Friday, March 21, 2008

Gosh... i don't know how and where to start....

It's been a while since i last update my blog. Life has been busy, actually not that busy, but we've been staying overnight at the hotel most of the time. The past weeks, we've been busy talking about what would happen to all the clubs when the opposition party took over Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. Are the pubs gonna remained open??? Just imagine what will i be next if the pubs are closed???? Go on.... keep wondering!

Lil Guapo as usual getting very very naughty.... Just look at him running away from me in the picture below....
Lil Guapo playing chase with me.

Nights at Holiday Villa Subang are the same. The same dangdut/joget people were there. Wen we played all the latest song or a little different sound than dangdut/joget, they will show their long face! But who cares!!!! They're not the only guests in Lavida Lounge.

Si pogi before work.

Last wednesday 19 March, the SRK KJ 1987 had a small gathering lunch at California Kitchen Pizza in KLCC. Pogi and Lil Guapo tagged along with me but both papa and son go jalan2 on their own. Reached 12 noon sharp and Lil Guapo saw a Barney ride. He was screaming and running towards Barney.

Lil Guapo enjoying the Barney ride!

Jijot was the 1st one arrived at KLCC. She called me and said she's already at Lower Ground Floor. Met up with her, then Ben came. We made our way to California Pizza Kitchen on the 1st Floor. Waited a few minutes, then Harris came. Then Ida, followed by Hykal, Reza, Linda, Liz and Fahmi. Amir came at 1:20pm.

Fahmi made fun of Amir when Amir came. Fahmi planned with all of us to sing a birthday song when Amir arrived. Well... i told Fahmi, i'm a singer and i don't mind singing! When Amir walked to the table, Fahmi and the rest of us started singing Happy Birthday (it's not his bday!), with clapping hands! Like REAL! I saw Amir blushed. Sorry la Mir....

Left to right : Jijot, Nina, Reza (next to me not in the pix),
Liz (purple baju), Fahmi, Dr Hykal, Ida, Harris and Ben. (Linda took the pic and Amir was late!)

We had pizzas, pastas, coffee and dessert. We chat and chat and chat. Though we are like separated in 2 groups cos the table was long, but it was fun! We finished lunch and chatting at around 2:30pm. Said farewell and i met up with Pogi and Lil Guapo on the upper floor, with Lil Guapo taking one of the rides again! We jalan2 sikit, Pogi bought a Levi's jeans and off we go home. The moment we got in the car, Lil Guapo pun tidur.... kroh kroh kroh!

Thursday, public holiday. Maulidur Rasul. We had band practice at 3pm. It wasn't my day to practice. Most of the songs for practice today are Sri's and Pogi's. I just wanna practice Whitney Houston's I HAVE NOTHING cos Abg Lan (one of Lavida's regular guest) always requesting me that song! I do need more practice for that song! Just watch the video and u can see my mistakes!

Practice time at Lavida Lounge Holiday Villa Subang on 20 March 2008 3pm.

The next song i hafta practice is THROUGH THE FIRE. Hmm... i don't know whether i can do it or not. To me that's the toughest song. Very high. I think i hafta climb on a chair to reach the high notes for that song... ngahahaha.....

Today i just heard that Harris's grandma passed away. Ben called Harris and Harris is on the way to Kelantan. My condolences to you!!!

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