Saturday, January 31, 2009


This post is dedicated to the late Radin Zaihan also known as Ghani Martopo in the comedy series Santan Berlada which is famous in the 80's on RTM.

I just found out that he had passed away 2 years ago (2007).
Cause of death - he had chronic stomach ulcer.

Why i dedicate this post to him?

He was my brother-in-law.

He got married to my eldest sister, Ilene in *1991. It was a simple small wedding. Had the wedding back in our old house in KELANA JAYA. Even though they got married for a really short time, that is *2 years only, but we were very close to each other (after they got married, he stayed at my parents house).

I remembered scolding him (yup, i scold & scream & teased my bro-in-law), everytime he wakes up, he'll check what's the food on the table. The thing about him is he lovesssssssss sleeping. So basically he always sleep and eat. Work? Yup, he did some work here and there (i was 16 that time and couldn't be bothered!).

I remembered during the ramadhan, we were all preparing for Hari Raya Puasa and my sister was pregnant to Eddie that time, he will sleep and sleep and sleep. We did the house cleaning. He's still sleeping. We changed the curtains. He's still sleeping. We cleaned the house. He's still sleeping.

That's why i scolded him.

It's just because after he married my sister, he's considered the 'other' man in the house. 

Daddy was the 'only' man before Abg Din came into our lives.

We, the daughters, were taught of how to handle things like a man. Daddy never failed to call us and watch him or even taught us of how to saw the plywood, how to put the cement, how to change the tires - that's to name a few of the 'man' thing.

And i don't really know the real reason why they got divorced.
It was right after my nephew, Eddie were born, they *divorced. 

No doubt they looked happy. 
But hey, i was young, single and didn't understand anything about marriage life at that time (both my parents are still happily married for 41 years!)

I remembered him being the joker. He's a comedian actor. A good one. 

I remembered him love to do the 'running man' dance (now known as 'shuffle').

I remembered him working on some music videos for OJA and having my baby sister as the model. In fact, my late auntie and my cousin was also in his video.

I remembered him working on another music video for another band (couldn't remember what's the name of the band) and having my other sister, Airin as the model in the video (adik, ko ingat tak nama group tu???)

I remembered him talking with his 'java' accent, it's too obvious he has the Java blood as you can see his name starts with RADIN.

There's a lot of good and bad memories about him. And i know he was a good person. 

We heard the news about him passed away on the internet a couple of months ago but there was no confirmation until today we heard the news from his youngest brother, Rudi which is also on FACEBOOK.

Sama-samalah kita sedekah Al-Fatihah untuk Radin Zaihan.

*correct me if I'm wrong!

Friday, January 23, 2009

1 thing in common is enuff

i've always watched movies or tv series or even read somewhere somehow that the main reason for 2 people (of the opposite sex) get together because they have "a lot" in common.

Pogi and I have been together since the year 2000.

It's been 9 years we're together (4 years illegal and 5 years legally) and We ONLY have ONE (1) thing in common.

That is music!

The truth is Pogi is totally the opposite of me.
  1. I love to read (anything from novel, Archie comics, newspaper, magazines, leaflets, brochure). He said when he reads, his eyes became teary.
  2. I love to watch TV (seasonal tv series, movie channel, AFC, AXN, cartoons). He prefer his computer more.
  3. I love McDonald's Big Mac and Double Cheeseburger. He hates all the beef from McDonald's (he always ordered McChicken or Bubur Ayam)
  4. I love watching comedy movies (Scary Movie, House Bunny). He loves Chinese kungfu.
  5. I love playing games on PC (The Sims 2) or my PS2 (Grand Theft Auto San Andreas & Need For Speed). He loves to record his singing in his room and upload to YouTube (check out his YouTube channel now - just click here!)
  6. He loves anything that's NOT SPICY (always ketchup or soy sauce kind of cooking). I can't live without spicy food (give me more sambal and cut chillies, yum).
  7. I only eat SPINACH (cos my mom used to tell me when i was young that i could be like POPEYE the sailor man if i eat Spinach). He ates all the veggies in the world (specially pumpkin and kangkung).
  8. I love to go out shopping (malls or flea market). He prefer to stay home and record his singing and upload to YouTube.
  9. I love the beaches (Port Dickson, Penang, Karambunai). He hates the hot sun (6months we worked in Nexus Karambunai in Sabah. Our room were a few steps away from the beach. 6months he didn't even bother to go to the beach!!!)
  10. I love to swim, especially in the afternoon (when the water is warm and nice). He hates the hot sun (i called him Candle Prince - cos he will melt if he goes under the hot sun!).
  11. I have to have my cup of coffee everyday (sometimes i drank 2 cups, 1 black coffee in the morning and 1 kopi kacip fatimah & collagen). He only drinks water.
  12. hmmm... the lists can go on and on and on... but i think i'll stop here. 
So tell me... what do you have in common with your partner??? hmmm?

It's late. 1:24 in the morning. Tomorrow i s Sunday. Resting day. 

Pogi promised to bring the whole family for dinner. I wonder if Madam Lim will be open tomorrow!!!

I'm tired. 

GONG XI FA CAI to all celebrating chinese new year!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Tiada Lagi by Mayang Sari, performed by Nina of B'Tru Band (cover)

we must sing this song almost every night... never missed!

sure got request one!!!

3 of us can sing.. there's amy search version sung by Pogi. Seri can sing this song too!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Low Tide High Tide... The Tide is High!!!

I couldn't remember when was the last time we went for a picnic by the beach. So when i get a call last saturday from my eldest sister, Mama, inviting all of us to go picnic in Port Dickson, how can i resist it? 

Sunday morning, we travelled in 2 cars. I drove Mama's Wish and she took ride with Nabil. Left the house 11:30am. Drove slow and steady. An hour and a half later, we reached the beaches of Port Dickson. Memang cunnnnn gilos. We passed Tanjung Tuan beach. Too many people. Most of them open tent. We drove further up and found a new beach called Pantai Bagan Pinang. Only 1 tent was up. Beach was ok. It was low tide. Kitorang pun decided buat port kt situ. 

Nabil and Mama set up the tent. Siap ada inflatable bed lagi tu. The kids dah tak sabar-sabar nk main pasir. Tapi aku cam biasa, sebelum buat apa2 activity, isi perut dulu dengan acara makan-makan. Mum brought nasi goreng cili api, meehoon goreng and sandwich sardin. Lepas makan-makan, apa tunggu lagi? Main pasir lar....

Lil Guwapo seronok sangat main pasir!!!

It was 2pm when we masuk laut. It was low tide but who cares. 

happy people excited to see the low tide??? duhhh...

posing dulu!

Eddie and Ashraf. 
Ashraf was so scared of the sea at first.
After a while, he enjoyed swimming 
and rasa air masin laut!!! Uwekkk..

asu DOL and me!!!

Berkobar-kobar kami masuk laut.
Kena jalan jauh sikit, sebab air surut... 

After 29 miles walking, kami pun sampai ke destinasi.
Jauh jalan tapi air still sampai lutut jer... 

Nasib baik lar air tak dalam sangat. 
Tak kuasa aku nk menyelam dalam air laut yg masin tak terkata tu!
So kami pun sumer jadik cam badak air jer la, berendam badan jer.

Lil Guwapo banyak kali muntah sebab terminum air masin. 
Kesian anak.

Lepas sejam mandi-mandi, kitorang pun naik ke pantai. The kids main pasir again. 

Pogi sibuk nk buat sand castle.
Asu plak sibuk nk tanam anak pompuan dia.

Lil Guwapo in the tent

Diorang sumer sibuk main pasir, tapi aku sibuk makan lagi (err.. sunday memang hari makan for me). Half an hour later, air mula nak pasang. (naper dolu-dolu kita nyanyi "Air Pasang Pagi, Surut Pukul Lima"? Kt PD air pasang pukul 4petang!) Bila air dah slowly going high tide, we all pun apa lagi, sambung lar berlari-lari kedek-kedek terjun masuk dalam laut. 

And the best part of all masa mandi-manda tu, is when we started jumping in the water (ada lar jugak rasa cam nk tsunami sebab sumer size bulldozer lompat dalam laut!). It was all Mama's idea. She just got a waterproof camera for her birthday last november. Kitorang pun apa lagi, eksperimen amik gambar in the water.

Ni mastermind acara lompat-lompat dalam air.

Lil Guwapo pun sibuk nk lompat.

Asu beriya-iya melompat hah!!!

Ni mcm lemas pun ada.

1.... 2.... 3.... lompat!

At 4:30, tetiba pantai yg senyap sunyi tadi, mula dibanjiri oleh manusia. We continued playing in the water until 5pm. And the police also came gave us warning. Rupa-rupanya pantai bagan pinang tu tak boleh bukak khemah da... Bodos lar. Takde signage, takde warning, tetiba polis tu nk kompaun. Lepas slow talk talk, we tanggalkan d tent, and changed baju (public toilet ada tapi tutup), tak mandi air bersih, kitorang pun blah dari situ. 

sebelum pulang, bergambar kenangan di tepi pantai.

Lil Guwapo with my korean hat.

We headed to Pantai Teluk Kemang. Acara minum-minum teh and kopi. Tapi tetiba sumer order makan. They ordered mee goreng. I ordered burger jer. Malas nk makan mee goreng (tadi dah belasah mum's meehoon goreng and nasi goreng 4 pinggan). When the food came, sumer mengadu tak sedap the food. The drinks pun ntah hapa-hapa rasanya. Bodos. Lapar nyer pasal, habish gak sumer mee. Huhuhu...

nampak pinggan-pinggan mee yg kosong?
walaupun tak sedap, tapi licin.....

Then we singgah d public toilet. Ingatkan nk membersihkan diri sikit lar, dah lar kena bayar 50 sen nak masuk toilet, ramai pulak tu and KOTOR!  Tsk tsk tsk... tak paham apa motif they collect 50 sen per pax and never maintained the toilet clean... wasted.

On the way back to the car, ada lar org jual topi. And i saw the cowboy hat. White color. Normal price RM20 but after bargaining i get it for RM15. Yeehaww!!!

eddie berkata.. "aunty pinjam topi jap ek"...

eddie berkata... 
"wooish, aku rasa terlebih hensem plak pakai topi koboi ni!"

me holding my new cowboy hat.

penat sebenarnya tapi masih tersenyum

Balik we reached home at 8pm. Tired. 

Thursday, January 8, 2009

i love to build house and create a family!!!

I went to digital mall in PJ last Sunday.  Planned only to buy the MP3 FM Modulator. Found and bought it for RM40. 

And even though i already have a 1Gig pen-drive (which i rarely use and bought for RM50 last 2 years), i just can't resist of buying another pen-drive at only RM16 and it's 2Gig. WOW. 


si pangit hidung kemek promote remote ke???

ni budak pangit tgh main-main remote FM Modulator!!!

So i finally got my MP3 modulator. Now i listen to all my song library stored in my pen-drive in the car. No need to burn on CD maa...

And then....jeng jeng jeng....  i saw the DVD games for SIMS 2. 

I've always LOVEEEEEEEEEEEd playing Sims 2. Be it on PC or PS2 (nope i don't have PS3 yet but i heard SIMs 3 has come out only for PS3... boohoohoo!).

So.. i browse thru the DVD games, and saw a complete collection for SIMs 2!

How can i resist buying the DVD? Not only i get THE SIMS 2, but also THE GLAMOUR LIFE STUFF, THE CHRISTMAS PARTY, THE FAMILY FUN STUFF and THE SIMS 2 OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Meaning, i can do more with my SIMS!

Hmmmm... and then i saw the THE SIMS 2 Expansion Pack APARTMENT LIFE. I'm living in an apartment so running a Sims on apartment, would be nice (the usual SIMS 2 lived only in houses!)...

Yes... I bought the 2 DVDs for RM20 and went home straight, very excited to install everything in my notebook.

After installing, on Sunday night, i started to create a family - the Cocoa LOLLIPOP family (cos i'm known as Lollipop and i love Cocoa), and since then i've been cheating for money (type Ctrl+Shift+C and type MOTHERLODE = you'll get SIMs50,000 in your bank!), transferring from one apartment to another, getting married to Chad Michael Murray (the guy from ONE TREE HILL and yes, i create the guy!), and make babies (i named her Lolly Babe Murray),

buying expensive things (they even have helicopter now), expensive furniture and electronic items (a super huge television), they can even jump rope, swing around the children, nice playground, great double bed (can vibrate one), great shelving storage system, nice sculpture, lots of new pictures, nice expensive carpets, pool table, and can create awning for the house too!

check out the house i build...

Now i'm really really hooked on playing the SIMS 2!

If in real life, i never dreamed of having big houses like the ones i build in SIMS 2.... cos living in a big house meaning u barely see each other, u have to work harder to maintain the house and more electricity bills etc etc etc...

Believe me, when u play the SIMS 2, i barely see my "so-called" hubby (Chad Michael) in the house (sebab the house is so hugeeeeeeeeeeeee)..... !!#$%^&*(!*

Bonus picture
ni posing masa kt traffic lights Puchong Jaya,
on the way to work in my small car 
(boohoohoo tadak helicopter daa, heli dlm SIMS 2 jer)

ok... i gotta go build more families and houses now...

wanna create Wentworth Miller family and Gossip Girls family!!! hahahahaha....

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Day You Went Away and I'm OH SO HAPPY!

Nope... not my Pogi!

But my maid! 

She decided to leave us and followed her boyfriend to Penang...

She left on New Year's Eve.

Since New Year 2009, i've been busy juggling my daytime with housework and taking care of Lil Guwapo. When the night comes, i've got to go to work.

Surprisingly, i really enjoyed doing all the housework.... even though at times i always yawn and yawn on stage :)

When my maid was with us (she worked for us since July 12, 2008), most of my time was spent on internet, practicing singing or dancing, go swimming and eating lunch, snacks and dinner and never missed my afternoon nap. 

But since she left, i've no time for internet, less time for practicing, no time to sleep and the list goes on and on and on. I am not complaining but i'm enjoying it!!!

I'm supposed to sleep already at this time.
If i seldom update my blog, you'll know why.... I've to chase the time!

A little note:
I've yet to blog about our triple birthday celebration - Dad's, Ashraf's and Sofia's on 28 December 2008. Hmmm... probably tomorrow.... if i got the time!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

in the car before going to work

For the first time we brought Lil Guwapo to work last night to celebrate Eve of New Year.

lil guwapo getting excited to celebrate New Year's Eve!!!

Lil Guwapo didn't behave very very good. He was hanging on to me, before we start our 1st set. Luckily Asu came and he ran to Asu. Ok... 1st set went smoothly with Lil Guwapo watching both of us performing on stage with full smile!!!

Break time, he started to hang on to Pogi...  2nd set, we left him again with Asu and again he was all smiling and playing with balloons.

break time, everyone's waiting for midnight

seronok ke?

still waiting

with Joe (neighbour)

Sam & Asu

pogi and lil guwapo


When we did the countdown, i carried Lil Guwapo. And when it strikes 12 midnight, everybody started to popped the balloons. Anak started to felt scared a bit... but after a while, i guess he figured out what had happened. Everybody was happy! Lil Guwapo started to blow the party horns and played with more balloons.

We finished our set right after singing "Auld Lang Syne". 

Pitied my Anak, he looked sooooo tired but still smiling!

We left the pub 12:30am. 

Last night will be the 1st and the last time we bring Lil Guwapo to watch us performing. 

a little note:
My maid has left. She decided to follow her boyfriend. Tomorrow MUMMY will be taking care of Lil Guwapo again!!!



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