Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Ok… Jalan TAR (bukan tar hitam ☻ buat jalan tu ya!), is one of the tourist attraction place in KL. It’s full of colors, culture and as always… full of PEOPLE!

Go on Saturday, there’s pasar malam (night market). It’s usually crowded especially at night (dah nama pun pasar malam… duh!).

I sebenarnya tak berapa minat jalan kat Jalan TAR sebab too kecoh many people tapi since i’ve been doing a lot of DIY thingy, situ lar tempatnyer kalau kita nak membeli barang² DIY.

before going out pose 1st dekat carpark rumah!

Ok… here’s a secret i found out that i’m going to share to you guys if you’re going to Jalan TAR by CAR but don’t know where to park! (i guess no more secret after this lor)

Let’s say you wanna go to SEMUA HOUSE building. Cos that’s the centre to the surrounding areas. But too lazy to go thru the jam just to park your car at Semua House. Some open parking charged RM8 on weekends.

Well… i just found out that U SHOULD PARK YOUR CAR at CAPSQUARE. It’s only RM2. Since not many people know about CAPSQUARE carpark, usually weekends A LOT of empty space. And it’s only RM2!

No hassle to go to Capsquare too.

After parking just cross the road, and ur near to semua house and the surrounding areas.

  following mummy from the back while snapping picture…

100_1499  from t-shirts to…

100_1500  shoes/sandals/slippers to…

100_1501  more shoes and….

100_1502   food stalls….

100_1507  and the famous SOGO shopping complex..

100_1509  special sale for SOGO members on that day! Luckily i’m not a member…

100_1510  the famous nasik kandar opposite SOGO.

100_1512  nasik, ayam kicap, telur dadar & sayur togeh!

100_1514  JALAN TAR is mostly famous for a selection of …..kain ela, kain tudung, kain telekung.

100_1515 Gulati’s, Da Vinci….

  100_1517 100_1518  since i was young till i have a son, outside GLOBE SILK STORE sure ada entertainment by some BLIND PEOPLE… NOT FREE OK… DONATE SOME MONEY PLEASE!!!

100_1520  mummy pilih kain tudung…

100_1523  it’s crowded & panas and my son took my sunglass and wear

100_1524  pretend to be shy konon!

100_1526  too many colors & choices that mummy dono which one to buy!

100_1529  euro moda…

100_1537  the famous Pawagam Coliseum!

100_1538  KAMDAR

100_1540  handbags….

100_1543  GS GILL

  Some of the shops along Jalan TAR!

100_1546  brooch

100_1548  more shoes…

and the only reason i always go to JALAN TAR is to go to BUNGA REBEN SHOP….100_1549   usually these shops are full with stuffs to do crafts or if you’re getting married, macam2 ada kt sini!

going back to where we park our car, CapSquare… u can see KL Tower from the roadside!

  dok minum kopi jap kt Coffee Bean…

  Balik punyer jam, jalan jam dekat depan Maju Junction. Traffic Light HIJAU tapi the bloody bus blocked the way… so how???

from green lights back to red lights the bus didn’t even moved.



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