Thursday, December 4, 2014

1 am 39 - December 2014

Pic #1
Alhamdulillah syukur, i celebrated my 39th birthday with a blast and happiness.

Pic #2
As usual few days before my birthday i will deactivate my facebook account.
Actually i don't share my birthday on Facebook at all, but some of my family and best friends, of course remember my birthday and they will write on my wall, and then the rest of my friends will see it and they will wish me birthday. Bukan tak suka, tapi i prefer kalau Facebook tak remind people it's my birthday. Kalau bagi yang ingat, they are my real friends. :)

So on the eve of my birthday i slept early becos during the day i had my batik fun walk, tak cukup tido, so by 11pm i dah pengsan.

As usual, i put my phone on silent.

Bangun pagi, alhamdulillah banyak nyer orang yang mengingati my birthday. Sumer carik me on my fon cos they can't find me on FB. Padan muka... hahaha...

Pic #3
Yop is the first one to watsapp me wishing me birthday 10 minutes before 12 midnite. Pelik jugak macam mana dia tau.

Tanya J, rupa2 nya dia make announcement kat his wall and BtruBand page it's my birthday.

Ok la yop, u get a pat on the back for being the first to wish me. 

Kalau arwah my dad still alive, he will always be the first to send me message wishing me Happy Birthday. I miss u daddy. Al-fatihah to you. I love you always.

Pic #4
and then came a message from Cha Cha, staff kat The Beer Factory Sunway Giza who's having the same birthday as moi...

Pic #5
Got a message from Jacky whom i've know since 8 years ago when i was working at Berjaya Times Square. Didn't talked to him for such a long time. So surprised to get his messages.

Pic #6
Hanna and her husband, Maluda, my regular guests at The Beer Factory Setiawalk Puchong render a birthday song for me. So sweet :')

Pic #7
Then it was Sara Gundu. A staff at Concorde Hotel KL who share da same birthday with my sister Momma Ilene. He send SMS sebab fon dia olskool :))

Pic #8
Adik kawasan posted on Instagram.
Yes, the picture on the left is me. I was 10 or 11 years old. Hitam pangit hangit mcm tayar. 
Yes, the picture on the right is me, taken during the Walk for Cure. Putih melepak lepas pakai fair & lovely since 15 years old and a lot of whitening lotion. 

Pic #9
Then my sisters and my cousins copy paste messages on my watsapp group.

And also my frens from SRK KJ group and SMK SEAPORT group.
Only some of them wish me. I feel so loved. :)

Pic #10
Woke up to have a drink, went to the ref, saw this birthday card printed by Kyle on the ref door. 

Pic #11
After replying some of the messages from 8am, i screen shot the time and date before i went to get ready to celebrate my birthday at RedBox Plus with the whole family.

Pic #12
Lepas mandi, got a message from Mom and Sofia.
I love you mom.


Birthday song sang by my doter.
Happy birthday to mommy adik katanya... 


Pic #13
Wefie in the car, on the way to RedBox Plus in Pavilion KL.
Harini kita karaoke ya...

Pic #14
Baru tak keje 2 malam, dah gian nak nyanyi.

Pic #15
Showing my makeup using cosmetics from Splashes And Looks by AF Sisters. Get them now. 

Pic #16
Eh eh, can see my uban la. Lalalala...
No time to go touch up my hair gahhhhhh....

Pic #17
At the karaoke. Second time bringing kids for singing.

Pic #18
Second time gak dapat bilik yang sama. 
Sound mic macam haghammmm... :P

Pic #19
Bergambar dulu...

Pic #20
With anak2 harta dunia dan akhirat.
Sayang kamu semua walaupun kekadang you guys make mommy's blood go upstairs :P

Pic #21
Mari kita nyanyi lagu Katy Perry.
Favourite song Laila Elena.

Pic #22
8hb December, birthday si pangit Laila pulak. She's turning 4 :)

Pic #23
Saya hensem...

Pic #24
With Laila, Sofia and Kyle.


Requested by adik kawasan Asu Dol. 
Lagu Evanescence My Immortal


Pic #25
Lepas nyanyi My Immortal, i checked my fon. Finally dapat message from Enche Ash. Dok harapkan dia yang pertama mesej me, tapi hampeh... :P

Pic #26
Mak sangat gembira harini.

Pic #27
Sejuk sehh dalam bilik karaoke ni.

Pic #28
December birthday girls


Setiap kali datang karaoke mesti nyanyi lagu ni.
Rapping ku berterabur tapi level confidence 9000 ku hentam kan jua.
Pastu boleh selamba instagram kat Affa, mintak jadik backup singer or dancer.
Ko ni memang tak malu kan nina? eh !


Pic #29
Ibuku tunjuk skill menyanyi dia.
She can sing hokay!

Pic #30
Kyle sambil nonton sambil menari.

Pic #31
Adik kawasan kalau dah dok depan screen tu, keje dia milih lagu je la...
Orang lain dah takde chance dah...

Pic #32
Adli Muhaimin

Pic #33
Then my uncle and aunty from Dubai message me.

Pic #34
Dah habih karaoke, we all jalan2 kat concourse area Pavilion.
Ada ferris wheel kecik.
Kasik la budak2 tu naik.

Pic #35
Aishah Sofia & Laila Elena Sumilang on the top centre gondola.
While the boys, Ashraf Hazique, Mikail Sumilang and Adli Muhaimin in the gondola on the top right.

Pic #36
Sementara nunggu anak menggondolakan diri mereka, kita wefie dulu ngan mak kita and adik kawasan.

Pic #37
Dengan J.

Pic #38
The kids....

Pic #39

Pic #40
Hensem hensem sumer anak2 ku.

Pic #41
Melepak tengah2 tangga like nobody cares.

Pic #42
Wefie again ngan mak kita and adik kawasan :)

Pic #43
After penat jenjalan kat Pavilion, we went home. Rested for 1 hour then we went to the salon. Laila was sleeping, sepanjang masa at the salon.
Thought nak kaler rambut, tapi tak cukup masa, sebab malam ada another agenda.
Busy mak on my birthday kannnn...

Pic #44
Laila dah bangun dahhhh..

Pic #45
Rambut laila cepat panjang. She cut her hair same time as me. Tapi rambut dia lagi cepat growing. Mak is jeles.

Lepas tu, tetiba i got a call from Sham, wishing me birthday. 
Lagi tanjat boboi.
Dah lama tak calling2. 
So glad he remembered my birthday.
Dia pun tanya kenapa i takde FB dah, sebab dia slalu tengok my pic.
Ooooo rupanya aku ni ramai gak stalker ya!
Mak suker :)

Pic #46
Sar, seri wishing me on SMS. Dia ada watsapp tapi entah la, ol skool gak kot!

Pic #47
Malam nyer citer, we went to Urban Tap House in Starpac. The place we'll be working every Tuesday in December. Went to discuss a few things before J go back to Philippines.
Alih2 they surprised me with a birthday song and cakes.

Pic #48
Tanjat boboi.
Mak dah pesan awal2 to my mom and adik and J, jangan belikan or bake me a cake. I don't wana blow any cakes this year.

Pic #49
I was on a diet.
I lost drastically last week for having some eating disorder...
Tu yang dalam gambar dok tenung kek tu.
Nak makan ke tak, nak makan ke tak?

Pic #50
With J and the staffs from Urban Tap House. 
Thank you guys.

Pic #51
Hmmmm, makan la sikit, kesian lak nnti staff bagi kek ni aku tak makan pulak kannnn..

Pic #52
Jangan tunggu lagi. Let's dig.


I would like to thank those who greet 
me Happy Birthday on my special day.

I do appreciate the thoughts and effort.
Thank you very much!
You guys really make my day!



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