Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Patience and prayers - PERODUA ALZA

Pic #1

Over the past 3 years, i think i've learned a valuable lesson. I've learned to be more patience and i've been good in playing the waiting game. 

The waiting game i'm talking about is when i decided to purchase a new car. When it was just J and me, we used Perodua Kenari je. And then as my family grows, i wanted to have a bigger car. Wanted to buy Perodua Alza. 

It all started in November 2011. I started applying loans to purchase Alza. At the same time, my car salesman tried to find buyer for my Kenari. A few weeks later, my Kenari got a buyer already. My car is sold, but my bank loan didn't get approval from the bank. My salesman started to apply to 6 other banks. ALL REJECTED. wtf.

Why? Because....
1. I don't have EPF
2. I don't have payslip.
3. But I do have an awesome bank statement.

Tapi dalam awesome bank statement pun, the bank still reject my car loan application. da hell. :(

Gaji puluh2 ribu pun diorang taknak. Mereka hanya nak gaji dlm bank RM3,500. Please take note ya.

Since my car already sold, and struggling to get car loan for the new ALZA, my salesman told me to use Proton Waja owned by a lady who has 3 cars, so i just continue paying for the car. That car i used for 3 years, macam2 rosak, macam2 repair. But im still thankful that i still have car to use to go work and bring my kids jalan2.

Early this year, when the Proton Waja started to give a sound macam tin milo dah, kreok kreok bila driving, i started to fedup and said i gotta try to apply again for car loan.

This time, i prepared all the necessary documents. Bank statement perfect, offer letter and payment voucher plus J as a guarantor, within 1 week submission of loan application, i got a call from the bank, that everything is APPROVED.

Alhamdulillah, after sooooooo many ups and downs, i finally get to drive a new car. At some point i almost gave up and said that i will never get a chance to use a new car. Keep on driving la orang punyer kereta, bayar bulan2, in the end i dont get anything.

Pic #2

Pic #3

Yup, its worth the wait. 

Pic #4
26 September 2014 (Friday)
Hi five at home. Waiting to go pickup my car.

Pic #5
Finally *clap clap*

Pic #6
The free gifts.

Pic #7
The road tax.

Pic #8
The official signing :)

Pic #9
The registration card.

Pic #10

Pic #11

Pic #12
Was asking for black, but they only have white.
I waited for 3 years already, dont wana wait some more.

Pic #13
White is the new black? :P

Pic #14
Lega penat lelah menunggu selesai!

Pic #15
Ngeeeeeee :)

Pic #16
The front interior.

Pic #17
Middle back seats.

Pic #18

Pic #19

Pic #20
The keys in the ignition sudah!

Pic #21
Engine started!

Pic #22

Pic #23
My first drive!

Pic #24
Let's go home!

Pic #25
Going to work! Yahoo....

Sujud syukur alhamdulillah to Allah for listening to my prayers. 

Lets wait for some other things pulak ok. Tik tok tik tok.

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