Saturday, March 29, 2008


"Car", "Watzat", "Mama".

Yup.... I'm the happiest mom when i heard my son say those 3 words. Lil Guapo has been talking since the past 2 days! Before this the only word he knows is "There". And sometimes he said "Crane" (pronounce "Taine"). He's a little bit slow in talking. I guess he doesn't want to grow up yet. Not yet. He understand every single word when we talk to him, its just that he doesn't want or malas to talk. Hmmm... let him enjoy his time! If he's not ready to talk yet, we're ok.

We're having big family dinner tomorrow. This time Mama Lin buying for all of us. Not sure which hotel to go, either One World Hotel or Royale Bintang PJ. We have to have dinner in the CURVE vicinity. Eddie got SHUFFLEZ show at Cineleisure from afternoon till night. That's why we have to have dinner around that area.

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