Sunday, March 18, 2012

What is cicika?

Go here to know more....

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Hunter cicika on wordpress


I have a new short cicika (story) blog on wordpress.

Its a new blog created just yesterday.

Most of the post entries will be short-simple-story which will updated from my Samsung Galaxy Note.

Here's d link to my new blog

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Anak!

7 MARCH 2012, Wednesday.

Its Mikail Sumilang's birthday today.

My anak is 6 years old already.

I'm working, and might not be able to celebrate with him today. I've explained to him and he understands my situation.

But we're definitely gonna celebrate on my next offday, and I promised to treat him to any rides at First World Indoor Theme Park and he also can stay overnite at genting cos its 1 week school holiday!

Its 1am as I'm writing this post. Can't wait tomorrow afternoon to skype with mikail.

Here's a little speech I have for you....


Mummy and Daddy wishes u a very happee birthday, and hope u'll grow up to be a good son.

We both might not be with u on your birthday, but deep down in our hearts, mum n dad loves you so much and always thinking of you and also your sister.

Mummy hope u study smart, always do your homework, listen to your grandma, behave always, jaga your manners and love your sister always.

Love you, hugs and kisses,
Mummy Nina and Daddy James"

Friday, March 2, 2012


Yes... i very jelly.
Y i jelly becos i don't own a Samsung Galaxy Y.

Y those with Samsung Galaxy Y can get to see LMFAO concert Live in Malaysia for free?

Y so easy?


I learn to  SHUFFLE... (not shuffle a deck of playing cards, wtf, this is shuffle the dancing okaii)

Wana know Y?
Because if you know how to shuffle, u can get free tickets to watch LMFAO concerts too!

More details on how to redeem your tickets for free (those who owns a Samsung Galaxy Y only) go here quick quick... before 10 MARCH 2012.


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