Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm bored

Bill and Mum

Dad & Me enjoying the food

Kyle and Ashraf

Mama Lin make barbecue party on Friday Night. Nabil was there. Marvin was there also. Mama made baked spaghetti, Asu made the brown sauce and i made the mashed potato. Bill came at 1800 and straight away start the fire. It took him 40 minutes to start the fire. There were marinated chicken, sotong and prawn. Yummy.

Lepas barbecue, sumer lepak sekejap then we balik umah. Tomorrow is working day!

The next day :-
Muka ala-ala bosan tahap cipan nk tido dah ni...... kroh kroh kroh.....

Last night we worked in Crystal Cafe Section 12. Ate Diana came for a short while. Then Marissa and Suhaimi also drop by.

It was crazy. I didn't work for the whole month makes my energy in tip-top level. Maybe sebab tak kerja kot that makes me super-crazy last night. Any fast song, i, myself was surprised at how i acted on stage. But damn i felt so good. 2 reasons why - i get to exercise and dpt lepas gian nyanyi. Woohoo....

After work, Pogi had a fight wif 1 of the customer. Don't exactly know what was it about cos i was bz chatting wif Marissa. What i know, Pogi suddenly told me to go home after packing up all the things. Got home at 0200 hrs. Tgk Miss Teen USA and then makan sahur sikit, then tidor... kroh kroh kroh.......... :-P

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cineleisure & Chilis

Last night before we went to bed, Pogi invited both of us (Little Guapo & Me) to go for a dating today. He planned to bring Little Guapo to watch movie. I suggested we watch the cartoon Ratatouille so that Little Guapo maybe have interest watching movies. We left d house at 1400 hrs. The movie starts 1450hrs. Thanks to Yop, i still have 1 more free ticket left. Just before i picked up Little Guapo, he just came back from jalan2 wif mum & dad in Klang. That means he still didn't take his afternoon nap and i expect that when the movie starts, he will go to sleep.

Little Guapo, Pogi and Mamaganda in the Cinema

I was wrong!

He didn't move for the 1st 1 hour after the movie started. Pogi and I thought that he must be very sleepy that he didn't move and only watching the movie. But... after 1 hour, he started to feel bored, and he move and walk and climbing and talking and dancing. Luckily the row where we sat, its just us.

15 mins before the movie ends, Little Guapo started to show his tantrum. We did finished the movie though some parts we missed a little cos busy entertaining Little Guapo but the movie was fantastico. Very very entertaining and i wouldn't mind watching it again.

After the movie ended, we headed to One Utama for buka puasa. I suggested to eat at Chili's. And the moment we got down from the car, Little Guapo just couldn't wait to be on his stroller and i knew that he's going to sleep. We were right. As i lay him on his stroller, he dozed off. Zzzzz. Reached One Utama 1715hrs and wanted to book table but they said it's all walk-in only. So we jalan2 a bit. Checked out some new books at MPH. Bought my printer ink cartridge. Bought a toy for Little Guapo at ToyCity and at 1815hrs, we went back to Chili's. Little Guapo was still sleeping until 1800hrs, he woke up. B

We ordered Buffalo Chicken Salad, Monterey Chicken for me, BBQ Ribs and Chicken for Pogi, and Molten Chocolate cake for dessert. I really enjoyed all the food. Yummy. I finished the chicken. Pogi finished his food. But the salad, we tapau. When the dessert came, hmmm... it was the best. Im supposed to be on diet, but with that taste, i just simply couldn't resist it. It was totally delicious. Both of us really enjoyed the dessert. After dessert, settled the bill, and we went home.

Tired.... and @%$*^!

Monday 24 Sept 2007 - My 2 sisters (Yang and Baby) and I planned to do some serious shopping. We planned since Saturday, the places we wanna go cos we were in One Utama on Saturday, and we can't do our shopping cos it was too crowded. So i told my sisters, we should do our shopping on normal days. Normal working days. So we did it!!! We (Yang, Baby, Ashraf, Little Guapo and Me) went out from 10:30am. Our 1st stop was Sogo. Ada Sale! So Yang bought Diesel jeans. For her and Adrian. Then i bought 2 jeans and 2 shirts for Little Guapo. And also a pair of shoes. All for Little Guapo. I noticed that Sogo's children's department is way much better than Jusco. More choices and nicer.

After we finished shopping at Sogo, supposedly our next stop is Jalan TAR, but wif the 2 children wif us, we change plans. We decided to go to Times Square cos Yang looking for high heels. So off we went. We reached Times Square at 1:30pm. She went into all the shoe shops in Times Square from 5th floor to the 3rd. Finally, she found what she was looking for. It's 4inches heels, red color (she wants black but sold out!). Then she went in the next shop and got another pair beige color high heels. Then she said finished.

Next stop Queen's Park. It was almost 2:30pm, and the 2 kids are still not sleeping yet. So we took a stroll along the shops. MNG Outlet, Esprit, End Of Season FJ Benjamin, Lovely Lace Outlet, and A-Look outlet. In A-Look, there's promotion for Contact Lenses. 1 pair RM60 but if buying 2 pairs for RM90. I asked Yang to buy 1 pair so i could buy 1 pair for RM45. She did. She took Amethyst color and i took Green color. Then we went to the next shop In Trend Fashion. There Baby saw the flare 3 1/4 pants that she's been eying for long time. And it's cheaper than Jalan Masjid India and Times Square. She bought Black color. When we're done shopping at Queen's Park, we supposed to go Mid Valley (as planned on Saturday!), but since Yang already bought the diesel jeans in Sogo, there's nothing to buy/look for in Mid Valley. So we decided to go to our final stop - One Utama.

Wen we were in the car, on the way from Queens Park to One Utama, the 2 kids fell asleep.

Little Guapo finally fell asleep

Ashraf happy je....

We reached One Utama at 4pm, did our final shopping, and went home after 1 hour in One Utama. We reached home around 5:15pm. Mom was cooking for buka puasa.

So thats wat we did the whole day.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Facebook? Friendster? Tagged?

Today 20 September 2007. We still have no work yet! Staying home doing nothing (aside from taking care of Little Guapo, cooking, cleaning the house, doing laundry, chatting online), is very very boring....

Buka puasa with KJ frens postponed to 30th September 2007. Linda said its hard to gather most of the frens, and they also requested to buka puasa after their payday. Linda also changed the venue to Puteri Restaurant in Taman Tun. I'm not sure where is that.

It's very boring when most of the frens are not online. It's always me, myself and I alone. D4n1 went missing since the 1st day of puasa. Nora kejap ada kejap takde. Fahmi bila x busy baru boleh chatting. Sigh....

So what did i do? I created a new page on FACEBOOK.

Facebook is like a profile page (just like Friendster and Tagged and Myspace but better!). I was invited to create an account in Facebook by Ezi since 2 months ago (if i'm not mistaken) but that time couldn't be bothered cos i have friendster page and Tagged. To me it's too much already.

After creating a page in Facebook, i noticed it's way more cool than any other page. So now i'm very very busy updating my Facebook page.... eheks....

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Beautiful Sad Saturday.....

Pogi and I woke up quite early today cos we have to go to Shah Alam to pass the B'Tru Band photos. Yesterday we have confirmation from Kelab Shah Alam's management that we're gonna start work in October 2007. Yippeee....

After sending the photos, I sent back Pogi home to Bayu and Mummy, Asu & I supposed to go to Nilai 3 shopping. But Mum said she's going at 1430 hrs. To me that's a bit late already, cos i don't like to shop in a rush. So i told Mum, she should just go ahead. We'll go some other time. I ended up sleeping in Aman. When I woke up at 1500 hrs, Mama invited all of his to breaking fast by the lake. We discussed, not sure of which lake to go. Mama suggested Tasik Cyberjaya, Sam suggested Tasik Titiwangsa. I suggested Tasik Kelana Jaya. Ahaks. In the end, all of us decided to go to Tasik Titiwangsa, near Eye on Malaysia. We were all excited to go, especially me. I just couldn't remember when was the last time i went there. Maybe 10 years ago....

So by 1600 hrs, we were all getting ready to go picnic by the lake. We went in Mama's ride. 6 of us... Pogi, Sam, Eddie, Asu, Mama & me. Plus Little Guapo & Ashraf. 1st stop was Billy's house. We picked up the cooler box (for drinks) and a canvas. Then we head on to Section 17 bazaar ramadhan, to tapau food. We bought a lot of kuihs and drinks. I bought Nasi Tomato & Mee Goreng... (for buka & sahur later!). Pogi also bought 2 packs of rice. After buying all the food, we made our move to Tasik Titiwangsa. We reached Tasik Titiwangsa 10 to 1800hrs.
We found a nice spot by the lake, put the canvas on the grass, and started to enjoy the view and the air.

Pogi, Little Guapo & me wif the Eye on Malaysia on the background.

After we had a nice photo taking sessions, Pogi, Little Guapo & I took a walk around the park to see the Eye on Malaysia up close. While we were walking, suddenly it started to rain. We ran back and waited under the shed, hoping that the rain would stop. Time was 1820hrs. And the rain doesn't show like its going to stop. In fact, its getting heavier, and the sky is getting darker. Then Mama told us we still have time to go home. So we packed all our things, ran back to the car and head home. By the time we start the engine, the rain was like cats & dogs... pouring very heavy. So we started to talk in the car, that at least, we enjoyed a few minutes by the lake, and Mama told us to queue up at home and pretend/make sad faces, she wants to take picture of us and put in her blog. We passed the UMNO building and out of a sudden there's a Kelisa car came skidded in front of Mama's ride. "Bang"!!!! She hit the Kelisa. Damn, the Kelisa started to swerve to the left and right trying to get back on track. Mama gave an emergency brake and luckily the cars behind brake on time. And the Kelisa didn't even stop after swerving left and right. In fact, the car started to be running away. After checking everyone was fine in the car, Mama gave a chase to the Kelisa. I stand-by with the camera to take picture of the plate number. There was a Honda Jazz and a van before we can get to the Kelisa. I tell u the Kelisa was driving way over the speed limit (and it was still raining!). When Mama's ride was next to the Kelisa, she (d driver) was so scared. We told her to stop and she kept on driving. Sam even put out his head and swinging his hand telling d driver to stop but i guess she was really scared that she just kept on driving.... As u can see in the picture, the Kelisa's bumper was dented and Mama's ride had a little scratch. We reached home 5 minutes to 1900hrs. Prepared the food for buka puasa, and Mama had no appetite to buka puasa. After buka puasa we head home to Bayu. Now Little Pogi's asleep and I need to take a break.

Ramadhan 1428

Gawd... my day started early today (14 Sept 2007)... but not as early as usual. Last night came back from Rock's place almost 3 in the morning. We went to tapau sahur at Farid's Corner. The moment Pogi and I reached home, we ate and sleep. But this morning, as usual, i opened my eyes at 0830 but somehow i could not wake-up. Very tiring cos of work last night and also cos we went for massage yesterday! My whole body started to feel pain everywhere.... I continued sleeping and the next thing i knew, its already half past 10. Like any other days, the moment i wake up, i on my Chad and saw a message from Adik. She said she bought a costume for Kyle for Halloween. It's little black kitty wif blinking heart. Cute. She was online this morning, and we chat and chat, Adik checked on Daddy and Mummy and told her everyone's fine.

After chatting for a while, it's time to go to Pandan Jaya, to cash our paycheck. We reached Pandan Jaya, went to 3 banks and after an hour, everything was settled. Then we went to Queens Park Jalan Peel Cheras. Heard frm Zureen that the place got MANGO (MNG) outlet. Selling cheap! I bought a jeans for RM*3 (original price RM99), and a couple of blouse for RM*3 only! Damn its cheap! I could not wait to tell Adik about this outlet. I'm sure she'll get excited! After shopping at MNG, we went straight to Bazaar Ramadhan in Kelana Jaya. It started to rain but that won't stop us from checking out the food at the bazaar. We didn't buy much, still controlling ourselves. Bought a few kuihs and that's it. Every year the food selling are the same but the price has gone up this year. After buying the food, we head straight to Aman and prepared for buka puasa. And Mama told me there will be 14 people buka puasa today. Eddie brought home 3 of his friends, and Mama invited Nabil.

After breaking fast, Pogi invited Nabil, Sam, Eddie and his friends to go 'Terawih'. They went to Taman Tun mosque at 2030 hrs and came home at 2140 hrs.

Got home and checked my email and saw Linda's email about Berbuka Puasa on 23rd September 2007. Let's see where they decide to go!!! 3 choices - Tropicana Golf Club, Kelana Seafood and Rebong Restoran. I don't mind anywhere cos i'll be going alone. Am not bringing Pogi and little Guapo.

I guess that's it for today. Am very very tired. But i had a cup of coffee just now that makes me fully awake!!! Tomorrow is another busy day for me... planned to go NILAI 3 to buy material for my house curtains!!! hehehe...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sometimes i felt like doing exactly like the guy did.. bury ur head in the wall, no headache, just 'shut down' for a couple of minutes. Not that i'm having problems or anything serious, but just because!

Now im still on holiday. Since the last 2 weeks, we've been staying home most of the time. Lucky we had a few functions and a couple of auditions and working in Sect 16 Pub. At least got a few bucks to live by the day!!! Ahaks.

D4N1 went to Terengganu last weekend and on the way back to KL, he told me that he didn't buy me the kain batik that i asked. I asked him to buy blue color (cos pogi's baju melayu is blue color!). I told
D4N1 it's ok if he didn't buy cos i can buy it here in Mydin... and i thought of buying white based kain batik. On Tuesday 11 September 2007, we went to Kamdar to buy material to make baju kurung and little Guapo's baju melayu for Hari Raya. I bought the same material for both of us, green color (similar to Pogi's baju melayu). And bought a small flower blue cotton material. I found kain batik but the design's not nice.

After spending money at Kamdar Klang, we went to Summit. I trade-in my Dopod M700 to buy Nokia N76.
I love this phone. It's flip, red color, slim and user friendly (now i don't need to worry of texting while driving).

Got home and playing wif d phone. Dad said Puasa on Thursday 13 Sept 07.


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