Monday, February 16, 2009

more of us before PGLM 3

Kalau tak kerana aku ada function lepas tengok PGLM 3, jangan harap lar aku nk mekap tebal-tebal.... 

sambungan cerita earlier post - basically more pictures jer....

mummy laila & skutik at the entrance of Istana Budaya

very excited...
apa taknya, ticket disponsor oleh Big Momma Ilene!!!

Big Momma Ilene, the sponsor!!!
thank u thank u thank u!!!

with mum who is so shy to take picture!!

the best first theater musical i've watched!
even though some singing parts ada yg pitching lari, but overall ok!!!

waiting waiting waiting to go in !!!

very crowded!
(arrrghhh... my face macam tepong gomak jer)

seated and still waiting

look look look!!!

best best best!
those who've watched the PGLM 3, will surely agree with me!
kalau belum pi tengok, better go quick quick quick before 21 February 2009

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