Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yaay... Philippines here we come.... Swoosh....

We went for audition for the next booking in June at Wharf Armada Hotel last Thursday and the results supposed to come back by yesterday, Monday.

As we wake up in the morning, with a little bit of morning praying, everything was like a normal Monday morning, with Little Guapo moving so much in his sleep in between Pogi and I. I didn't sleep properly, with me constantly checking little guapo cos when he sleeps, he doesn't use any blanket. With the air-condition on, i was afraid his 2 small feet will feel cold thru the night. And everytime Little Guapo crash with us (which is once a week only!), every morning when he wakes up, he'll just disturb me, either my nose or opening my eyes. He's my sunshine, and the best part is when i opened my eyes, he gave me his cutest smile!

So the morning busy doing a little laundry, cleaning, checking e-mails, facebooking, and suddenly Pogi received the most important call... and the call started like this....

"Good Morning James, Congratulations!
You're confirmed working in Armada Hotel in June 2008!"

The call came from Sharon from PR dept, Armada Hotel PJ.

Now both Pogi and I can smile ear to ear cos the booking has confirmed.
Now we can plan for our Philippines trip back home.
Now we can plan to go apply for Pogi's multi-entry pass.
Now we can plan to renew my passport and making Little Guapo's passport.
Now we can check the flight tickets to Philippines.
Now we can tell all our guests where we going to work next.
Now suddenly there's a lot of things to prepare.

Oops... do we have to bring Little Guapo's stroller when we go to Philippines?

Woah... slow down girl, just do a checklist and i know everything can be settled.

Ok... starting today we'll be busy making plans for our trip.

So where do i start???

Oh ya, today Little Guapo got gymboree class at 2:50pm later in Bangsar Village.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lovin it

Since Monday last week, nothing much happens except that Pogi and I went to watch the latest film by Jet Li and Jackie Chan called The Forbidden Kingdom at Sunway Pyramid. And as usual working at night has been great.

On Tuesday went to Subang Parade to collect Lil Guapo's picture frame. Just checkout the pix. Ain't he cute????

On Wednesday, we had a show for the International Secretaries Week Luncheon at the Vintage Ballroom for the Nine to Five with Jaclyn Victor at 12 noon till 2:30pm. We started at 12:15 noon, performed for 30 mins and then we had our lunch buffet. Buffet was superb, from Japanese to Thailand, to Indian and Mediterranean food. Kenyang burrpppp.... After finish makan, Jaclyn came out at around 1:30pm. She started with the song 9 to 5, then a few other songs, including a medley. And then she had a special guest singer, Salamiah Hassan came out to sing 3 songs. Then the show started to be boring, so we left. Anyways we were quite tired cos have to wake up early. After we left, Pogi and I decided to go for body massage. At night, work as usual. All of us felt tired and bored but with a little booze, boredom + tiredness = hypercrazy!

On Thursday, we had an audition at Wharf Armada Hotel PJ. The GM and the Manager very like our band. This booking is for June 2008.

Friday, work.

Saturday.... work.

And today, Sunday! Off day! We planned to go kizsport again later.

But now im busy editing pictures. Lovin it!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Body Massage, KizSports and Steamboat Buffet


Ahhhh.... my off day. Thank god. After a painful Saturday, i felt a little better. Woke up and pick up my lil guapo. Then i sent my 2 boys to the hotel for their afternoon nap and i went to have my nice 2 hours body massage at Manjakaki Reflexology in Carrefour Subang.

I did massage 1 time before at Manjakaki with an indonesian girl named Ani. So this time i called to book at 3pm. The moment i lie on my tummy, she started from my feet up to my thigh. While she massage, i am non stop burping (throwing the air out!). Most of the parts are very painful. After the legs, up to my back and hands, and tummy and shoulder and neck. God... the most painful part was my tummy. She said it's very 'keras'! Keras with angin or lemak, aku pun tak tau da!

But after 2 hours of painful massage, i felt relieved. Totally very ringan feeling. Couldn't say it in words....

Then i'm back to the hotel, pick up my 2 boys again.

Sent Pogi for his massage session pulak. Then i'm off to Aman. In Aman Suria, everyone was waiting and ready to go One Utama. I planned to bring Lil Guapo and Ashraf to KizSport. Some gym activity for Lil Guapo. We spent 2 hours in KizSports, Lil Guapo had a scratch on his knee while coming down from the slide. But we really enjoyed diving and lying down in the pool of balls. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.....

At 8:30pm we left the place to meet up with Momma and Dad at Buffet Steamboat in Sunway. Reached the place exactly 9pm, and took our food and ate. Lil Guapo was really really tired. After enjoying all the food, we paid our bills and head home.

Gawd... what did i eat?????

We had practice in the afternoon 3pm on Friday 18 April 2008.

Fadzil's having his daughter's 1st birthday party on Saturday 19 April 2008. I was really looking forward for the party and i even bought Adriana's present the day Fadzil invited me to the party.

The night came, and working time, as usual 9:45pm. The moment i stepped in Lavida lounge that night, my tummy's started to feel very very super upset! The feeling was terrible. It's not that i didn't have any food the whole day, we had dinner at the hotel. And i know my stomach is full of food, but i felt bloated with air! I started to burp and burp. So after the 1st set, i took the antacid pill (which i always carried with me in case of emergency!). I felt good.... only till the end of the sets. At 2am, Pogi and I went down for supper and i couldn't eat anything becos my tummy's still upset! So i had a cup of porridge with loads of ginger slice in it. That also i couldn't finish!

After supper, went up to the room, and at around 3:30 - 4am, i started to fell asleep.

Then.... at 6am, suddenly my tummy felt terrible! I ran to the loo every 15 minutes from 6am to 10am.

Couldn's sleep. I had diarrhea. Pity to pogi. He couldn't sleep too cos of me frequent running to the loo.

At 10pm, Pogi went down to the drugstore and bought the Poh Chai pill. Took the pills, and luckily i felt a little better. Get to sleep from 10:30am - 2pm. I woke and still feel terrible. I don't think i could attend Fadzil's party. Sent message to him, and luckily he said no prob!

I still need more sleep. Order McD's porridge. Tried to eat but stomach still growling with air!

Arrghh... i felt really terrible. At 4pm went to sleep again till 7:30pm. Woke up, took shower, still having trouble with my tummy. Frequent visits to the loo. Suddenly the loo is my favourite place. Huwaaa.....

Pogi called Amier and luckily he's outside. Pogi asked to buy medicine for diarrhea, vomiting and bloating.

Took the meds... felt much better but since i dehydrate the whole day, i felt so weak but still i had to work!

Boohoo.... it was my 1st time working feeling terrible (actually 3rd time since i sang professionally!).... but 1st time in Lavida.

The whole night i couldn't move a lot, couldn't smile. Sing? Yeah i can but not the high notes songs. Takut nnti lain pulak jadik nyer!!!! Apa tak nyer, teran punyer teran, lain yg kuar! Huwwaaaa.....

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Taking Chances, Terlalu Cinta and Maneater

B'Tru Band @Holiday Villa Subang
February '08 - April '08

We had practice on Friday at 3pm in Lavida Lounge.

James practice Sexyback and Black Parade but in the end Amier still don't know the drum parts for Black Parade.

Seri practice Say It Right, La Tortura and The Real Thing by Lisa Stansfield.

And i practice Maneater and Taking Chances. Supposed i practice Terlalu Cinta by Rossa but not enuff time.

So maybe next week.

And next week will be a very busy week for us!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Samsung Live Loud

In the end, i bought Samsung mobile. The latest live loud model. Wanna take the SGH i550 but i know in the future i'm gonna have problem using the keypad. The keypads are small and it's specially meant for emails only. For music, the sound came out not nice. So i took the Live Loud model. Meant really for playing music. I trade in my Nokia N76, but when i use the new Samsung, doesn't change a lot cos the functions are exactly the same with Nokia N series. Usually when i bought a new gadgets, be it mobile phone, or laptop or digital camera, i would spent most of the time learning to use the gadgets, but this time nothing to learn, cos it's the same as my old phone. Sigh....

Lil Guapo is very very naughty. Also started to talk so much. He started calling "Papa" too.


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