!


sungguh aku tak reti masak...

Yeah right!

Tipu lar kalau aku kata aku tak tau masak (tau tapi tak lar terer!!!)

It's been a month since my maid left us! And since then, i've to cook for the family. 

To be honest, i memang tak terer masak (tak percaya pi tanya mak mertua aku, 2 minggu stayed with them, 1 hari pun aku tak pernah masak... adakah aku akan dipanggil menantu jahat? i was on holiday!!! cewah....)

Tapi aku akan jadi terer, kurang lebih macam chef jamie oliver, kalau aku google recipe online! Hahaha...

And i always google for recipes yg senang dimasak. Bukannya malas tapi kengkadang barang2 yg diperlukan tak ada, so kena lar cari recipe yg ingredients nyer memang sentiasa ada dlm dapur rumah aku ni.

So one of my favourite easy dish that i love to cook (my once a week "must-do-dish") is Daging Nasi Kandar.

Yum... the sound of it gerenti akan membuatkan anda terliuq (bak kata org penang!).

Since i have Penang blood runs in me (mummy org penang), i guess that's why i love this lauk. Amazingly, my hubby yg tak makan pedas pun suka jugak... BAPAK SUKAAAA.

This recipe was given to me by my co-singer, Seri (nope, i didn't google this recipe).  She cooked the dish last year when we went to her house for her daughter's birthday. First time Pogi and I tried, we loved it. So Lita (my ex-maid), asked for the recipe.

So here are the recipes (terpaksa abadikan recipe ni dlm my blog sebab byk kali dah aku kena selongkar peti besi resepi ku!)


Bahan-bahannya / Ingredients

600gm daging lembu (dipotong 2 inci)
300gm bawang besar (dipotong bulat)
2 sudu besar serbuk cili
4 sudu besar serbuk ketumbar
4 batang serai
2 or 3 asam keping
1 cawan minyak
2 mangkuk air
sedikit daun kari
sedikit kicap manis (sikit jer)
1 sudu kecil serbuk jintan manis
1 sudu kecil serbuk jintan putih

bahan2 berikut untuk diblend or ditumbuk (tp i masak masuk jer macam tu, takde blend-blend!)
1 inci kulit kayu manis
3 kuntum buah pelaga
3 kuntum bunga cengkih


campur sumer bahan diatas (of course you start with the oil first!), yes Asu, you have to start with the oil first. Percaya lar cakap aku. Cuba ko masak, ko masuk minyak tu last sekali... Hampeh jadinya nnti.

dah campur sumer bahan-bahan, masak hingga pekat dan naik minyak dan mendidih.

Very easy.

Jangan ragu-ragu.  Just campurkan sumer bahan2 dalam kuali anda. 

Sedap... sebijik cam rasa lauk kedai mamak nasik kandaq (kalau hang tengok gambaq memang nampak tak sedap.... tapi yummylicious!)

Owh... and dalam gambaq tu nampak cam isi ayam kan? Which is YES.... I mixed sikit isi ayam sebab daging tak cukup banyak hahahah... and i masak lauk ni selalu takde serai dan daun kari. Selalu lupa nk beli :)

Bila dh masak walaupun tak cukup ingredients, sedap gak.
And i pun slalu masak ikut sukati byk mana daging nk taruk. Kalau ramai nk makan, lebih kan daging. Kalau dah lebih daging, bahan2 yg lain tu pun taruk lar lebih sikit!!! 

Since i started cooking, i slalu experiment. Kalau tak cuba, kita tak tau.

So try it!


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