Thursday, January 8, 2009

i love to build house and create a family!!!

I went to digital mall in PJ last Sunday.  Planned only to buy the MP3 FM Modulator. Found and bought it for RM40. 

And even though i already have a 1Gig pen-drive (which i rarely use and bought for RM50 last 2 years), i just can't resist of buying another pen-drive at only RM16 and it's 2Gig. WOW. 


si pangit hidung kemek promote remote ke???

ni budak pangit tgh main-main remote FM Modulator!!!

So i finally got my MP3 modulator. Now i listen to all my song library stored in my pen-drive in the car. No need to burn on CD maa...

And then....jeng jeng jeng....  i saw the DVD games for SIMS 2. 

I've always LOVEEEEEEEEEEEd playing Sims 2. Be it on PC or PS2 (nope i don't have PS3 yet but i heard SIMs 3 has come out only for PS3... boohoohoo!).

So.. i browse thru the DVD games, and saw a complete collection for SIMs 2!

How can i resist buying the DVD? Not only i get THE SIMS 2, but also THE GLAMOUR LIFE STUFF, THE CHRISTMAS PARTY, THE FAMILY FUN STUFF and THE SIMS 2 OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Meaning, i can do more with my SIMS!

Hmmmm... and then i saw the THE SIMS 2 Expansion Pack APARTMENT LIFE. I'm living in an apartment so running a Sims on apartment, would be nice (the usual SIMS 2 lived only in houses!)...

Yes... I bought the 2 DVDs for RM20 and went home straight, very excited to install everything in my notebook.

After installing, on Sunday night, i started to create a family - the Cocoa LOLLIPOP family (cos i'm known as Lollipop and i love Cocoa), and since then i've been cheating for money (type Ctrl+Shift+C and type MOTHERLODE = you'll get SIMs50,000 in your bank!), transferring from one apartment to another, getting married to Chad Michael Murray (the guy from ONE TREE HILL and yes, i create the guy!), and make babies (i named her Lolly Babe Murray),

buying expensive things (they even have helicopter now), expensive furniture and electronic items (a super huge television), they can even jump rope, swing around the children, nice playground, great double bed (can vibrate one), great shelving storage system, nice sculpture, lots of new pictures, nice expensive carpets, pool table, and can create awning for the house too!

check out the house i build...

Now i'm really really hooked on playing the SIMS 2!

If in real life, i never dreamed of having big houses like the ones i build in SIMS 2.... cos living in a big house meaning u barely see each other, u have to work harder to maintain the house and more electricity bills etc etc etc...

Believe me, when u play the SIMS 2, i barely see my "so-called" hubby (Chad Michael) in the house (sebab the house is so hugeeeeeeeeeeeee)..... !!#$%^&*(!*

Bonus picture
ni posing masa kt traffic lights Puchong Jaya,
on the way to work in my small car 
(boohoohoo tadak helicopter daa, heli dlm SIMS 2 jer)

ok... i gotta go build more families and houses now...

wanna create Wentworth Miller family and Gossip Girls family!!! hahahahaha....


Adique said...

Pasai ler ko panggil itu pangit PANGIT, huh? Kecian kat dia.. mai alang cium sikit! Ko beli copy discs ke? Boleh tolong check tak Wii Games copy punya berapa harga, huh?

Heart of a Hunter said...

dah memang dia pangit! kan MOM kata kalau panggil comei nanti esok besar dia jadik pangit, so better start with pangit, nanti besar jadik ensem!!!

Wii games tak sure plak! But i saw Wii FIT! macam besh jer...

nnti la... kalau2 aku jalan2 nnti, kalau ternampak, will let u know!


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