Monday, April 7, 2008

Samsung Live Loud

In the end, i bought Samsung mobile. The latest live loud model. Wanna take the SGH i550 but i know in the future i'm gonna have problem using the keypad. The keypads are small and it's specially meant for emails only. For music, the sound came out not nice. So i took the Live Loud model. Meant really for playing music. I trade in my Nokia N76, but when i use the new Samsung, doesn't change a lot cos the functions are exactly the same with Nokia N series. Usually when i bought a new gadgets, be it mobile phone, or laptop or digital camera, i would spent most of the time learning to use the gadgets, but this time nothing to learn, cos it's the same as my old phone. Sigh....

Lil Guapo is very very naughty. Also started to talk so much. He started calling "Papa" too.

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