Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yaay... Philippines here we come.... Swoosh....

We went for audition for the next booking in June at Wharf Armada Hotel last Thursday and the results supposed to come back by yesterday, Monday.

As we wake up in the morning, with a little bit of morning praying, everything was like a normal Monday morning, with Little Guapo moving so much in his sleep in between Pogi and I. I didn't sleep properly, with me constantly checking little guapo cos when he sleeps, he doesn't use any blanket. With the air-condition on, i was afraid his 2 small feet will feel cold thru the night. And everytime Little Guapo crash with us (which is once a week only!), every morning when he wakes up, he'll just disturb me, either my nose or opening my eyes. He's my sunshine, and the best part is when i opened my eyes, he gave me his cutest smile!

So the morning busy doing a little laundry, cleaning, checking e-mails, facebooking, and suddenly Pogi received the most important call... and the call started like this....

"Good Morning James, Congratulations!
You're confirmed working in Armada Hotel in June 2008!"

The call came from Sharon from PR dept, Armada Hotel PJ.

Now both Pogi and I can smile ear to ear cos the booking has confirmed.
Now we can plan for our Philippines trip back home.
Now we can plan to go apply for Pogi's multi-entry pass.
Now we can plan to renew my passport and making Little Guapo's passport.
Now we can check the flight tickets to Philippines.
Now we can tell all our guests where we going to work next.
Now suddenly there's a lot of things to prepare.

Oops... do we have to bring Little Guapo's stroller when we go to Philippines?

Woah... slow down girl, just do a checklist and i know everything can be settled.

Ok... starting today we'll be busy making plans for our trip.

So where do i start???

Oh ya, today Little Guapo got gymboree class at 2:50pm later in Bangsar Village.

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