Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Day You Went Away and I'm OH SO HAPPY!

Nope... not my Pogi!

But my maid! 

She decided to leave us and followed her boyfriend to Penang...

She left on New Year's Eve.

Since New Year 2009, i've been busy juggling my daytime with housework and taking care of Lil Guwapo. When the night comes, i've got to go to work.

Surprisingly, i really enjoyed doing all the housework.... even though at times i always yawn and yawn on stage :)

When my maid was with us (she worked for us since July 12, 2008), most of my time was spent on internet, practicing singing or dancing, go swimming and eating lunch, snacks and dinner and never missed my afternoon nap. 

But since she left, i've no time for internet, less time for practicing, no time to sleep and the list goes on and on and on. I am not complaining but i'm enjoying it!!!

I'm supposed to sleep already at this time.
If i seldom update my blog, you'll know why.... I've to chase the time!

A little note:
I've yet to blog about our triple birthday celebration - Dad's, Ashraf's and Sofia's on 28 December 2008. Hmmm... probably tomorrow.... if i got the time!!!


Honey A. Fuad.... said...

elok la tu,kuruskn ape yg patut...


Adique said...

Yeah...elok ler tu! You wanted a kid so look after him. No one forces you to work either. It's choice you make and thankfully you are enjoying your new lifestyle. That's what matters.


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