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Puteri Gunung Ledang Musical 3

On CNY eve (the scene was at The Curve while deciding where to have dinner at 5pm!), my sister, Mama, told me not to do anything on Sunday 8 February afternoon. She told me, her bf, Bill is giving us a surprise!

And i really was SURPRISED when Mama showed me the tickets to watch Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical Season 3 in Istana Budaya!

At first i thought the tickets are for her and her bf, Bill... and i was excited to see the tickets. Konon-konon dapat tengok ticket pun jadik ler....

Tetiba... jeng jeng jeng, Mama said, one of the tickets is for me!!!! ME!!! I-CAN-NOT-BELIEVE-IT!

BILL bought us the tickets man!!! And it's RM233 punyer ticket (according to him yg murah-murah nyer ticket sudah sold out!)


Ticket close up!

Ada 3 tickets Bill bought. One for his dahling, and his dahling invited me and the other one, she invited Mummy tercinta!

For 2 weeks i waited patiently for the day to come. Came friday 6 February 2009, Pogi got a call from one of the guests from Tropicana asking us to play at his bungalow house for a CNY open house function on the same day that i'm supposed to watch PGLM, at 7:30pm.

a big SHOOT....

I wanna attend both functions (PGLM & CNY Open House)... so i started to ask around about the  musical duration show! Some said 1 1/2 hours, some said 2 1/2 hours and some even said 3 1/2 hours. After calculating my time, ada ketikanya, i feel i wanna give up my ticket to watch PGLM... tapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.......

i asked again! 

Thanks to Gjie, after explaining my situation to her, she guaranteed me, i will make it on time for my function (mcm guarantor plak!). She said i have to leave Istana Budaya by 6:30pm! 

Seri pulak suggested to me, to wear make-up and go to PGLM so that by the time i come home for the function, i don't need to rush putting on make up!!! Hmmm... good idea. Why i never thought of that!

So Sunday came. Cooked lunch for Pogi (he has to babysit Lil Guwapo!!!). And the three of us, Mama, Mummy and Me went out at 2pm. 15 minutes later, reached IB and parked on the VIP spot (right in front of the entrance!).

It was my first time to watch a musical theater. Really got no idea how it'll be (mcm jakun sat!). It was also my first time to step in Istana Budaya (IB).  I think it was Mummy's first experience to watch musical theater too!

Once we were at the foyer of IB, we took pictures. Lots of pictures but it's all in Mama's camera so i couldn't upload it here yet (soon!).

There were people selling souvenirs of PGLM 3. There's T-Shirts, Mugs, Programme Book etc etc etc.

I wasn't interested to buy any souvenir at first, but when Mama insisted on buying the round-neck t-shirt, i felt i should buy one too. Hey come on, it's my 1st ever musical theater i watch ok ;P

The t-shirt is RM30. Only got black and white. I took the black color. Cotton. Nipis. Haven't got the chance to wear it yet. Maybe this weekend :)

PGLM T-Shirt (Front)

PGLM T-Shirt (Back)

So after buying the t-shirts, more picture taking!!!

with my beloved eldest sista, MAMA ILENE

dengan ibu tercinta, MUMMY LAILA
(noticed me with the thick make-up? 
that's gonna be my make-up for the function too!)

Lepas tunggu, lepak, amik gambar sampai cair make-up kt foyer IB, suddenly ada announcement call for seating. The show supposed to start at 3pm (according to the tickets), but announcement tu pukul 2:55pm. I was excited and at the same time hoping i'll make it on time for my function at 7:30pm.....

So once seated (we sat kt bawah, a few rows from the entrance on the right), it was 3pm sharp. Dang... i thought theater supposed to start on time!!! 

sitting in the theater

After a few announcements of the sponsors bla bla bla.... sharp 3:20pm, the show started!

after 1 hour 10 minutes, it was time for a 20 minutes break.

At 4:45 we went back in, and at 5pm sharp, it's time for part II pulak. By this time, i kept looking at my watch. Almost every 10 minutes. And i was really-really hoping the show went smooth (cos there was some technical problems in the previous shows)... but at 5:30pm, there was this scene where all the nenek2 kebayan was screaming for the puteri to come out but the puteri still didn't come out... then there was an announcement ada sikit technical problem.... curtain close and after 5 minutes (nasib baik 5 minutes jer!!!), the curtain opens again and the nenek2 kebayan start screaming again.... rupanya 'kain putih' props tu tak nak jatuh from the top of the mountain (konon-konon waterfalls lar).

After that the show went well, sharp 6:05pm, PGLM finished. I gave (including everybody else) a standing ovation.... they were all great, awesome!!! I gave them 6 thumbs up (just imagine 3 of me standing in a row with my thumbs up, hahahah)....

Supposed after the show, ada meet the artiste and signing sessions... but sorry lar, i've to rush back home!!!

Sharp 6:15pm, i drove mcm F1... macam jer... 

Reached home 6:45pm, and Pogi and Lil Guwapo takde kt rumah... aiks... rupa-rupanya they are still at the function house to buat soundcheck. I rested for a while. 

When Pogi came home at 7pm, he said the function starts at 8:30pm plak... phew... dah lar aku rushing macam org gila nk balik umah.... it's ok lar, at least got extra time to rest...

At 7:45 we went in one car (Seri and Andy all gather at my house!).

It was a big function attended by Tourism Minister, Dato' Seri Azalina Othman, few well known artistes - Hunny Madu (the FlyFM DJ), Ash Nair (Malaysian Idol) and Vanessa Chong (Amazing Race 2).

Saw our favourite guests when we were in Concorde last time, MARIAM too!

Skutik, Pogi & Mariam

Skutik, Pogi, Dato' Seri Azalina and Seri
(err ini Seri Bubble Gum ya not Dato' Seri or Puan Seri!!!!) hahahaha

It was the most tiring function cos we played non-stop for more than 1 hour. Break 15 minutes then play again for another hour!!! GILOS....

after the function finished, we belasah the leftovers!!! hahahaha... sedap jer!!

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