Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shopping Day!

Monday's the day we went for shopping!

First we head down to Bangsar, i wanna buy a new sunglasses. Mama Lin brought me to this one shop selling branded sunnies in Jalan Telawi 2. Once we walked in the shop, the staffs are all very super friendly. I just wanna check Gucci sunnies, and suddenly they took out Dior, Thookan (designer for GAP), Marc Jacobs etc etc... Alamak, i sudah rambang mata. Tried everything, square, hexagon, big, small. And in the end there are 2 choices left. The Gucci or Marc Jacobs. Priced at almost RM1000+. But after discount i can get around RM600+. Hmmm... tried alternately the Gucci and MJ, and finally i decided to buy the Marc Jacobs sunnies. This is my 1st time buying an expensive original branded sunnies. Usually i bought a RM20 Vincci sunnies. Tapi selalu patah. So i decided to invest a little bit more this time.

My new Marc Jacobs sunnies

Next stop we went to Queens Park Cheras. We went there just to let mum tengok2 the bags. Suddenly she bought 1. I never planned to buy any handbag this month, but when we were at FB End Of Season outlet, there's a small Guess bag that i like, and i always have big handbags (to put Lil Guapo's diaper, milk, bottle, wipes, doo2 etc). So now, since Lil Guapo already 2 years old, and i noticed i need not carry his bottle or diaper, why else do i need a big bag? So in the end, i ended up buying the small Guess bag which cost me only RM156. Original price was RM289. Gila... beg besar 2 tapak tangan harga sampai RM300. Nasib baik ada discount. Takde discount kalu, takde ler akak nk beli... hehehe...

Then we went to Nichii Sg Besi. There's a moving out sale. Very cheap but all not nice. I just bought a cap like the girl in my blog page wearing. White and black ribbon tied around the cap! I've been looking for this cap a long time. And when I saw it, I didn’t think twice. I took it (the last piece) and paid. I bought a pair of silver shoes (to match with my new Guess bag!), and then we head to our next stop.

Next stop was Times Square. Planned to buy stockings only and then I saw the leg warmers. I think I’ll look cool wearing the leg warmers. I bought 2 pairs, black and red stripe. Also bought a net stockings and a leggings. Then jalan2 I bought this shoe like converse high cut. Nice. RM30 only. Lepas tu, we all sumer dah penat shopping, we headed home.

Night time, working. As usual, Monday night is very quiet.

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