Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

in the car before going to work

For the first time we brought Lil Guwapo to work last night to celebrate Eve of New Year.

lil guwapo getting excited to celebrate New Year's Eve!!!

Lil Guwapo didn't behave very very good. He was hanging on to me, before we start our 1st set. Luckily Asu came and he ran to Asu. Ok... 1st set went smoothly with Lil Guwapo watching both of us performing on stage with full smile!!!

Break time, he started to hang on to Pogi...  2nd set, we left him again with Asu and again he was all smiling and playing with balloons.

break time, everyone's waiting for midnight

seronok ke?

still waiting

with Joe (neighbour)

Sam & Asu

pogi and lil guwapo


When we did the countdown, i carried Lil Guwapo. And when it strikes 12 midnight, everybody started to popped the balloons. Anak started to felt scared a bit... but after a while, i guess he figured out what had happened. Everybody was happy! Lil Guwapo started to blow the party horns and played with more balloons.

We finished our set right after singing "Auld Lang Syne". 

Pitied my Anak, he looked sooooo tired but still smiling!

We left the pub 12:30am. 

Last night will be the 1st and the last time we bring Lil Guwapo to watch us performing. 

a little note:
My maid has left. She decided to follow her boyfriend. Tomorrow MUMMY will be taking care of Lil Guwapo again!!!


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