Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hap33 Birthday Dinner

Today we plan to go out for a huge family dinner at Borneo Restaurant in Sunway.

Heard so much about the restaurant. From the food to the band, to the environment. I guess it's about time i go and check out the place.

I'll make sure i take lots of pix!

Last Friday we just had cake blowing for my beloved big Sis birthday! So hari ni, its my turn to belanja the whole family makan besar :) 

And i pity my Pogi still can't decide what to buy for me :P

I've told him not to buy anything cos i've got everything. Apa lagi yg i should get? Entah lar.

Owh, before i terlupa, i just finished watching Gossip Girl season 2 Part 1 (8 episodes). Ending nyer, Jenny kissed Nate.

Now, i have to wait for the Part 2 plak. Last night i went down to the DVD shop. Was so excited to see they have One Tree Hill Season 6 Part 1 (3 cds). Konon nk tengok last night, but was too tired from my weekly body urut session.

well... i still have a few hours before i go out later to Pyramid and then to Borneo. So tunggu apa lagi, mari kita pakat tengok One Tree Hill!!!! Woohoo...

Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Partay Parti

last night ada partay at GTwo Fun Pub.
it was called Regular Members Night Party.

most of the regular guests came!

1st set, manyak bosan! tak ramai org sangat!
although we did made a GRANDE entrance (just because our hair menarik perhatian ramai org!).
seriously, kalau dah rambut si Pogi biru, and my hair red, siempre sumer org tengok :)

after 45 minutes performing for our 1st set, we took a break. 
the pub dah mula penuh with people.

today DJ Roy tadak. 
so end up, i have to become a DJ.
pastu, ada show Paper Dolls plak.
i have to play their music.
first 3 songs went well.
tiba their last song, terus i jadik gelabah sebab CD diorang bagi tu, the player cannot read.
dh kelam kabut, cari lagu lain.
in the end, dapat cover with another song.
they finished after 5 songs, we did the lucky draws.

the whole night i played for them Black Eyed Peas song (sebab itu jer cd yg aku ada, ahaks...)

at 11:30pm, we start our last set. 
played party songs all the way.
people were dancing and enjoying.

We ended the night at 12:10am.

So tired but i felt good!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Nk tukar lar...


nope, i'm not gonna change my handphone AGAIN!

A friend of mine told me that he loves reading my blog but sometimes dia tak paham sebab i tulis dalam English. 

So camner nak buat?

I don't even know whether my blog ni ada readers or not? (ada ke?) 
Kalau ada, please blink your eyes once! 
Kalau takde, blink twice!

memandangkan i comfortable writing in english and also bahasa melayu, so i think think think, maybe from now on, i akan tulis dalam bahasa "broken" english. 

Camna bahasa "broken" english?

"broken" english tu macam campur-campur English and Bahasa Melayu and mungkin juga akan diselitkan beberapa perkataan Tagalog (walaupun bahasa Tagalog ku dalam penulisan masih bersepah, tapi akan ku cuba sedaya-upaya, kerana Usaha Tangga Kejayaan).

Jadik kalau y'all paham, baguih lar...

kalau tak understand, sorry lar!!! hahahaha....

So the next next and next next blog post will be mixed of English, Malay and Tagalog!

Thank you, terima kasih and maraming salamat po!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm a proud Aunty!

My nephew has been acting lately. He's only 16. 

I knew he's talented in dancing. He loves to dance shuffle. Our family has been showing full support to his passion. He did a few shows here and there. And that's when he was discovered by one of the great director in town. 

He started acting as extras in Sutera Maya TV series (shown TV3 at 6:30pm). He did 2 episodes in Sutera Maya, Episodes 4 & 20 (if i'm not mistaken and i watched the Episode 4 only!).

Then he quietly told us that he'll be acting in Front Page (another TV series shown on NTV7). Well actually the mother knew about it!

And my younger sister called me up last Sunday and told me that Eddie is in the newspaper! Walawei.... glamour la my nephew ni!

I search on the net (i never buy newspaper), and found the article online from THE STAR website.


Friday November 14, 2008

Dance of death



Shuffle in the streets leads to a dancer’s death, in FRONTPAGE.

AS long as there’s great news, there will be good stories. That’s how award-winning director/producer and screenwriter Kabir Bhatia views the current investigative series FRONTPAGE, currently aired on Ntv7.

Bhatia along with his team of writers decided to come up with the episode, Shufflers, after reading about issues concerning teenagers in the newspapers. This episode, he says, is one of the more interesting ones as it highlights numerous social issues.

A new dance craze takes teenagers by storm in FRONTPAGE.

“It’s the characters and the visuals that make the story very interesting. This is really an interesting episode because the focus is around young people. It’s not something that we imagined but it’s a story that we read about in the newspapers sometime in May this year. That’s how the stories in FRONTPAGE come together,” he explained, confirming thatthe series is grounded in reality.

This episode was inspired by a report in the newspapers about a new dance style for teenagers.

The auditions for this episode attracted many young people with impressive dancing skills and viewers will see that it consists of mostly 16 to 17-year-olds who have a great passion for the artform.

Shufflers starts off with a dance craze that takes teenagers in Kuala Lumpur by storm. There are wild nights, partying in clubs and streets. Friends are the most important thing for these youths and they will stand up for each other, no matter what.

The lead dancer, Shark, is killed and initial investigations point towards his rocker enemies. The plot thickens when it turns out to be someone else instead.

Radin Ahmad Adrian, 16, who plays Shark in the episode, says what he likes about this episode is the unexpected ending.

“It starts off with the murder and as the investigation wears on, there are lots of surprises,” he said. Adrian, like the others who are acting for the first time, said working with Bhatia was a wonderful experience.

“I had a great time. All of us did, because he just let us be ourselves and do what we like most – dancing!” he said over the phone.

Bhatia says it was a challenge working with amateurs as well. “I don’t expect much from them. The challenge of working with youngsters and newcomers is that they do not know what to expect.”

Some, he said, wanted to leave in the afternoon, thinking they were done for the day.

“I had to tell them that this is not how it works during a shoot,” he smiled. “They do not understand the long hours we put in.”

There were close to 30 young people in this episode, jazzing up the set with their vibrant dance styles. It’s also interesting to note the colourful street dance scenes.

“I wanted these young people to be themselves. They have to be relaxed in order to do their best,” he said.

FRONTPAGE is shown on Ntv7 on Sundays at 10pm.

Woohoo... caya lar Eddie...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Crazy story of my Piercings on the face

1st and foremost, i took out my upper lip piercing last week (did the piercing in November 2007, exactly 1 year). Now i have a tiny little bit of a scar.  Reason i took off the stud? It was always bleeding and pain! Dang the piercer! I fully blamed the girl piercing me, cos she should know that wrong piercings can cause infection. That's what happened to me (i guess). It was always bleeding, got extra flesh come out (poked by the stud), and sometimes (happened twice only) came out some pus! Now i'm thinking of piercing my bottom lips!

I still remember the first piercing i did (on the face ok, ear piercing doesn't count!), was on my nose. And then i did on my centre bottom lips. Both I did in Klang. Using gun! It was stupid for the bottom lips cos the hole was small. Changing the stud after a couple of days was painful, but it was ok after that. No infection. No pain at all.

Then i pierced my tongue. 

I did that in 2002, in Sungei Wang Plaza. Went there alone (well actually Pogi tagged along with me, but he just left me alone at the piercing shop).

Still remember during piercing, lots and lots of blood came out! But luckily, like my bottom lips piercing, everything went well. No infection.  A little bit of swollen for 2 weeks and i lost lots of weight for i only eat soup and drinking water only.

Then,  i pierced on my upper lips in 2003. 
It was perfect. No blood, no infection. 

In 2004, the year i got married, i took out everything on my face (except the tongue piercing).

Didn't have any piercings since the day i got married till November 2007, where i pierced again my upper lips (different spot).

Then in January 2008, i pierced my right eyebrow. Luckily the eyebrow piercings were ok. Didn't gave any problem. 

Now after taking off the upper lips piercings, i was thinking of piercing my bottom lips again!

But am still thinking! 

Should I or should not?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween Midget Show (1st trial)

Halloween Midget Show (1st trial).

A show we did on Halloween Night at GTwo Fun Pub, 31st October 2008.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Partay....

31 OCTOBER 2008

Stage backdrop

Nina the pumpkin!

James as Zorro

Andy the skeleton guitar player.... 
(eh, ini hantu mcm itu crita P.Ramlee Pendekar Bujang Lapok plak, 
lain nyer dia main gitar jer)

Seri as a Pirate! (tapi gurl, u look like gypsy woman lar!)

James (as Copycat Balls), Nina Pumpkin, Seri Pirate!

Seri & Nina with Bob!

Jarryco & Bob!

Hamidah & Along

The partay people....

The dancing crowd!

Beer Drinking Contest (female category),
the one in Orange won with just 2 gulps!
(mcm mana agaknya kalau 
dia minum BIG GULP?)

The contestants for Best in Costume
6 adults fighting against 1 kid.... 
and the winner is..........

ANDY'S Precious little Angel, Erina,

More pictures and details at B'Tru Band blog ......

Sunday, November 2, 2008

dang! E66 damn cool!

This is a test.
Testing updating my blog wif my brand new mobile phone.
The screen is small but its ok.
Upload a pic also can. Yeay.


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