Monday, February 16, 2009

hari-hari pun boleh lovey-dovey

Every year, bila dtg jer Hari Valentine, kebanyakan couple-couple will look forward for the day.

tapi me? do i look forward for the day that people said the most romantic day of the year? NOPE!!!

since Valentine's Day for me is just like any other day, so nothing much that i can say here.... :P

Pogi knew me so well that he never planned anything for me too! Although several times he asked me what's my plan, tp i said nothing! 

i told him kalau he still wants to buy me things, i don't want flowers or any expensive things. In the end he gave me a box of chocolate (the day before he gave me the chocolate, he baru complaint kata i very gemuk and in the end he gave me chocolates! %^&*())&*$##@)_+*&^%$#@$#$%^&*(*&^%$#@$%^&*()&^%$#) 

i took 1 piece of the chocolate, tasted it and it's very sweet!

but i didn't gave him anything!!! hahahaha.... 

u wanna call me not-a-loving-person? go ahead... 

i know how to show my love. 

I don't need to wait once a year to show my love! :)

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