Thursday, September 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom

This post is supposed to be published on 29 August 2014. Totally forgot about it!

Mom's birthday today. Last week lagi I dah belikan hadiah for mom.

And then semalam my offday, ai pegi jalan2 to Pavilion sebab my sister nak beli handbag. 

Sampai2 parkson at Pavi, we go straight to Guess handbag section. Banyak handbag on sale. Up to 60%. Mom tgk and berkenan 1 handbag terus beli. Lucky her tinggal 2 je lagi. Ada dtg pompuan lagi sorang, dia pun berkenan the same handbag mcm yang my mom nak. Nasib baik my mom dh mintak earlier than that girl. So mom got the new handbag while the girl has to take the display ones. 

Then my sister and I dok ke hulu hilir choosing handbag. Banyak sgt choices and sumer cantik. Yang best nye, I don't know whether I should buy or not sbb just a couple of weeks ago I bought 2 small handbag. 1 wristlet and 1 small sling bag. So rasa mcm perlu ke nak beli handbag lagi. 

Finally my sister chose the one she likes. Kebetulan sama dengan yang ai suka gak. 

Ada lain, tp I dh kata kalau nk beli gak budget below rm200 sebab I dh beli 2 handbag baru kannnn.

Pikir nyer pikir nyer pikir, I said "no need lah".

*story above happens on Thursday 28 August 2014*

On mom's actual birthday, Asu make a birthday cake from instant cheese cake leleh powder mix i bought during ramadhan. It was delicious. I broke my diet. Mom buat mee goreng. J masak macaroni and spaghetti bolognaise. And me? I don't cook. #truthaboutnina

Now let's see the pictures taken on mom's birthday, Friday 29 August 2014 and also pictures when we had a crazy-must-wear-wig-theme-merdeka-birthday-bbq-party held at mom's crib.

Pic #1
Mom in early 70s.
At Flat Kampung Melayu, Air Itam, Penang.
Yes, she's from Penang.

Pic #2
Did a collage of mom and me.

Pic #3
Cheesecake Leleh
Beli masa ramadhan. Kept it for special occasion. It was delish...

Pic #4
These 2 pangits were skyping with their Alang in Canada.

 Pic #5
Alang skype nenek nak wish birthday, but these 2 pulak yang sibuk nk skype jugak. Pastu terkekek2 happy. Bukannya cakap apa pun ngan alang. Kekek kekek je lebih.

Pic #6
But first let us take a selfwe.

Pic #7
Mom showing peace sign yawww!

Pic #8
Before lunch kita gambar2 dulu la.

Pic #9
Malam before i go to work.
Selfwe with Papo, my pet adopted cat. 

Pic #10
Acting je ni.

Pic #11
Friday night at Foley's Bar in Oasis Square, Ara Damansara. Partayyyy.

Pic #12
Full house in Foley's Bar on Friday Night with Btru Band.


And then came Sunday, my offday.

Mama decided to do a-crazy-must-wear-wig-theme-merdeka-birthday-bbq-party to be held at the penthouse. We invited cousins, Along and family and also Rafael.

Eddie was also around with a couple of his college friends.

Now let's see the pictures....

Pic #13
Our bbq pit. Merata musing carik arang. In the end we found a mamak shop burning arang kat tmpt sembahyang dia. We asked and he told us where to buy.

Pic #14
Chef mama making carbonara fettuccine.

Pic #15
I love it. Sedap giler. I don't eat the mushroom though. Hate mushrooms. Taste weird. 

Pic #16
I love this wig. It makes me look like Siti Nurhaliza. Confident level i memang tinggi. Or shall i say, perasan level.... hahaha...

Pic #17
Ini 3 very sporting. 
Eddie and his friends.

Pic #18
Siap nk bergambar duckface and peace sign ala2 korean girls mmg takleh blah.

Pic #19

Pic #20
Eddie ngan bibir tebai dia tu.. adehhh...

Pic #21
Part of my wig collections.

Pic #22
Tukang bakar batch number 3.
Mom, Fael and Kak Long.
Starting, tukang bakar was eddie and his friends.

Pic #23
LE and Adli. Cuteness level 10000.

Pic #24
The Sumilang.

Pic #25
Ai mesti nak pakai yellow wig je. Baru la gempak.

Pic #26
Dah makan2, dah sembang2 and it's time to take family pictures.
Yang kat belakang tu sumer sibuk tengah memilih wig.

Pic #27
Ai x cukup 2 wig, so i wore raincoat and spec. Mak sorang je terlari theme. Heheh...

Pic #28
Kak Long pakai tudung brown, pastu rambut blond. Curlass ko ya.

Pic #29
Can u spot ET Phone Home? Back row on the left. Hahaha.
I think that's qaweim. Or qayyum? Dont know la. They are twins.

Pic #30
Everyone was sporting. Can u spot my bro-in-law (blue hair) and my cousin Abg Yus (green afro hair) photobomb at the back there with their wigs? Haha

Pic #31
Test shot. Tapi sumer standing more to the left. Apa daaa...

Pic #32
Now this is balance already.
Everyone is so sporting.

Pic #33
Paling i suka, Fael, cos he looks like tina turner. So cute with the bow.
Me, LE and Kyle takde wig, so we wore raincoat. Boleh la kan....

Pic #34
Goofy time...

Pic #35
Bersuraiiiii dah... habis taking picture.

Pic #36
But its not the end yet for me... muahahaha

Pic #37
The Sumilang selfwe

Pic #38
Tetiba si Asu Dol pun sibuk nk photobomb.

Pic #39
Aik, lawan tokey nmpk. Photobomb terus ke depan camera. hmmmm

BONUS Pic #40
In the end of the day, i was dead tired and sooo happy the party was fun!

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