Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm bored

Bill and Mum

Dad & Me enjoying the food

Kyle and Ashraf

Mama Lin make barbecue party on Friday Night. Nabil was there. Marvin was there also. Mama made baked spaghetti, Asu made the brown sauce and i made the mashed potato. Bill came at 1800 and straight away start the fire. It took him 40 minutes to start the fire. There were marinated chicken, sotong and prawn. Yummy.

Lepas barbecue, sumer lepak sekejap then we balik umah. Tomorrow is working day!

The next day :-
Muka ala-ala bosan tahap cipan nk tido dah ni...... kroh kroh kroh.....

Last night we worked in Crystal Cafe Section 12. Ate Diana came for a short while. Then Marissa and Suhaimi also drop by.

It was crazy. I didn't work for the whole month makes my energy in tip-top level. Maybe sebab tak kerja kot that makes me super-crazy last night. Any fast song, i, myself was surprised at how i acted on stage. But damn i felt so good. 2 reasons why - i get to exercise and dpt lepas gian nyanyi. Woohoo....

After work, Pogi had a fight wif 1 of the customer. Don't exactly know what was it about cos i was bz chatting wif Marissa. What i know, Pogi suddenly told me to go home after packing up all the things. Got home at 0200 hrs. Tgk Miss Teen USA and then makan sahur sikit, then tidor... kroh kroh kroh.......... :-P

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