Monday, March 24, 2008

i-Phone VS HTC

Call me crazy, yes but i'm really addicted to changing mobile phones every 6 months and if i saw the latest mobile in the market, i don't wait for 6 months.

I bought Nokia N76 last year in November. Since i bought the N76, i accidentally dropped the phone soooooo many times. And Lil Guapo love to play with my phone too. He loved to press the MP3 buttons. And once he's holding the phone, he would never give back to me! And if he's angry, he would throw the phone. Just imagine!

So the other day we were walking in Subang Parade, we stopped at one of the mobile phones counter. Pogi wants to change his phone so he was browsing and surveying the price, and suddenly i saw i-phone. I have no idea what phone was that until the chinese salesman (very friendly and entertaining), showed me what is i-phone. He even let me took pictures and testing sms with the phone. It was all touchscreen, very easy handling (user friendly), got wi-fi, i-pod, and the price is reasonably (within my budget after trading in my N76).


Then Pogi told me that he wants to buy my phone. So i told him, i'll wait till end of this month before i decide whether i should change my phone or not.

So yesterday, we went to Low Yatt Plaza, to fix the GATEWAY notebook given by Mr. Lee to Pogi. Mr.Lee gave on Friday night. It was heavy, big and still in good condition. We brought along Eddie (anak Amir), cos Eddie knows how to fix computer. He told us to just buy the adaptor, upgrade the memory RAM and buy the Wi-Fi card. So we did. Luckily Eddie tagged along so he knows where and what to buy. All in all we spent about RM400 to fix the notebook.

Then i checked the price of i-phone, and it's cheaper than Subang Parade. Suddenly Eddie said he prefer buying HTC phone than any other phone!!!

I didn't know what or which is HTC phone until he showed me that it looks like DOPOD. And when i saw the phone, it looks bulky, and nice, and it has everything. Wi-fi, 3.5G, GPS, windows mobile 6, 3 mp camera etc etc etc, but the price is definitely more than i-phone!


Now... i'm stuck in between 2 mobile phones. Either i-phone or HTC?

What i want in a mobile phone is calling, texting, picture taking, listen to mp3 and surfing the net. Yup, HTC gave me more than what i asked for but i think i like the i-phone. It's slim and easy, i think!


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