Sunday, March 14, 2010

2, 3 boleh berlari, tapi kalau sampai bawah lutut?

Let's play with numbers this time!

Mula-mula 2, lepas tu jadik 3. Lepas tu dia kena potong kaki sampai bawah lutut. Ini semua gara-gara diabetes.

Daddy (not me), has diabetes since 10 to 15 years ago. Nope, dia bukannya ada diabetes sebab generation. He got it from all the sweet things he ate at old age! Unlike my mum who got diabetes thru generations and taking insuline right now…

Kaki daddy selalu ada luka, tapi i believe he's a healer so, dia nyer kaki alhamdulillah, luka and baik, luka and baik. It goes on and on since a couple of years ago.

Until recently, dia suka sangat kopek kulit kering kt luka dia tu, sampai berdarah-darah dan berair and until doctor said tak boleh diselamatkan lagi 2 jari kaki kanan nyer.


100_3044 lepas dipotong 2 jari

100_3048 mummy feeding dad dragonfruit

100_3067 Katil dad kt Hospital Selayang

100_3073 My anak posing

100_3085 Dad’s katil number 14, James nyer faveret number

Doc pun potong lar. Lepas potong 3 hari, doc suruh dia balik. I’ve been taking care of him at home. Dia hilang selera makan. Dia susah nk berjalan. Selalu baring jer. Lepas seminggu time to do dia nyer follow-up check-up, doctor admit dia lagi sekali, sebab the 3rd toe doesn’t look good.

Last Tuesday, he was admitted again in Hospital Selayang. Lepas 2 hari kena admit, doctor check and check and found out that his nerves sampai betis dah tak “panas”. Meaning the blood tak sampai ke jari-jari kaki dia lagi dah. Doctor advise kena potong sampai bawah lutut. He asked for a day to think. And another day and another day until yesterday i paid him a visit and had a talk with him (James, Mummy and the patient next to dad also talked to him).

Told him it’s for his own good. Before the infection go to his heart, he’d better stop it. And by stopping it is just to CUT his leg. The longer he wait, the faster the germs crawl up to his upper body.

And he said yes!

Before i left the hospital yesterday, i told him, stick to his decision. Don’t wait anymore.

AND THIS MORNING at 7:32am, i got a message from dad…

here’s what he said… “THEY ARE PREPARING ME TO BRING TO THE CHAMBER”! (he’s a joker)

I had tears running down. Glad that he’s doing it. Glad that he’s brave to have 1/4 of his legs cut off.

I’ve been praying and praying dia nyer operation akan berjalan lancar. And praying he’ll have a smooth recovery. Insya’Allah.

100_3189 dad teringin nk makan KFC Whipped Potato and McDonald’s Bubur Ayam

100_3191 Daddy and Kyle having lunch

100_3192 James & Mummy makan KFC kt spital


I hafta go do checkup my sugar level. Last 5 years i checked, my sugar was 4!


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