Saturday, November 29, 2008

Partay Parti

last night ada partay at GTwo Fun Pub.
it was called Regular Members Night Party.

most of the regular guests came!

1st set, manyak bosan! tak ramai org sangat!
although we did made a GRANDE entrance (just because our hair menarik perhatian ramai org!).
seriously, kalau dah rambut si Pogi biru, and my hair red, siempre sumer org tengok :)

after 45 minutes performing for our 1st set, we took a break. 
the pub dah mula penuh with people.

today DJ Roy tadak. 
so end up, i have to become a DJ.
pastu, ada show Paper Dolls plak.
i have to play their music.
first 3 songs went well.
tiba their last song, terus i jadik gelabah sebab CD diorang bagi tu, the player cannot read.
dh kelam kabut, cari lagu lain.
in the end, dapat cover with another song.
they finished after 5 songs, we did the lucky draws.

the whole night i played for them Black Eyed Peas song (sebab itu jer cd yg aku ada, ahaks...)

at 11:30pm, we start our last set. 
played party songs all the way.
people were dancing and enjoying.

We ended the night at 12:10am.

So tired but i felt good!

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