Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Patience and prayers - PERODUA ALZA

Pic #1

Over the past 3 years, i think i've learned a valuable lesson. I've learned to be more patience and i've been good in playing the waiting game. 

The waiting game i'm talking about is when i decided to purchase a new car. When it was just J and me, we used Perodua Kenari je. And then as my family grows, i wanted to have a bigger car. Wanted to buy Perodua Alza. 

It all started in November 2011. I started applying loans to purchase Alza. At the same time, my car salesman tried to find buyer for my Kenari. A few weeks later, my Kenari got a buyer already. My car is sold, but my bank loan didn't get approval from the bank. My salesman started to apply to 6 other banks. ALL REJECTED. wtf.

Why? Because....
1. I don't have EPF
2. I don't have payslip.
3. But I do have an awesome bank statement.

Tapi dalam awesome bank statement pun, the bank still reject my car loan application. da hell. :(

Gaji puluh2 ribu pun diorang taknak. Mereka hanya nak gaji dlm bank RM3,500. Please take note ya.

Since my car already sold, and struggling to get car loan for the new ALZA, my salesman told me to use Proton Waja owned by a lady who has 3 cars, so i just continue paying for the car. That car i used for 3 years, macam2 rosak, macam2 repair. But im still thankful that i still have car to use to go work and bring my kids jalan2.

Early this year, when the Proton Waja started to give a sound macam tin milo dah, kreok kreok bila driving, i started to fedup and said i gotta try to apply again for car loan.

This time, i prepared all the necessary documents. Bank statement perfect, offer letter and payment voucher plus J as a guarantor, within 1 week submission of loan application, i got a call from the bank, that everything is APPROVED.

Alhamdulillah, after sooooooo many ups and downs, i finally get to drive a new car. At some point i almost gave up and said that i will never get a chance to use a new car. Keep on driving la orang punyer kereta, bayar bulan2, in the end i dont get anything.

Pic #2

Pic #3

Yup, its worth the wait. 

Pic #4
26 September 2014 (Friday)
Hi five at home. Waiting to go pickup my car.

Pic #5
Finally *clap clap*

Pic #6
The free gifts.

Pic #7
The road tax.

Pic #8
The official signing :)

Pic #9
The registration card.

Pic #10

Pic #11

Pic #12
Was asking for black, but they only have white.
I waited for 3 years already, dont wana wait some more.

Pic #13
White is the new black? :P

Pic #14
Lega penat lelah menunggu selesai!

Pic #15
Ngeeeeeee :)

Pic #16
The front interior.

Pic #17
Middle back seats.

Pic #18

Pic #19

Pic #20
The keys in the ignition sudah!

Pic #21
Engine started!

Pic #22

Pic #23
My first drive!

Pic #24
Let's go home!

Pic #25
Going to work! Yahoo....

Sujud syukur alhamdulillah to Allah for listening to my prayers. 

Lets wait for some other things pulak ok. Tik tok tik tok.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Email for your kids

December 1, 1975
Seorang bayi comel lote dilahirkan di Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur. Diberikan nama gelaran Nina.

Sehingga tahun 1980, ada beberapa keping gambar sahaja yang dapat dicapture dan disimpan sehingga sekarang.

Dari tahun 1981 hingga 1993, lagi beberapa keping gambar sahaja ada disimpan elok. Kamera ingin dibeli oleh ayahanda tercinta tapi wang tidak mengizinkan. Dah la time tu kena pakai kodak. Kodak lak mahal. So kalau cantik gambar yg dicuci, cantik la jadiknya.

Gambar2 yg dapat direcover and masih elok discan and post in Facebook as treasure. Untuk diingati selama-lamanya.


Kesimpulannya alangkah bagus di zaman sekarang ni kita hidup dalam zaman internet. Amik gambar pakai smartphone je. Snap la berpuluh2 kali. Tak suka kalu, terus delete je. Ada banyak choices. Tak puas hati, snap lagi pic sampai la dapat yang boleh memuaskan hati. Dah la tu pulak, boleh edit2 gambar kasik cantik terserlah quality gambar. Dari blur, boleh jadik clear. Dah puas hati cantik gambar tu, terus upload kat instagram & facebook.

Kat instagram atau facebook dishare bersama2 family and friends.

Kalau yang single or yang baru bercouple bercinta, banyak la gambar2 selfie or gambar2 ngan markah masing2.

Kalau yang dah berkahwin atau baru berkahwin, banyak gambar2 lovey dovey bersama pasangan memasing.

Kalau yang dah beranak pinak, banyak la gambar anak anak. Gambar pasangan hidup dah kurang dah dipost.

Gambar mak berselfie tetap hangat (itu aku letew). Gambar abang bidin (laki aku letew) dah kurang dipost/share kt IG or FB.

Tapi tapi tapi.... yang korang share2 gambar anak2 tu ngan your family and friends tu buat pe? Diorang tu bukannya nk like sangat pun. Ada laaaa 2-3 kerat yang akan like. Tapi i think it's best you share the pictures ngan anak2 you sendiri. (this post is for those having kids ya!)

I have created Kyle's email when he was 2. But his email contains nothing.

Until i saw someone posted this message, i thought to myself, it's a brilliant idea.

Now i've created both my children's email address. They have facebook too but just to reserve their names. They don't even logged in FB at all.

Every now and then i will take my kids videos and pics and email to them with a little story about what i email.

Like this, their memories remains with them about their childhood.

Good idea aite?


ai suka melukis.
if someone tagged me about #20FactsAboutMe, melukis will be in one of the 20 facts.

Tapi, ai tak melukis for a longgggg time.

And i used to go to galeri seni in KL when i was young. Every painting i see, there's always a story behind it.

Kebanyakan orang bercerita melalui lirik lagu. Ada bercerita melalui tulisan novel. And i believe ada gak yang bercerita melalui sajak (tak sure plak still got or not in this modern days!)

So semalam, tetiba i saw my son's old exercise book on my table with a black pencil color. I took it, start doodling at 1st, tetiba, jadik gambar burung and bunga.

Ceritanya burung tu terbang and looking for honey. So the bird found it :)

And my second drawing, is inspired by Bruno Mars song Talking To The Moon.

So i did 2 sketches. Pasni tak tau la akan ada lagi or not. Kalau mood tu datang, tangan tu nk melukis, i will draw some more. Will definitely put up on my blog kalau ada lagi ya.


YouTube Channel - mamaganda14 (Part 2)

More videos of me singing cover songs at work taken in 2014.

Go to www.youtube.com/mamaganda14 to subscribe and like and comments on more videos.



Sang this song with a guest singer, a contestant on singing reality show ASTRO THE BAND, Erry Zulkafli. Great singer he is. He can sing bruno mars Gorillas and sounds exactly like Bruno. Unfortunately no video taken when he sang the song :(

This song became famous a few months before dad passed away. I remembered trying to sing this song a few weeks after his passing. I tried to act calm, but towards the end, my tears just ran down. To date, if i sing this song, i have to shut down my head from any memories of my dad.

KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI (same title of the famous BOLLYWOOD MOVIE)
Yes, we can sing hindi songs, korean, spanish, thai, malay songs too.

Some short clips of wan singing anak kampung, and james singing Happy & Rude. See how happy Wan is at work.


YouTube Channel - mamaganda14 (Part 1)

Just wana share some of my video singing cover songs taken in 2014 on my blog.

Please go to my channel on www.youtube.com/mamaganda14 to subscribe and like and comment on my videos.

Sang this song at Foley's Bar in Oasis Square, Ara Damansara. I was having a very bad sore throat for over a month. Struggling to sing this song but thanks to my friends, they trusted me that i can sing the song.

Requested by Fendi on Facebook. This is my 1st attempt doing the song, straight recorded :)

Haven't sang this song for more than 5 years. A chinese couple insist that i have to sing this song. Luckily still remember.

So lovey dovey songs for lovey dovey couples.

My favourite song.



The most scariest song for me. Usually if people request this song, i would love to swallow the request paper, leaving no evidence of request. Song's too high. I minus the key. Not a superwoman to sing this original key. Dead. After so many months of avoiding to sing this song, i gave up when a staff at Beer Factory Setiawalk insisting me to sing. So there!

Hope u enjoyed some of the videos on this post.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom

This post is supposed to be published on 29 August 2014. Totally forgot about it!

Mom's birthday today. Last week lagi I dah belikan hadiah for mom.

And then semalam my offday, ai pegi jalan2 to Pavilion sebab my sister nak beli handbag. 

Sampai2 parkson at Pavi, we go straight to Guess handbag section. Banyak handbag on sale. Up to 60%. Mom tgk and berkenan 1 handbag terus beli. Lucky her tinggal 2 je lagi. Ada dtg pompuan lagi sorang, dia pun berkenan the same handbag mcm yang my mom nak. Nasib baik my mom dh mintak earlier than that girl. So mom got the new handbag while the girl has to take the display ones. 

Then my sister and I dok ke hulu hilir choosing handbag. Banyak sgt choices and sumer cantik. Yang best nye, I don't know whether I should buy or not sbb just a couple of weeks ago I bought 2 small handbag. 1 wristlet and 1 small sling bag. So rasa mcm perlu ke nak beli handbag lagi. 

Finally my sister chose the one she likes. Kebetulan sama dengan yang ai suka gak. 

Ada lain, tp I dh kata kalau nk beli gak budget below rm200 sebab I dh beli 2 handbag baru kannnn.

Pikir nyer pikir nyer pikir, I said "no need lah".

*story above happens on Thursday 28 August 2014*

On mom's actual birthday, Asu make a birthday cake from instant cheese cake leleh powder mix i bought during ramadhan. It was delicious. I broke my diet. Mom buat mee goreng. J masak macaroni and spaghetti bolognaise. And me? I don't cook. #truthaboutnina

Now let's see the pictures taken on mom's birthday, Friday 29 August 2014 and also pictures when we had a crazy-must-wear-wig-theme-merdeka-birthday-bbq-party held at mom's crib.

Pic #1
Mom in early 70s.
At Flat Kampung Melayu, Air Itam, Penang.
Yes, she's from Penang.

Pic #2
Did a collage of mom and me.

Pic #3
Cheesecake Leleh
Beli masa ramadhan. Kept it for special occasion. It was delish...

Pic #4
These 2 pangits were skyping with their Alang in Canada.

 Pic #5
Alang skype nenek nak wish birthday, but these 2 pulak yang sibuk nk skype jugak. Pastu terkekek2 happy. Bukannya cakap apa pun ngan alang. Kekek kekek je lebih.

Pic #6
But first let us take a selfwe.

Pic #7
Mom showing peace sign yawww!

Pic #8
Before lunch kita gambar2 dulu la.

Pic #9
Malam before i go to work.
Selfwe with Papo, my pet adopted cat. 

Pic #10
Acting je ni.

Pic #11
Friday night at Foley's Bar in Oasis Square, Ara Damansara. Partayyyy.

Pic #12
Full house in Foley's Bar on Friday Night with Btru Band.


And then came Sunday, my offday.

Mama decided to do a-crazy-must-wear-wig-theme-merdeka-birthday-bbq-party to be held at the penthouse. We invited cousins, Along and family and also Rafael.

Eddie was also around with a couple of his college friends.

Now let's see the pictures....

Pic #13
Our bbq pit. Merata musing carik arang. In the end we found a mamak shop burning arang kat tmpt sembahyang dia. We asked and he told us where to buy.

Pic #14
Chef mama making carbonara fettuccine.

Pic #15
I love it. Sedap giler. I don't eat the mushroom though. Hate mushrooms. Taste weird. 

Pic #16
I love this wig. It makes me look like Siti Nurhaliza. Confident level i memang tinggi. Or shall i say, perasan level.... hahaha...

Pic #17
Ini 3 very sporting. 
Eddie and his friends.

Pic #18
Siap nk bergambar duckface and peace sign ala2 korean girls mmg takleh blah.

Pic #19

Pic #20
Eddie ngan bibir tebai dia tu.. adehhh...

Pic #21
Part of my wig collections.

Pic #22
Tukang bakar batch number 3.
Mom, Fael and Kak Long.
Starting, tukang bakar was eddie and his friends.

Pic #23
LE and Adli. Cuteness level 10000.

Pic #24
The Sumilang.

Pic #25
Ai mesti nak pakai yellow wig je. Baru la gempak.

Pic #26
Dah makan2, dah sembang2 and it's time to take family pictures.
Yang kat belakang tu sumer sibuk tengah memilih wig.

Pic #27
Ai x cukup 2 wig, so i wore raincoat and spec. Mak sorang je terlari theme. Heheh...

Pic #28
Kak Long pakai tudung brown, pastu rambut blond. Curlass ko ya.

Pic #29
Can u spot ET Phone Home? Back row on the left. Hahaha.
I think that's qaweim. Or qayyum? Dont know la. They are twins.

Pic #30
Everyone was sporting. Can u spot my bro-in-law (blue hair) and my cousin Abg Yus (green afro hair) photobomb at the back there with their wigs? Haha

Pic #31
Test shot. Tapi sumer standing more to the left. Apa daaa...

Pic #32
Now this is balance already.
Everyone is so sporting.

Pic #33
Paling i suka, Fael, cos he looks like tina turner. So cute with the bow.
Me, LE and Kyle takde wig, so we wore raincoat. Boleh la kan....

Pic #34
Goofy time...

Pic #35
Bersuraiiiii dah... habis taking picture.

Pic #36
But its not the end yet for me... muahahaha

Pic #37
The Sumilang selfwe

Pic #38
Tetiba si Asu Dol pun sibuk nk photobomb.

Pic #39
Aik, lawan tokey nmpk. Photobomb terus ke depan camera. hmmmm

BONUS Pic #40
In the end of the day, i was dead tired and sooo happy the party was fun!


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